Some Photos from Rome and Orvieto

It's 6 PM in Rome and bells are ringing all around me. I'm posting this on my phone (with the help of dear Siri), with pics also taken on my phone,  so we'll see how it works...

Here's looking up at the (hole in the) ceiling of Rome's Pantheon. The Pantheon has an interesting history to do with pagans that you can read about here. 

Here's looking down into the bottom of the Pozzo di San Patrizio ("Well of Saint Patrick") in Orvieto. The well has an interesting history to do with popes and mules and double helixes that you can read about here.

Here's looking up at the sky from the bottom of the well.

Here's looking up at one of the domes in the church of Sant'Ignazio di Loyola in Campo Marzio in Rome.

And here's looking up at a few more in the same church.

Are you sensing a theme? Yes, I've been looking up, and looking down, a lot. However, I'VE ALSO BEEN LOOKING SIDEWAYS AND ALL AROUND.

For example, returning to that well in Orvieto – here's Melina.

And returning to the Pantheon, which is my favorite building in Rome, possibly in the world. Here are some random shots.



outside pillar

The end!

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