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Arctic Prep

Today I handed in a draft of a new book to my editor. Feels good. Next thing on my agenda: Prepping for my artist residency on a tall ship in the Arctic ! I leave next week. Here's the situation: No problem, right? I'll pack this weekend and have a few days next week for the last-minute scramble as I suddenly remember a whole slew of things I need to do before I fly to Svalbard. While I'm aboard the ship, I won't be able to blog, but I'll be storing up pictures and stories to share for when I get back. And that's the news from here. Oh, also, this blog post is dedicated to the Cleveland Browns . :o)

In Which I Embark on My Life's Grandest Adventure ♥ ♥ A Day in Pictures

We set out very early... and drove through the fog. The sun rose before us. I was wearing pretty great socks. Our destination was Quechee, Vermont. It was pretty foggy there too. Oh look! It's Kevin's sister, Heather! And something interesting in the background... What's that guy doing? Dude, weird basket. Did you know that when a hot air balloon is being inflated, you can walk inside it? In fact, it's like a stained-glass cathedral in there. (Without the patriarchy! ^_^) Reader, I married him. Happy siblings. Happy married-for-ten-minutes-so-far people. Of course, that's not all, right? But it was still awfully foggy... and hot air balloons aren't safe in fog... unless they're on a tether! We did a tethered ride, safely attached to the ground. Afterwards, our fabulous pilot, Chris Ritland, toasted us with the b

Graceling turns 10 in the U.K., Australia, and N.Z. too :o)

Look what just arrived in the mail. My UK/Australia/NZ tenth anniversary edition, from Gollancz , is ready to release on September 20! I knew about the new colors and classic look, but I didn't know about the hint of map in the background, or that was it was going to be a hardcover. I'm so pleased. Happy birthday, Katsa!

Today's Thank You Note

Today, inspired by a loved-one who did it first, I'm sending a thank you note to Josh Shapiro, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania , to thank him and his team for the 1000+ page report listing 300 predator priests in Pennsylvania and detailing decades of illegal coverups and lies. This report changed my life ; it was a step toward justice, validating the reality of so many people, not just in Pennsylvania. I'm sharing this thank you idea with you all, because it didn't even occur to me to write a thank you note until someone else showed me hers. Maybe you're like me. If so, you too could send a grateful red monster to the Attorney General of PA. Here's the mailing address: Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General Strawberry Square Harrisburg, PA 17120  (Oh and I got my cute thank you cards from this Etsy shop .) Those promised adventure pics are coming very soon. Until then, be well, everyone.