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Graceling, age 10, is on her way!

First, I just want to extend a thank you for all the support I've received, on Twitter and in real life, for my recent blog post, Brother Cansrel, Father Leck . It wasn't the easiest or breeziest blog post I've ever published, that's for sure. ♥ ♥ ♥ Second -- look what I've got in my hot little hands! The tenth anniversary edition of Graceling , with its pretty new green cover, is set for release on September 25! Coming up soon on the blog, I'll be blogging pics from what is probably the biggest adventure of my life (no risk I'm overselling that, right?)... until then, be well, dear readers.

Brother Cansrel, Father Leck

Trigger warnings: priests, rape, suicide. First disclaimer: I was not sexually assaulted by a priest. That is not the story I'm about to tell. Second: If you were raised Catholic and your experience was not like mine, I am relieved for you and glad. I respect your different story. I only ask that you respect my story, realize that I am not an isolated example, and believe me. ****** Last week, the Pennsylvania Attorney General released a grand jury report listing 300 Catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children across the course of seven decades while a hierarchy of Catholic Church leaders covered it up. Since the report was released, hundreds more people have called Pennsylvania’s clergy abuse hotline. I grew up in Pennsylvania. My kindergarten, my grade school, my high school, and the high school to which most of my friends matriculated are all represented on that list of predator priests. The bishop who confirmed me, James Timlin of the Diocese of Scran

On Writing Through Hard Times

It's birthday week on the blog :o). This week I turn 42 (!!), and in case you're wondering, yes, I'm still writing my books out by hand. Today I inaugurated Notebook 28! There's a blog post I want to write, about what happens when your life choices — or maybe it would be more fair to say, things in life you didn't choose — get in the way of your writing. About five years ago, I made a decision: I decided to prioritize my own mental health, and my own personal healing from something that happened LONG ago, in a way I never had before. I'm not going to get into my long-ago story here. I write fiction and I write musings; I do not write memoir, and feel no calling to it. What matters for the sake of this blog post is that the moment I decided to prioritize my own mental health and healing… my capacity to focus on writing decreased by about 50%. Maybe another way to put this is that writing became twice as hard. Writing is always horrendously hard, so twice a