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A Few More Pictures of Reykjavík Before I Go

PS -- love to Red Sox Nation! :) :) :)

Around Reykjavík's Old Harbour


Five Pictures of the Same Thing

Forgive me for this – but it's different and beautiful from every angle. This is Sólfar, or "Sun Voyager," by Reykjavík artist and welder Jón Gunnar Árnason.

Today I Ate Honey-Mustard Skyr

(Instead of tartar sauce with my fish and chips.)

Here's just a tiny fraction of the pictures I want to show you (because otherwise, I'll spend the whole night blogging):

Where am I now?

I got in very late last night and couldn't see much, other than a gorgeous half-moon. Here were the views from my room when I woke up:

Ha!  Just kidding. Rebecca Stead texted me that picture from BBC Birmingham because she knew how much I would love it. (It's a dalek -- a Doctor Who villain.)

Some actual views:

For the language aficionados among you, maybe this view from inside a bookstore – and then inside a grocery store – will help?

Another hint: the temperature is hovering around freezing yet it is a problem that I forgot to pack my bathing suit.

In my next post I'll be less mysterious and reveal where I am :)

In London

Rebecca Stead and I both have terrible senses of direction (as I wrote about once in a previous post – one of my favorite posts, actually). And when we get together, our terrible senses of direction collide and explode into an utter inability to get anywhere at all. In a place like London, maps are comical rather than helpful (just look at one and maybe you'll understand why)… Last night we were finding one of our maps particularly incomprehensible and Rebecca told me I should hurl it into the nearest pit. Ha!

Here are a few London scenes in no particular order.