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In Which the Author Knits a Winter Blanket

About a year ago, I finished knitting a blanket that was a gift for someone else and realized I missed its pieces piled up in my lap. I decided it was time to knit a blanket for myself :o). Wanting something cheerful for the cold, dark months, I chose this free pattern at Lion Brand .... and got started. First I collected my colors. This blanket is knitted in three parts: the reds and oranges in one big triangular corner; the yellows and greens in a stripe across the center; and the blues and purples in another triangular corner. The pieces are worked in intarsia colorwork. This means that most of the time, I was actively knitting with more than one color, which I admit can become a bit of a tangled headache. Below, I'm knitting the center stripe in three different greens and one yellow, and I have all four colors attached to my needle at the same time. When I went to a writing retreat last February, half my suitcase was full of my blanket :o) Below, I'

In Which a Zebra Unicorn Is Creepier Than Anticipated!

This year's Halloween costume involved less preparation than usual. I'll be honest, I'm still recovering from the year I dressed up as a library . My goal this year was something creative yet simple to assemble. I glitter-striped a unicorn horn and made myself some ears... Then attached them to a Cruella deVil style black-and-white wig. I figured a zebra unicorn wears something sparkly and striped, right? Nothing odd about this dress... *cough* And this is when things got intense. The plan all along was to study the way stripes sit on a zebra's face, then paint that pattern on my own face to create something magical. But it turned out SO CREEPY!  Creepy's okay with me, though. Click on any picture to embiggen/get a more focused view. Till next year! :o)