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Novel-Writing in the Arctic

My title is disingenuous, because I didn't do any novel-writing in the Arctic. However, I thought and plotted and observed and learned with intensity, such that in the two months since my return, I've written an entire third of the new novel that was my primary Arctic project. This writing pace is unheard of for me. It's partly because I've had some clearheadedness lately, unrelated to the Arctic. But it's also largely because I got so much hands-on experience on the ship! Since most of my work in the Arctic was happening in my head and my heart, it's not going to be possible to show the entire process in pictures. But I can share some of the experiences that helped me make progress. My novel takes place partly on a tall ship, where my main character is learning a lot about the work the sailors are doing. Therefore, it helped me to learn to haul lines, and to watch others do so. (On a ship, ropes are called lines. It takes 60-ish lines to operate the riggi

Starcom: Nexus, and What It’s Like to Live with an Indie Game Developer

Today Kevin’s game, Starcom: Nexus , releases in Early Access on Steam . It’s a thing of beauty, and also a lot of fun. If you like games that take you into outer space where you get to explore mysterious worlds, build a powerful ship, and explode bad guys, you should buy it, and play it, and let your gamer friends know about it. Yes, I’m biased, but reviewers and streamers   - who are not his spouse   - also love it :o). (FYI those last two links go to youtube streaming vids.) *** Conversation at the dinner table: Kevin: How was your day? Me: Okay, I guess. I still can’t figure out how to get this girl to accidentally set her house on fire, then cause an explosion and get stuck in a window grille. Kevin: I believe in you. Me: Thank you. How was your day? Kevin: Okay. When my enemy ships get within a certain distance of each other, they spontaneously explode. Me: Oh! Kevin: It’s not supposed to happen. It’s a bug. Me: Oh. Kevin: I can’t figure it out. Me: I