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Come to BostonFIG Fest This Weekend!

The Boston Festival of Independent Games, BostonFIG Fest , is on Saturday, at the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston. Local people, if you're interested in the best new indie games, whether tabletop or digital, you should come! And when you do, stop by Kevin's booth to visit Kevin and his indie game, Starcom: Nexus . I'll be there too, being Helpful. Come say hi! :o)

The Arctic Circle: Arctic Critters

Nemo was the most important critter on our Arctic journey aboard the Antigua, of course. Here, he's closely tracking our progress through the Arctic seas. Svalbard reindeer . In this picture, our guide, Kristin, is keeping very quiet and still, being careful not to spook them. In case anyone is getting the wrong idea, the rifle on her back is solely for the purpose of protecting us artists from polar bears. This little seal was so curious about our Zodiac and kept swimming around us! The white crescents in this picture are the backs of beluga whales . We watched these walruses for a long time… And some of them slipped into the water to get a better look at us! Oh hi. Does lichen count as a critter? :o) What about fossil imprints of long-gone critters? More reindeer. Good camouflage! Here is something we encountered over and over and over again. Tracks of polar bears who'd passed through recently. The prints were shockingly g

Guess Where I Just Was

There were over 245,000 people at this place on the day we were there. Kevin was more calm about this fact than I was. You could probably take out your globe and figure it out from this picture. If you really wanted to :o). Two dollars for all-you-can-drink milk. (Yuck!) Fried pickles. (Fried everything else, too.) This building is called Sheep. (Subtitle Dairy Goats.) Standing is hard, guys! In another building, displays of prize-winning flowers. Kevin was extremely patient while I took pictures of basically every single flower. I LOVED the flowers! Oooh! Oooooo. Have you guessed yet? Where can one find prize-winning vegetables, and this veterinarian holding a piglet? You guessed it. Kevin and I had lots of fun Sunday at the Minnesota State Fair. Hi, my dear readers! I know I haven't been blogging lately, despite having a lot to share – including more Arctic pictures, from the trip that was almost a year ago a