Welcome, September

It's been a while since I've lived in a place where September marks a true change in season, so the weather in Massachusetts lately has been making me beside myself with happiness. In Florida, the weather didn't dip below the 80s (I mean, even at night) until maybe November. In my excitement, I've been dressing too warmly. Autumn, you are welcome!

Those of you who've been reading my blog for a while know I used to walk along the St. Johns River almost every day. Well, now I walk along the Charles River... no pelicans, but there are geese, and crew teams in long, graceful boats. It's lovely. And one of the windows in my new home faces the rising moon :o).

Anyway... September. So, Bitterblue is, by nature, a slow write.... and the last few months have been full of distractions (moving, beautiful babies, you name it).... and the next few months are going to be even more distracting (the tour, other work-related travel). But right now I have September. September is going to be a month free of travel and relatively free of distractions, and I am going to write a whole lot. TRY TO STOP ME AT YOUR OWN PERIL.

So far, it's going well. ^_^

A teeny bit of business:
  • I now have an Indonesian publisher, Gramedia, and a Swedish publisher, Semic. yAt! Thanks to my new publishers for taking on my books.
  • Have you checked out readergirlz this month? Among other things, you can listen to the playlist I assembled for Graceling, which, I admit, was not an easy thing to do. Graceling will be discussed at the readergirlz blog all month -- I'll be there commenting -- and feel free to join the live chat with me on September 16th, at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific... where I assume everyone will learn what a terrible typist I am?
  • Go vote for your favorite fantasies at 101 of the Best Fantasy Books. Graceling is on the ballot, as are hundreds of other books. Voting closes on September 14. Note that there's a box at the bottom for write-ins.
Happy September, everyone.


Rocy said…
I love September... because in two days it's my birthday :D
ICQB said…
It's funny how lots of writers associate specific music with their works. Agent Kristin Nelson had a post about it once on her blog. I think she was surprised to find out that lots of writers sort of have a playlist to go along with their stories.

Maybe playlist CD's should be included, or sold along with, books.

The playlist for my story would have one Sting song, one original violin piece composed by my daughter especially for my story, and the rest would be a selection from Robert Plant's CD,The Mighty Rearranger.

And yay for fall!
Kristin Cashore said…
It was hard for me to assemble the playlist because I didn't have any songs in mind for Graceling. I kept wishing I were assembling the playlist for Fire instead, because Fire is a musician, and there are a few songs I listened to a lot while writing that book.

I adore Sting... although, oddly, I don't adore the Sting song on that playlist -- or, rather, I adore the words and the message, but I've never adored the sound of the song. :o)

Happy birthday, Rocy!
kathleen wall said…
Congratulations, Kristin, on your continued success with Graceling! I loved the book so much that I rushed out to find your blog--not normally something I do. I've also put in a request to my director at the smalltown Ohio library where I work to purchase Graceling and Fire. We'll see how that goes. Funding at libraries in Ohio has been severely cut. It's so nice, though, to have powerful stories to recommend to our YA patrons.

I'm a writer, too, and as I've browsed around your blog, I've found so much positive and useful advice. Thank you!

And as for that Sting song--yes, love the words, not so crazy about the sound of it. And now it's stuck in my head!
bleagh. hate september. usually means start of school. now august means that so i have to find something new to hate. think...think...think...OMG IM TURNING INTO POOH BEAR!!!!!
AndrewsMommom said…
I too, love the fall and missed it desperately when we lived in South Texas. Now that we're back in Missouri, the color palate of the trees, the smell, the apples and peaches, the cool evenings and beautiful sunsets, well, it rejuvenates me.

It must be frustrating to have work get in the way of work - but now there's September. I hope your east coast fall gives you the same peace. (Plus, there's always babies to think about, and who wouldn't smile with the thought of those beautiful baby girls!)

Happy writing!
Jennifer C. said…
A playlist? Great, I will have to check it out. I've never heard of Sting, but I shall listen to it on Youtube; any recommendations? I too love September, because of all the weather changes. I'll have to check out that readergirlz thing or whatever it's called, it sounds very interesting. Good luck with writing Bitterblue!
Jen said…
Today it's my birthday! SEPTEMBER 7TH:D
ICQB said…
I can see how it would be hard to assemble a playlist after the fact, but if you're given the assignment again for Fire you'll have it ready to go : )

I tried to write a short story once to capture the emotions of the John Mayer song, Dreaming With A Broken Heart.

I guess music and other forms of art can inspire a story as well as compliment it. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Or in the case of my John Mayer inspired short story, 5,000 words : )
J.L. Hart said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah Miller said…
Stoked for the readergirlz chat.
J.L. Hart said…
I adore fall myself and am loving these days too, they'd better last right through November!

It's funny, I kept wanting to ask how Bitterblue was going, but didn't want to sound pushy! Thanks for the update :)

As for playlists, I get a ton of ideas in the car and it's often driven by the music I listen to while I'm driving. They can really set a mood in my mind. I'd never heard "I am No Mermaid" before and now I can't stop playing that song, it's so fabulous. How well it fits Katsa too.


~Sorry, I had to delete and redo this because I realized I had typos and I *hate* typos!!
Artemis Grey said…
I love September too. Fall is my favorite season.

Kristin you have to look up the song 'When I Go' by Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer. It's a song I would give my left kidney to hear Fire play and sing.

Good luck on working this month. I've got a giant edit looking me in the eye myself, something I'm hoping to finish by Sirens. We'll see, between ponies, kitties, and life in general...
Loredan Avery said…
Happy September Kristin-
Great to hear your enjoying the weather up in Boston!
This comment has been removed by the author.
tinkandalissa said…
I am completely inspired by music when it comes to writing. It may just take a few lyrics to give me some great ideas or to get the thought process going.
Congrats on the new publishers! :)
I also love Fall. It's my fave! Sept is my bday month, but more importantly, it's when the leaves begin to change in the mountains! The weather is already turning beautiful here. I love it when I can leave the windows open and enjoy the breeze rather than having the a/c going.
Unknown said…
!hola Cristin¡ ¡¡¡lindos lo bebes de las fotos de abajo!!! saludos...

a reader Mexican!!

me gustaria saber cuando llegara "Fire" a Mexico!!

Suerte en la gira ^^
H. Chang said…
HELLLOOOO SEPT! :) Your last post is by far my favorite! Those babies are seriously crazy cute! (Why do I feel like a bit of a voyer coming back here every now and then to see what's happening??! ::cricket, cricket::)

Lol, anyway, was INCREDIBLY EXCITED to see that you'll be back in NY, making an appearance with SUZANNE COLLINS!! I'll be stalking you there come November. The only thing I'm dreading is seeing the weird dude at B.O.W (you know who I'm talking about!). ;P
Lizzy Mason said…
Love the playlist, Kristin! I'm almost afraid to read the first pages of FIRE on Scribd b/c I want to wait until I have the finished product in my hands. :) I re-read GRACELING this weekend and fell in love all over again. Can't wait for FIRE!

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