Randutiae, and Give Yourself a Treat Today

If you happened to see me at Books of Wonder on Tuesday covering my ears, singing "la la la la la la!", and seriously invading Scott Westerfeld's space, I swear, it was only because I was trying to avoid hearing the Liar spoilers happening on my other side! Justine Larbalestier was being an absolute champ trying to protect me from her conversations with her readers, but really, there's only so much an author can do! :o) Anyway, I got through unspoilered, and clearly, I need to read Liar ASAP. Oh, and the event was super. Thanks to everyone who came!

If you're a book blogger who wants to sign up for the Book Blogger Holiday Swap -- basically a Secret Santa among book bloggers world-wide -- today is the last day.

I'm having a busy week of train-riding and events -- I'm home again now, but tomorrow I'm off to New Jersey. Cross your fingers for me tomorrow evening, when I'll be giving a speech at the fall conference of the New Jersey Association of School Librarians.

A question recently batted around by my friends: How is it that Connecticut can be such a pleasure to train through but such hell to drive through?

Here's an old favorite. If you have 4 minutes, 30 seconds today, give yourself a treat and watch this again -- or for the first time. (Once it starts, I recommend clicking on the little HD.) What are your favorite locations? Mine are Gurgaon, India, just 'cuz it's beautiful, and Nellis Airspace, Nevada, because, well... I love all things outerspace. :o)


Hey Kristen, It was great meeting you at Books of Wonder! Just thought I'd pass on a link to my recap of the signing and the picture I took of you:-)

Anonymous said…
hi kristen,i'm norberto,i'm 20 years old and i'm writing you form italy..first of all sorry but i don't know how to do to write you so i'm using this comment..i'm writing to you that i read your book "graceling" and i have only one word to describe it:"fantastic"..i was in love with katie she's a beautiful character and the story of her love with po is beatiful too..i don't know how to thanks you to have wrote this book.. i'm crying yet.i have two questions for you..1)will there be a film of gracieling?it will be wonderful and 2)will you do another book about the continuos of the story of katie and po?i hope it much..thanks to all i don't know where i can read you answer..so i leave you my email even if i don't know if you can answer to email on my email
bye bye
Artemis Grey said…
Oh wow, that video made my day! :D I'll second Nellis Airspace although I have no desire to go into outerspace myself. There were too many others to pick just one favorite... but I'd say any of the Ireland locations, Iceland for sure... oh, that video made me want to travel!

Congrats on Books of Wonder and you'll do great giving your speech at the conference!
Unknown said…
The Books of Wonder event was so fun! It was great to meet you, thanks so much for taking a minute to talk with me! I also posted about the night on my blog - http://bookishblather.blogspot.com/2009/11/book-events-brave-new-worlds-panel.html

Thanks again!
AndrewsMommom said…
Video proof that we are more alike than different! Loved LOVED the kids - especially from the African nations and all the beach views - especially Christmas Island.

I grinned the whole 4 + minutes and my face hurts! Thanks for that (cuz I needed a pick-me-up at work)!
Gwyn Melrose said…
Hi Kristen.
I just read Fire and I can honestly say that i loved it. Fire was my companion through the hardest time of my life, and her stamina kept me going. Her character kept me grounded while still allowing a long enough leash for my mind to wander, the one thin wire of literary greatness that let me take a deep breath and relax. If Katsa and Fire can survive with an asymmetrical fit into a world of circles and squares, then I guess I can to. Thank you, I'm forever grateful.
Donna Gambale said…
Thanks for making 4 min 30 seconds of my lunch wonderful.
Mel said…
Good luck tomorrow! I shall be watching you :)
My school's librarian invited me along to that conference because she knows you're presently my favorite author. So I'll probably be just about the only student there :)
I can't wait!
Elyse said…
Must be annoying when your own fans can't spell your name right ... KristIn. :) Would bother me!

Anywho, almost done reading The Hunger Games and it reminds me a lot of Graceling. I feel like the character development is similar. Katniss / Katsa, what a coincidence! <3 strong females! :) Full of adventure, hardship, and a hint of romance.

Ahh Connecticut. Such a beautiful state! We drove from NH to VA for vacation and it was so pleasant driving through CT. The highways are so green and just immersed into the forest. And the bridges! Every bridge we drove under was different and so ornate!

I love Matt's videos! So much fun! Wish I could travel the world and dance. lol
suzie townsend said…
I'm so disappointed I couldn't make it to Books of Wonder for the signing - I was stuck home with the flu :(

I heard it was great though and good luck tomorrow!
Anonymous said…
I think my favorites were Seattle, because that's where I'm from, the Demilitarized Zone, and the Tongo. This video always reminds me that although I do a lot of traveling, there's still millions of places left to see and experience.
Unknown said…
You always link the best videos Kristin <3
Bittersweet said…
Ah that video made me smile. I think my favs are Korea and Nevada, that made me laugh out loud. And all the ones with the kids dancing...so sweet.
Hester said…
video made me strangely and ridiculously happy. I actually can't stop smiling, thank you
R. said…
When I heard of the Books of Wonder event I was incredibly jealous of all the people who could get to Manhattan on Tuesday. Stupid Kentucky, being so far away from ... everything.

And reading Liar is not even a question of choice at this point. You must do it.
Mel said…
It was really nice to meet you last night! Your speech was incredible, and you're such an amazing speaker. Are you planning on posting the speech online? For my AP English class, I have to write an essay every week, and we usually do style analyses. I would love to do a style analysis on last night's speech.

Do you think of people as characters? Sometimes I try to characterize people I know. Last night I would have characterized myself as an overexcited teenage girl. I wish I could have said something logical (or something), but I just didn't have any questions.... I need to work on my meeting-author skills!

I'm an aspiring author, as I mention last night, and I'm trying to write a book. After you signed my book and before dinner, I was talking to Mrs Sensi (the librarian to took me to the convention) about some of the problems I was having, including clothes, languages, etc. Anyway, a lot of the stuff that I had mentioned having misgivings about, you mentioned in your speech! I never thought of thinking of the country/government/whatever as a skeleton, but it's true that that's what it is. It makes me want to sit down and figure out all those background-y things that I'll need! But, alas, I need to work on my English essay for Monday.

I also liked how you tied all the rule-breaking into your experiences. I won't elaborate just because this comment is getting really long. (If I wanted to write you a three-page letter praising the speech I probably could...but you probably would be a little creeped out...)

Anyway, I hope to one day be able to sit at a table with you and/or Tamora Pierce, and both of you have inspired me amazingly in my writing. (There are other writers, but it would be impossible for me to 'sit at the same table as them,' as they include C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling.) That would be the best day of my life, to be comparable to such great storytellers as you and her, because Tamora Pierce brought me into the fantasy genre, and you inspired me tremendously in writing in the fantasy genre.
moonspinner said…
It was great meeting you at the signing! Thanks for answering my questions! How do you feel about Sarah Rees Brennan getting a Carnegie for her first novel?
Kristin Cashore said…
Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments!

To those of you whom I've met: it was lovely to meet you!

Mel, the part of the speech that has to do with the writing process is running as an article in the January Horn Book. I don't know if it'll be online or not. But when it's out, I'll be sure to mention it on the blog.
Mel said…
Awesome, thanks :)
Charlotte said…
I danced with Matt in Paris ! And although I had put on a red t-shirt, I ended up in the back so my hands are basically all you see of me...! But the experience was more important. It was GREAT !

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