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Guess Where I Am?

Actually, I got back last week, but I still want to play the game. Here are a few pictures to transport you to where I was…  The trees are out of this world.  Stuff grows everywhere, it can't help itself.  If you leave your car sitting overnight, it grows fungus.  Or turns into a pig!  In this place, it is possible to look through the windows and watch people making cheese  or Russian pastries.  Follow the arrow…  Look closely and use your knowledge of corporate America.  Look closely and use your knowledge of recent American politics.  (This picture doesn't nail anything down, but it makes me happy…)  In this place, the seagulls are very organized.  Recognize those mountains at all? No? Don't worry, I wouldn't either.   What about that thing we're driving toward? Look closely… Once you notice it, it kind of takes over the landscape. La la la la la.... LA LA LA... Beautif


I swear that one of these days I'm going to write a substantive post with, like, words and stuff. Until then… If my fairy godmother shows up one day, she had better be aware that I expect no less than this dress. Have you seen this dress? It's made of recycled and discarded Golden Books. Look at this dress. After you do that, look at more pictures of this dress , designed by Ryan Jude Novelline. WOW. Thanks, Jess :o)

Herve Tullet Introduces His New Picture Book, Mix It Up!

This 50-second video is charming. I've had a chance to see an early copy of Mix It Up! (out in September), and I would go so far as to say it's my favorite Herve Tullet yet.

Resurrecting My Birthday Poll

It's birthday month on the blog! I'm sending birthday wishes all over the place and keeping some for myself. Happy birthday, Leos! Please vote in my important birthday poll, everyone! What would make the best birthday present? As always, if you can't see the poll, go to my Blog Actual .

Sweet Songs and Dancing

This SYTYCD Top 14 dance, choreographed by Travis Wall and performed by Jessica Richens and Casey Askew, is so lovely and sweet, but every time I watch it, I'm utterly puzzled by the last few seconds. I feel like something must've gone wrong there. Surely it's not supposed to look so much like he's suddenly trying to look up her dress? As always, sorry about the screaming. There was one season (5?) where the producers made the wonderful decision either to make the crowd shut up or to screen out the screams for the television viewing audience, and it was SO nice, but apparently someone has since decided that screeches add to our experience. Blech. (BTW, if you want more Travis Wall, here's his routine choreographed for the top 7 guys .) It can be a bit painful to watch a SYTYCD dance if you're familiar with the music, attached to it, and find it uncomfortable to hear it chopped up and reassembled. The song in this number, "Like Real People Do" b