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Tiny Quick Update

Hi everyone, I’m deep into revising the next Graceling Realm book (starring Hava), which is why I haven’t been here on the blog. It’s also why over on Twitter, mostly I’ve just been tweeting pictures of candles. I am Very Absorbed. Also, we moved to a new apartment last month. Also life. Also the pandemic and self-care. I hope you’re doing well. Gareth Hinds’s adaptation of the Graceling graphic novel comes out in November! He's been tweeting some lovely stuff on Twitter , and Graceling: the Graphic Novel is now available for pre-order wherever books are sold. Including at your local indie . I’ll be back when there’s more news and/or when I have a minute for blogging, whichever comes first.  Until then, leaving you with a few of my recent candles…  

These Texas Organizations Need Our Support

Here are a few organizations that need our support right now:  Fund Texas Choice . A nonprofit organization funding abortion travel for people in Texas.  Frontera Fund . Making abortion accessible for people in the Rio Grande Valley.  Clinic Access Support Network . Providing transportation, lodging, emotional support, and more to those seeking abortion care in Houston, TX.  Bridge Collective . A full spectrum doula collective, nonprofit organization based in Austin, TX.  The Afiya Center . An advocacy organization based in Dallas, TX, dedicated to transforming the lives of Black womxn and girls through reproductive justice.  Texas Equal Access Fund . Providing financial and emotional support to people seeking abortion care in the north, east, and panhandle regions of Texas.  Lilith Fund . Financial assistance, emotional support, and building community spaces for people who need abortions in Texas — unapologetically, with compassion and conviction.  West Fund . Working to make abortion