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Covers, Q&A, and WINTERKEEP Excerpt!

Good morning everyone. I'm so pleased to direct you to BookPage , which has my cover revealed today for Winterkeep ! Also for the new covers of Graceling , Fire , and Bitterblue . Not to mention a Q&A about Winterkeep , and an excerpt. Thank you, BookPage, for helping me share all this. Enjoy, everyone! Click through for the Winterkeep cover reveal.

Writing Emotion: The Craft of H IS FOR HAWK, by Helen Macdonald

Today in my craft post, I'm going to talk about a straightforward skill… while referencing a book that's wonderfully un-straightforward. H Is for Hawk is a memoir by Helen Macdonald that weaves together several threads, the three biggest of which are: her experience of training a northern goshawk; her analysis of T. H. White's memoir about training a northern goshawk; and her grief following the death of her father. In terms of balance and weaving, it's beautifully done. In terms of psychological insight, it feels searingly true. And in terms of the expression of emotion, it's stunning. It's also an uncomfortable book at times, in ways that recommend it. And it's a fascinating memoir for a fiction writer to read while thinking about how to write character. H Is for Hawk left me with a lot of questions, for the book and for myself. If you just want the straightforward writing lesson, which is on the topic of writing emotion, jump ahead to the *** b