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We Need Diverse Books!

We Need Diverse Books from Undercurrent on Vimeo . Everybody, please go check out the We Need Diverse Books fund-raising campaign . Lots of good information over there about WNDB, which is dedicated to advocating and supporting non-majority narratives in children's literature. If you can, contribute; if you can't, consider passing on the news to someone else. Some of the prizes for contributing are pretty nifty: for writers, "Bypass the Query Queue" -- one pass to jump to the front line of an agent's inbox for a PB, MG, or YA manuscript. Another one for writers: an agent critique (MG and YA). For art lovers: original art by Cindy Pon , and let me tell you, I would be jumping on that. Go check it out!

Wonderful Article, Wonderful Song

I love Elizabeth Minkel's article in the New Statesman , " Read whatever the hell you want: why we need a new way of talking about young adult literature ." It soothes my heartsore parts that are so tired of the condescension. Thank you, Elizabeth Minkel. Also, thanks for making me laugh when you said, "(I saw the piece somewhat misleadingly shared with the burning question, “What would Henry James think of YA?” and for the love of God, if there is a single person whose opinion on YA I care less about…)" HA HA HA HEE hoo, seriously, yes. Also, I could listen to Ryan Keberle on trombone, Michael Rodriguez on trumpet, Jorge Roeder on bass, Eric Doob on drums and Camila Meza's vocals performing Sufjan Stevens' "Sister" over and over and over again. Check out these gorgeous lyrics and press play. "Sister" takes up the first 5:25 or so of the video. ( You can download the mp3 for free here ; click on "download audio".) (And i

Peaceful Country Living

[Trigger warning for deadly weapons and also dog attacks.] [But aside from that, it's a funny post! I swear!] So. As it says in my bio, "I grew up in the countryside of northeastern Pennsylvania in a village with cows and barns and beautiful views from the top of the hill and all that good stuff." This is true. It was beautiful, peaceful, and I miss it terribly. But… you know how distance provides perspective? On a recent evening, one of my sisters texted me and another of my sisters to let us know that she was going back to our hometown for a night. She wanted advice on a place in the village where she and her friend might camp overnight without bothering anyone. I thought to myself, Oh, how lovely! I want to do that!… And then I tried to answer her question. Shortly thereafter, I started taking screencaps. Sharing them here, particularly for those of you who may have an idealized notion of country living in the USA. My contributions are in green on the righ

Books I'm Currently Dying to Read

It's causing me pain that I am not reading all of these books this very moment. Also, I need to vacuum my rug. The Scorpio Races , by Maggie Stiefvater The Jewel-Hinged Jaw , essays on science fiction by Samuel R. Delany Cloud Atlas , by David Mitchell Out of Left Field , by Liza Ketchum Wild Things! Acts of Mischief in Children's Literature , by Betsy Bird, Julie Danielson, and Peter D. Sieruta The Dispossessed , by Ursula Le Guin Birthmarked , by Caragh M. O'Brien Window on the Square , "a novel of suspense" (according to the cover) by Phyllis A. Whitney The Other Side of Silence , by Margaret Mahy (how is there a Margaret Mahy novel I haven't read yet?) A reduced bound manuscript I'm reading for blurbing that it now occurs to me I haven't gotten the okay to blog about. Sorry, I'm not being mysterious on purpose, I just don't have the time to retake the picture :o)