Happy Birthday to Fire

Fire, welcome to the big wide world!

Sirens was a wonderful time with wonderful people. I took a self-defense class that perhaps got overly enthusiastic (it's fun to defend yourself from someone trying to choke you), tried on mail (I may have pictures to share of this at some point), and hung out with great folk. *waves to the folk*

I understand that Sirens will happen again next fall, and I highly recommend it -- and any conferences produced by Narrate Conferences! Those ladies are AWESOME.

The tour for Fire's release starts today. My stomach is in knots, but hopefully I'll ease into it. Because my brain is jangly nervous jelly, I'm going to post something funny rather than trying to say anything intelligent. (Thanks, Jess, for the link ^_^)


Tehani Wessely said…
Hi Kristin

Hope this review helps to ease your jitters! http://asif.dreamhosters.com/doku.php?id=fire

Thank you for the wonderful reading experience!
Yukari said…
Hi Kristin,

Thank you for signing Fire for my daughter at BEA in May! We love Fire!

I posted my review on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.jp, and my Japanese blog.



Rosanne said…
Got a copy of Fire yesterday-so excited! Remember that everyone is there because they love your work-you'll do great!
Good luck with your tour! Best wishes. And, can't wait to get my copy of Fire. :)
Kathleen Wall said…
Best wishes for a wonderful tour! You'll do great. I can't wait to read Fire.
Amy said…
Aw, we already miss you! *squishes*

You're going to be great on tour! Remember how awesome you are!

Have fun on your tour!!!! I can't wait to get my copy of Fire :)
faye said…
It was fantastic meeting you at Sirens! Especially since I had finished Graceling the night before your keynote, and now it's Monday and I've already finished Fire. I love them both, especially how two incredibly different women deal with universal themes of identity struggle and trusting others.

Best of luck on your tour! And perhaps (I took a peek at your tour schedule) the next time you come to New York I'll be there :)

MelissaKeaster said…
My copy of fire is on its way! I can't wait! I should get it by Friday. Woohoo! And here's to it arriving early!
Artemis Grey said…
It was absolutely fantastic to meet you at Sirens! Very inspiring and, well, just awesome in general. YOU'RE awesome Kristin! :D Have fun on your tour and be well in your travels!
Artemis Grey said…
And Amy, you and everyone who helped put Sirens on are totally awesome as well! I can't wait to see you all again next year!
Congrats on the release of Fire! I'm hoping to pick up my copy tomorrow (when I'm wearing comfortable shoes and can walk down to the bookstore!)! Good luck on your tour!
Happy book release day!! My copy of Fire is in the mail XD I can't wait to read it!
mysteryflavour said…
I was definitely watching that FotC video less than a week ago. I LOVE them.

You will be great.
Dash said…
YAY! I grabbed my copy of Fire today. I'm so exicted to read it I've been dragging it to all my classes and annoying my professors.

I also made the trek to the bookstores around town and casually placed Fire up front on the display tables, and told anyone near me it was a must read. That was a highly amusing adventure!

But to the point, CONGRATULATIONS on Fire's release! I wish you luck on the book tour. I still wish one of your stops was near me.

Rachel said…
I've been waiting for Fire for over a year, ever since I read Graceling, stumbled onto your site and learned of the possibility of it. I have just finished reading and I wanted to say that it was more than worth the wait. Thank you.
Mel said…
I probably have to wait till Christmas to read Fire :'(
My school's library doesn't order fiction books in the fall (they wait till spring, I asked). I never have a ride to get to the public library. And I had to give my grandma at least something for my Christmas list. If she doesn't get it for me, I'll use gift cards from my birthday, but that's still December anyway...
Ahhh I can't wait!

Question: I'll assume that the National School Librarian's Conference in New Jersey that you're going to speak at, won't allow a student to attend? Even if that student is a dedicated library page?
Mel said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
WonderGirl12 said…
After bugging my bookstore for the 3rd time they finally handed it over!
It wasn't on the shelves to I went up to them and told them this sad fact and five mintutes later the clerk came out with a stack full of FIRE!!!!
Handing one to me.
I can die happy now.
Anna said…
Happy Release Day!
MelissaKeaster said…
An interesting take on the creative process. Whether or not you agree, it is worth checking out.

Nasir said…
please come to san diego!
Katt said…
I just bought my copy of Fire. :D I am so excited to read it!
Debby said…
I'm unbelievably excited to start reading Fire, as I loved Graceling so much!

On an unrelated note, I love Flight of the Conchords-they're amazing and hilarious!
Isabel Ibanez said…
Hello Kristin,

Happyhappyjoyjoy for the release of Fire. Can't wait to pick up the copy of Fire. It shall be in my hands tomorrow. Woot. AND I peeked at your schedule and realized that you will be at a bookstore twenty minutes from my house. You'll be in Coral Gables on October 11th (um, I think thats this upcoming weekend. What the what). I shall be there. I will refrain from any teeny bopper behavior (as I am no longer a teenager, haven't been for 6 years now) and not make you a poster of sorts. In all seriousness, you will be great. People care about your words, hence, they care about YOU. Have fun.


P.S. Can hardly contain my delirium :)
Oh my goddd.
I can't wait to read it. c:

An internet friend of mine is buying it, reading it, then sending it to me for my birthday in November.

I'm sure it's amazing, if not more so, than Graceling. c:
mysteryflavour said…
By the way, I wanted to add that I've been bugging the fine folks at the University Bookstore in Seattle ever since you posted your tour schedule. I left my phone number name and email with at least 4 different people, and they pretty much all told me that there's no chance I get to see you speak since it's going to be private school functions. But I thought you should know that I tried really hard, and maybe annoyed a couple people, and maybe came off a bit like a creepy stalker.

I hope you have a fantastic tour. I don't get to read Fire until this weekend, but I'm counting down the days.
Charly said…
I still wish I could have gone to Sirens.

ALSO OMG FIRE. Since it came out on my birthday, I need to get it and read it immediately. Didn't get the chance to do so today because it has been really busy.
Anonymous said…
I stayed up all night last night to finish Fire! Awesome!! Thanks for singing my copy at Sirens. It was so great to meet you!
I'm going give Graceling and Fire to my friend that has writen screen plays for movies, you just never know. That whole no leading lady in an action flick thing, pish-posh! I would love to see it!
Good luck on your tour! Get enough rest and remember, you are awsome!
Anonymous Prime said…
Hi Kristin,

I'm a big fan, but first time I've been brave enough to comment.

congratulations and celebrations on the release Fire!!!!

When are you coming to visit us out in Australia???
Kristin Cashore said…
Hi everybody, and thanks a gazillion for all your encouragement and kind words!

A special hi to everyone I met at Sirens. I see some chain mail pics in my email :o) and can't wait until I have a minute to inspect them!
Sonya said…

Congratulations on another fabulous work of art. I adore you!

How do I buy a signed copy of Fire as I did Graceling? I know you've moved, so I assume the book store in FL might not have as many signed copies on hand? Or do they?

Thanks for sharing your secret with the rest of us.
Caila said…
Sirens Was awesome and I will badger my sister to get you the pictures of the chain mail. They're on her camera. It was a pleasure meeting you. I'm so sad Sirens is over. :( I miss the people and Vail already.

Just started Fire and I'm excited to see what's going to happen! Great so far!
Anonymous said…
I'm more than halfway through Fire and I absolutely love it! I really can't tell which I love more, Fire or Graceling. They're both amazing!!

Are you planning any more books to go with these ones?
Melina said…
FIRE!!!! OMG. You don't know how long I've been waiting for this book, yet somehow the news invaded me and I didn't know. There I was, aimlessly walking through the book store over the weekend with no real purpose at all, when BAM!! I saw Fire there taunting me. All I could do was read the first 90 pages before I had to go and I HAD to put the book DOWN because I had no cash. I had like $5 & fire is $23. ARRHHHHHH. And I don't have a job, so no income and I CANNOT use the money in the bank because that's for my university education. BUT I MUST AQUIRE IT SOMEHOW :( IS THERE NO HOPE FOR ME??

P.S. sorry for the rant. Just extremely sad everyone else has read it or is going to read it and I'm not. Maybe I'll get it for Christmas. *sigh*
mysteryflavour said…
It was so nice to meet you today.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

KatieDC said…
Yay! Rah! Good luck with your tour! Can't wait to read it!!!
Kristin Cashore said…
Sonya Lou, I'll be setting something up for signing books with a local indie soon and will announce it when that happens. In the meantime, I'm stopping at The Bookmark in FL on my tour, so guaranteed they'll have signed stock after I leave. You could also call ahead and purchase it and I could sign/personalize it while I'm there. I'm there Monday the... 12th?

Courtney, it was SO NICE to meet you, too. Take care of yourself and keep the faith! :o)

Hi everyone!
electricdust said…

Thank you for speaking at Sirens! Your speech was informative and inspriational.

Is there any way to get a copy posted?

It was great to meet you.
Thanks again!
Pam said…
Reading Fire now. I love it. Love it, love it, love it. Did I mention that I love it? You have the most beautiful writing style. Thank you!
Anonymous said…

You can never be too enthusiastic about defending yourself! : )

It was terrific to meet you and enjoy the conference with you. Hope you have a fun and safe tour.

Marie Rutkoski said…
Congratulations on the birth of FIRE....and for your bestsellingness! Well deserved!
Amanda said…
You are a wonder of a woman to be doing this whirlwind of a book-tour! It was so great to finally meet you tonight! Do let me know if you ever read any more Jasper Fforde - I'm on the last Thursday Next installment as we speak! Trying to keep my paws off of Fire while I finish reading the other 4 books I have on the go! :)
Elyse said…
Just got my copy of Fire yesterday in the mail, I nearly assaulted the UPS man, and just finished reading An Echo in the Bone (it was divine and beautiful). I'm am now very excited to be back in the world of Gracelings, if only for a short time. :)
Sonya said…
Hi Kristin!

Hope your tour is going great and you aren't too worn out!

I spoke to the lovely ladies at the bookmark and they have a copy of Fire for you to sign/personalize for me. THANK YOU!!

I will donate the copy I already bought (at a local indie) to the library here in my little town. (come visit Dec-April if you like snow!)

You are my favorite!
Trisha said…
Congratulations! Our review is now online here, if anyone needs more convincing to check it out. Let me know if you might like a PDF or hard copy of the print version.
EBraziel said…

Fire was lovely. More than lovely. It made me cry and ache and smile and laugh. Thanks for writing for us and allowing us to play with you in your world of pretty monsters.

Eagerly awaiting your next piece of work.

Well done.
A Young Reader said…
Okay so here it goes. This is an old entry, so you probably won't see this, but I thought I would give my opinion on the book.

First off, I'm fifteen and I'm not a literary genius. That being said, I know when a book is good. I loved Graceling. I thought it was fantastic, and it's one of the best novels I've ever read. The whole concept was extremely creative, and I couldn't put it down. I've reading it several times.

The day that Fire was released, I went out and bought it immediately having loved your first book so much. I read Fire quickly. It was a good book, and I'll be reading it again. But, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. Fire lacked the action that Graceling had. I never really felt that Fire had any physical obstacles to face. Where as Katsa had to climb up a mountain, with a girl on her back, and kill several people. She also had the mental strain going for her. Should she use her grace? Will all of this have been worth it?

Fire, on the other hand, never struggled with any physical obstacles. In fact, I felt like she just stood there like a damsel in distress, waiting for someone to protect her. Either that, or her judgement was clouded by love, which doesn't really portray her to be a very strong female.

Like I said, I'm young, and I might not know what I'm talking about, but I wanted to share my opinion. I love your writing, and I'll never stop reading.
Flannery said…
Hi Kristin,

I loved Graceling when I read it last year and couldn't wait to see if Fire would be just as amazing.

Fast forward to this very moment. I am listening to Fire as an audiobook and loving it. However, all I want to do is look at a map of the world. I read Graceling in book form from the library so I don't have it and I waited for Fire to come out on my Kindle but couldn't wait any longer! (so I got it on Audible...then it came out on Kindle. Bummer.). I don't know if this counts as a "personal favor" because I'm sure there are TONS of people that would enjoy seeing the map of the world you created.

I understand there are probably copyright issues but please consider posting your map on your blog/website. Help the audibookers out!

Kristin Cashore said…
Flannery, that's a good question and a great idea. I'm guessing there are copyright issues, but I'll find out. I hope I will be able to add the maps to my blog for audiobookers!

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