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In Baltimore

The (familiar and simple) story the mainstream media is telling us about what's happening in Baltimore doesn't match the on-the-street stories of the regular people who are describing what they're seeing and experiencing. Why? Here are a few tweets of people describing their experiences in Baltimore today: And here's an interesting article from the Baltimore Sun , dated September 28, 2014, about their police department's use of undue force (with upsetting photos): Thanks, B.

My Prey

These mice will rue the day they wandered across my writing notebook.

Event, Sunday, April 12, Pittsburgh

Dear Pittsburgh, Please come see Joshua Bellin and me on Sunday, April 12, at Carnegie Mellon University! Joshua's workshop (11am) requires advanced registration. My lecture (2pm) does not and is free and open to the public. More information is at the Parsec website . I'm not completely certain, but I think I'm going to talk about failure. (This gives me an out if my lecture is a complete failure, right?) x's and o's, Your Friendly Authoress