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Hawks and Conchords

I came across this guy a couple of hours ago in the Boston Gardens, hanging out in a shrubbery. Sent a photo to my buddy Jim, who says it looks like a young red-tailed hawk. On the subway ride home, someone with a sing-songy voice was talking about sandwiches, and I figured, since the blog is all randomness lately, that's reason enough to share my favorite Flight of the Conchords song again…

Randutiae That Reflect the Scattered State of My Brains

I've been a very poor blogger lately. I have a list as long as my arm of things I've been wanting to blog about, but the spirit has not been moving me. In particular, I've been going through a period of grievously fractured focus with my writing, and have been wanting to blog something about that. I actually sat down yesterday, expecting to write a blog post about it – even contacted a few friends to ask permission to share some of the wise things they've been saying – but then, to my delight, my focus came back, and instead, I worked. I'm hoping the same thing is about to happen as I sit down this very moment. So, instead of one of those blog posts I've been meaning to write, I offer a few random pictures and one wise quote from a friend, presented with no context whatsoever :o). Maybe they will mean something to you.  On my writing desk. Cambridge, MA window box.  City Hall in Cambridge flies the American flag, the POW/MIA flag, and the rainbow

Sharing Some Great Links…

… via screencaps of all the browsers currently open on my phone. Some of these are priceless, others are slightly pointless… 1. Dance performances on the Ability Unlimited Foundation website . The Ability Unlimited Foundation is a Delhi-based non-profit social service organization for the benefit of differently-abled people irrespective of race, religion, caste, colour and creed. Thanks, Deborah :) 2. Frog Museum in Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland . 150-year old satirical tableaux made from stuffed frogs.  Bizarre and awesome. Thanks, Anindita :)  3. Tiny Pantone Matching System Match . "A personal project of tiny proportion—matching small everyday objects to their Pantone® colors, by designer Inka Mathew." Oddly soothing! I couldn't stop scrolling down until I got to the end. Thanks, Jess :) 4. Poisoned Apples: Poems for You, My Pretty by Christine Heppermann . This outstanding new book of poetry turned me into a puddle from the first poem. A silent, wondering

Word treasure hunt on a square-rigged ship: What is a moonraker?

What is a moonraker? Also called a moonsail, a moonraker is the small sail, sometimes set in light winds, above the skysail. What is the skysail? Used in a favorable light wind, it's the light sail above the royal. What is the royal? Also used in a favorable light wind, it's the small sail above the topgallant sail. What is the topgallant sail? It's the sail above the topsail. Sometimes divided into upper topgallant sail and lower topgallant sail (depending on the era of the ship). What is the topsail? It's the sail above the course. Sometimes divided into upper topsail and lower topsail (depending on the era of the ship). What is the course? The sails that hang from the lower yards of a square-rigged ship, now usually restricted to the foresail (the principal sail set on the foremast and the lowest on that mast) and mainsail (the lowest and largest sail on the mainmast, pronounced mains'l). So, what is a moonraker? It's that tiny sail six or even

Apocalyptica Face Paints

So, my sister, codename: Apocalyptica the Flimflammer, has given me permission to share some more of her face painting. Please note that she owns these pictures; feel free to link to them but please do not gank them. Barn. Blue jay. I asked Apocalyptica why she likes to face paint. She said a lot of interesting things in response, and I thought the following bit might resonate with the writers in my audience: "...And I do it because it's such a challenge to take an image in my head and put it on a body, because there's all this stuff in the way...eyebrows and noses and a mouth, and the surface curves and won't cooperate...usually I start out with a certain inspiration and then I actually start to work with the body and it completely commandeers my process. Like that caribou I painted was supposed to be a scrabble board, but my leg objected. And the fruit bat was originally going to be a floral pattern based on a piece of fabric I bought. So I