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A Present for My Readers

Breaking my blogging fast to give you a present: perspective. Thanks to my pal, secret codename: SBPWK, for the link.

And All Through the House, Not a Blogger Was Stirring

Some wise friends of mine have convinced me to take an internet break until January. Therefore, this will be my last scheduled post until the new year. I wish you all a peaceful, thoughtful, and joyful December. For anyone wanting bloggy reading while I'm gone, I've compiled a Best of the Blog list, randomly chosen by yours truly. Many of these are posts I wrote a long time ago, before my blog was getting so much traffic -- which means that they might be new to you. It's kinda long, the list, but... well, it's only for you to read if you want, so ignore it at will! I Heard There Was a Secret Chord That David Played... February 14: Interplanetary Be Who You Are Day Over-Optimistic Are Those Who Have Not Seen and Yet Believe A Trip to the Library Has Made a New Girl of Me... Who Are Your Character Crushes? Who's Up for a Labor Day Rant? Blessed Are The Meek, for They Shall Be Scratched Behind the Ears I Believe in Little Things, Like You and Me... I ♥ Finland

A Brand New Addition to the Gallery of My Favorite Objects

I was thinking the other day that it'd be nice to live on the planet where the kingdoms of Attolia, Sounis, and Eddis are. After all, that planet has Gen, Irene, Helen, Sophos, Costis, the magus, and some chill-inducing gods, which makes it a damn awesome planet. At the end of my deliberations, though, I decided I like our own planet best, and here's why: we have Megan Whalen Turner. Take that, Sounis! *thbbbbttt* You are not going to be disappointed by this book. (For the uninitiated: read The Thief first. And for those in need of gifts for a book lover: A Conspiracy of Kings doesn't come out until April 2010, but The Thief , The Queen of Attolia , and The King of Attolia are all out in paperback.) (Also -- I don't know if any of my readers will have read A Conspiracy of Kings already, but just in case any have, here's a warning for others to tread carefully through the comments to this post, because there may be Attolia spoilers. Commenters, please

Housekeeping. Also, Which Muppet Are You?

A reminder to people curious about book news: I now put stuff like that behind my News link. A reminder to people with general, factual questions (for example, how to purchase signed copies of the books): you'll almost certainly find your answers, and more, on my Contacts, Info, and Credits page or in my FAQs . I have a few other links, too, where you can probably find the info you're looking for -- see my home page . I'm still reading through the wonderful comments from Monday. Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to introduce yourselves! Reading it all is so much fun. :o) Here's my question for you today: Which Muppet are you, and why? (h/t to R for the question!) Take us out, Gonzo . (h/t to M for the video ^_^)