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The news is relentlessly bad, triggery, and heartbreaking. I go back and forth about these blog posts, because I don't want to seem frivolous when so much bad stuff is going on. But -- I want to celebrate our creativity, and I also want to express gratitude for our friends who've made a recent four weeks of costume parties possible. And I'm also hoping that our silly costumes will bring a smile to the face of you, Reader. I've already blogged about the Babadook and the library :o) Here's what it was like anytime Kevin wanted a drink. Next was the eighties party. In case you're wondering, that thing on my head is called a deelybopper! Then -- THEN -- we took part in a '60s spy murder mystery!!! In this picture, Kevin, a CIA agent, is trying to determine who murdered his colleague, an MI6 agent, while I look on pretending to help but NOT REALLY HELPING BECAUSE I WAS A PRETEND MI6 AGENT WHO WAS ACTUALLY A KGB DOUBLE AGENT AND I GOT TO

How to Order Signed Copies

'Tis the season et cetera, so here's a reminder about how to order signed/personalized copies of my books from my local indie, Harvard Book Store. If you click on this link, it'll take you to the store's inventory of my books . There you can place your order. Just be sure to note in the comments field whether you'd like it signed and personalized, and, if personalized, to whom. I also tend to write a brief inscription of my choice, and am happy to add birthday or holiday greetings, encouragement to writers, etc., if requested. If you're tempted to ask me to inscribe something beyond that, please note that I'll only do so if it's something I feel comfortable signing my name to. One last note: Though I do still live nearby, I no longer live right around the corner from the bookstore. I can't always get into the store right away, so if you're buying holiday presents, don't delay! Thanks everyone :o). More soon – I'm planning another blog