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Okay, One More

Kishi Bashi at SXSW in 2014. Also, yesterday it snowed all day, but this happened on my writing desk:

A Song for You and an Upcoming Pittsburgh Event

A Friday night song for you: Kishi Bashi, a violin, and a loop pedal in the park! The song is "Manchester" and it's from his album 151A. Thanks to my brother outlaw Darren. :o) Also -- on Sunday, April 12, from 2 to 3 PM, I'll be at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh talking about my work. Then I'll be signing for about an hour after that. The event is free and open to the public. I will provide more information soon about this, but in the meantime, I just wanted to get it on people's radar!


It is RAINING NOT SNOWING. Today I wore SNEAKERS NOT BOOTS. It's all of 36°F (2°C), but there was only one possible choice of umbrella.

Event Reminder, Thursday, 5 PM, MIT, and Here Are Some Directions (ETA: And Parking Info!)

This is your friendly reminder that on Thursday, from 5 to 7 PM, Marah Gubar, Kenneth Kidd and I will be speaking about darkness, dystopia, and trauma in YA literature at MIT . Should be pretty cheery. Please join us. :o) The MIT campus can be a bit bewildering for outsiders (possibly also for insiders), so here are some directions to the event at 66-110 on the MIT campus: 66-110 stands for room 110 in building 66. Building 66 (also called the Ralph Landau Building) is on Ames St in Cambridge. The street address for the building is 25 Ames Street. If you're coming from Kendall Square, walk away from the Longfellow Bridge (keep the Kendall Hotel on your left and the Marriott on your right) down Main St. until you see Ames St. Take a left on Ames (the Koch Institute is right on the corner) and walk 2 minutes until you see the MIT List Center on your left. Across the street on your right is building 66. The side of the building that you'll enter comes to a sharp point (66 is

Warm Day Randutiae

In the category of It's All Relative, it's 41°F (5°C) and raining today, I was just outside, I was wearing a light long-sleeve shirt and jeans but no coat, no hat, no scarf, no longjohns, and it was GLORIOUS. It's not supposed to snow again until tomorrow. :D? It turns out I was wrong about two things about the event last night. First of all, it was totally snowing. Secondly, it was also snowing in New York, which meant that poor Marie spent an hour or so sitting on her plane on the runway before they finally canceled her flight. Marie was not able to make it to last night's event. Waaah! I did my best to read from The Winner's Crime and talk up her beautiful series. Happy book birthday, Marie. Here in Cambridge, we miss you. Thank you, everyone, for coming out on a snowy night! Via Rebecca Rabinowitz, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFIDS/ME has a new name: SEID, systemic exertion intolerance disease . It's also the focus of some new attention. This is wond

Event Reminder

This is your friendly reminder that tomorrow evening, Tuesday, March 3 at 7 PM, Marie Rutkoski and I will be at the Harvard Book Store for a Q&A and signing . Marie will read briefly from her new book, The Winner's Crime . I think I'm going to read (VERY briefly) from Fire . Then we will brilliantly pepper each other with brilliant questions before turning it over to the brilliant audience. We will all be very smart and incisive. You don't want to miss it. And at the moment, it's not even snowing, nor is it supposed to be snowing Tuesday evening. Hope to see you there! Looking ahead, my MIT Communications Forum is March 19. I'm happily doing some reading and rereading in preparation for that, as well. At the moment, it's Andrew Smith's Grasshopper Jungle . Next up, Meg Rosoff's How I Live Now .