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Some Q&A Info and a Farmer Calls the Cows In

If you want to follow along with my Q&A this week at David Estes's Goodreads group, or even join in, here's where you need to go . Some explanations of the setup: at the top of that page is the questions people have been asking me, listed in bold. The wonderful Jenny, who is keeping things organized for me, continues to add new questions to that list as people ask them, and she also crosses out questions as I answer them. If you want to add a question, you need to join the group, then add a comment that includes your question. (Click on "post a comment.") Jenny asks that you put your question in bold so that it's easier for her and me to find it, and that you use spoiler tags if there's a spoiler in your question. I answer the questions by adding my own comments, which means that you need to scroll through the comments to find my answers. Yesterday, I answered eleven or twelve questions, which start around message 45 . I'm about to head over there n

Next week, I'll be answering questions at David Estes's Goodreads group!

So, as many of you have doubtless observed, I keep a fairly quiet online profile… And lately, I've been even quieter than usual, because I'm trapped under a mountain of revision pages . However, next week, I'm bursting out! The lovely folks over at David Estes Fans and YA Book Lovers Unite! have invited me to their Goodreads group, where I will be answering your questions about my books, my life as a writer, how many umbrellas I own, what the decor theme in my bathroom is (someone please ask me this question), why it's taking me so long to release my next book, what my new year's resolutions are, what kind of bread I'm making, or whatever else you want to know. Within reason. :o) I believe you need to join the group in order to participate, though anyone can read along. You can join here. And here's where the Q&A will take place. Please join us! I'll stop in at least once a day next Monday through Thursday and answer as many of your question

An Intellectual Feline

This is Lickety. (Some of you have met her before.) Lickety is a most precocious cat. But does she really read Herodotus, who wrote about the Greco-Persian wars? Lickety, can you tell us who won? Does she really read David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas (upside-down, no less)? Lickety, what's a genre? I would say that Lickety loves her people, her people love books, and therefore, she snuggles up to her people, then wakes, innocent and ignorant, to the books they've left behind... except that those are the eyes of a cat who has learned compassion. Lickety, what's life like in a Siberian prison camp? ( Sunny , on the other hand, makes no pretense of being an intellectual.)