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Checking In

Greetings from the Worst Blogger Ever. I'm sorry I've been such an absent blogger lately! First it was because I was taking a much-needed work break, and now it's because all I ever do is work. I have a new book and I'm so excited for the day when I'm finally allowed to tell you guys a bit about it. For the moment, I'm working hard at it, trying to get it finalized. It's a strange book, and I don't know what anyone's going to think. That's out of my control, so I'm not worrying about it too much for now. I'm mostly just immersing myself in the experience of creating it. Once I'm allowed to talk about it, I think I'll have a LOT to say here about the process of writing it. Soon I hope to be able to tell you what it's called, the premise, when you might actually be able to see it, etc… In the meantime, I'll probably keep popping in now and then with more randutiae! Today I really, really appreciate Anna March's art

Long-Overdue Randutiae (Yes, I'm Still Here!)

Lenny Kravitz's Dick Fell Out, and Women Everywhere Are Being Terrible about It . So. The gorgeous rocker and everyone's go-to Arena fashion designer had a wardrobe malfunction at a concert in Stockholm, and social media went wild, in a bad way. I appreciate this response, which is thoughtful about questions of consent, problematic double standards, and racism. Dear America: Here's Why Everyone Thinks You Have a Problem with Guns . From Business Insider. Charts, graphs, maps. I love these photos of endangered animals that lit up the Empire State Building in early August. And these nature/monument mash-up photos that are part of the National Park Service's current advertisement campaign. Seven Women Share the Pain and Joy of Pregnancy in Tender Photo Shoot . "With her 'Honest Body Project,' photographer Natalie McCain wants to help women of different shapes, sizes and backgrounds feel beautiful and empowered. " And finally, because,