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Tiny Vid in Which I (Attempt to) Talk about Upcoming Books

I tried to make a video about what it's like to be working on my upcoming books with my editor, Kathy Dawson. It's 40 seconds long. I think you'll like it.

(If you can't see the video, go to my Blog Actual.)

Window Displays at Bergdorf Goodman


Guess Where I Actually Am

These pictures were taken (in no particular order) in Greenwich Village, Soho, and Tribeca; inside the Butterfly Conservatory at the American Museum of Natural History; in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn; on the F train; at Lincoln Center, where occurred the BEST SWEENEY TODD EVER; someplace in midtown where I got a good view of the Empire State Building; and at the southern end of Central Park.

Guess Where I Amn't

I intended to publish a "Guess Where I Am" blog post during a recent trip but never made the time. So I'm not actually there anymore… But guess what lovely city is pictured below!

(Thank you to my sisters, codenames: Cordelia and Apocalyptica the Flimflammer, for being the kind of people who think it's hilarious to be photographed being thrown off a bridge.)

ETA Sunday morning. Just in case any of my blog readers decide it would be hilarious to dangle a loved one over a drop for the purposes of creating a Kodak moment (and having just remembered about seabane), I figured I'd point out that it does, in fact, require massive strength to dangle a  person. Much more strength than I have and I expect more strength than most people have. If you look closely at the picture, you'll see that Apocalyptica is holding herself to the bridge and is well-balanced, with me there to tip her legs down should anything go wrong. Please don't dangle your people! :o)