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A Conference at Kansas State University

This coming Saturday (April 2), I'm delivering the plenary lecture at the annual conference of the Children's and Adolescent Literature Community at Kansas State University , in Manhattan, Kansas. I'm so excited to go to this conference! The schedule of events is behind that link, and people from the local community are welcome to register, here . If it helps, here's the press announcement , too. The subject of the conference is "Truth, Memory, and Power" and my talk is called "Breaking Characters and Healing Them Again: The Fiction Writer's Perspective on Working with Trauma." Doesn't that sound light and fun? :o) Sigh, my poor sweet Bitterblue. I hope she is eating some chocolate cake right now, perhaps while saying something snarky to one of her cousins. If you're in the Manhattan, Kansas area, do feel free to join us on Saturday for what promises to be a day of interesting panels and papers!

Two Songs I'm Listening to Lately -- and a Local Event April 8!

Next Friday, April 8, come to the Harvard Book Store at 7PM to see Marie Rutkoski and me , in honor of the release (yesterday) of the third book in her Winner's trilogy, The Winner's Kiss! I expect we'll both be reading, then chatting with each other, then chatting with you. It'll be fun, and Marie's new book is WONDERFUL -- come and see us! In other news, here are a couple sweet songs I've been enjoying lately. As always, if you can't see the videos, go to my Blog Actual . Fiona Apple, "Hot Knife" Regina Spektor, "Eet"

Bernie and the Bird

On the chance you have not yet seen Bernie and the bird . (If you can't see the vid, go to my Blog Actual .) Sorry again for the lack of blogging. I am trying so hard to get my next book in shape so it can get out into the world!

Checking in with the Pictures of the Week

Sorry for my brief disappearance; after returning from East Africa, I got sick, then got better, then had to deal with an unexpected crisis. But all is well now! And as a promise of future posts, here's a link to today's Flipboard Pictures of the Week , which struck me as being particularly interesting/ strange/ beautiful/ horrifying this week. Do you notice that the poor kid Donald Trump grabbed from the crowd is bawling his eyes out? Good instincts, kid.