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Tiny Vid in Which I (Attempt to) Talk about Upcoming Books

I tried to make a video about what it's like to be working on my upcoming books with my editor, Kathy Dawson. It's 40 seconds long. I think you'll like it. (If you can't see the video, go to my Blog Actual .)

Window Displays at Bergdorf Goodman


Guess Where I Actually Am

Weights in a window.  Butterflies in a room.  An interesting collection waiting by the side of the road. (See the horse in the middle?)  Someone keeps their hat on their stoop.  Time to walk many dogs.  Getting somewhere… underground.  Look closely for clues…  Some clues are at your feet.  Some are backwards  and some are very, very tall.  I ♥ New York. These pictures were taken (in no particular order) in Greenwich Village, Soho, and Tribeca; inside the Butterfly Conservatory at the American Museum of Natural History; in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn; on the F train; at Lincoln Center, where occurred the BEST SWEENEY TODD EVER ; someplace in midtown where I got a good view of the Empire State Building; and at the southern end of Central Park.

Guess Where I Amn't

I intended to publish a "Guess Where I Am" blog post during a recent trip but never made the time. So I'm not actually there anymore… But guess what lovely city is pictured below!  It's a city with lots of new glass  and signs of old industry.  Tall old buildings tucked among the new shiny ones  and houses perched at the top of snowy hills!  Pretty reservoirs.  Pretty snowstorms through the windows.  While I was there, I disposed of some enemies and engaged in sundry other misbehavior.  Won't you be my neighbor?  In fact, it is possible to ride a little red trolley in this city. It's a funicular, called the "incline" by locals...  and takes you to the top of one of the biggest hills in the very hilly city…  of beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. (Thank you to my sisters, codenames: Cordelia and Apocalyptica the Flimflammer, for being the kind of people who think it's hilarious to be photograp