In Which Schmetterling Is My New Favorite Word

The discussion of favorite and least favorite words has been delightful. I've learned that Schmetterling is the German word for butterfly -- isn't it beautiful?

So, do you ever feel like you need a good cry -- not necessarily because anything terrible has happened, but just because you need to clear out your system and process things? What do you do in times like that? I do things like listen to sad music (like Barber's Adagio for Strings -- here's a gorgeous choral version), or meditate, or watch the My So-Called Life episode where Sharon's dad is in the hospital (that one gets me weeping every time!). My sister, secret codename: Cordelia, used to be very accommodating when I needed a cry and couldn't seem to get started -- she would offer to give me a good kick or something. (Cordelia is a therapist. Real good with that emotions stuff. ^_^.)

I've been a little overwhelmed lately, and I haven't had time to arrange for a good cry. But in the meantime, here's one thing I've been able to process: one of my orchids is white, but the backs of the petals have some pink in them, so when sunlight shines through the petals, the petals glow pink. Oh my goodness, I love it. Here's something else I can process: I will get to see the babies for a day on my tour!

What little things do you love?

Happy (late) Rosh Hashanah to any of my readers celebrating the New Year :o)


Jennah F. said…
Things I love:
1. Babies that love to be held.
2. Baby smells.
3. A little bird sitting on the tree that covers my window.
4. A good sobbing session
5. Little flowers that pop out of no where.
6. Playing Picaboo with my cousin and seeing a smile light up his little face.
7. Petting horses, cats, dogs or any other furry thing.
8. Getting love bites from my 3 amazing African Gray Parrots.
9. A breeze that sweeps through my room when I'm reading.
10. Crunchy leaves.
11. Hugs.
12. Being with old people. The stories they tell, the things they've learnt. The smile on their faces when they know you went out of your way just to be with them.
13. Knowing that I'll always have someone willing to listen to me. (Rare nowadays)
14. Flushed cheeks and pink baby noses in the winter.
15. Taking a nap on the porch.
16. The ripples in the water of my grandparents lake.
17. The geese and swans that eat on our land.
18. A good horse ride.
19. Talking to animals cuz I know they'll listen. (My horse hugs me when I'm sad:p)
20. A walk with my grandmother.

That's a lesson of things I love.
Artemis Grey said…
I have to tell you that when I need a good cry just to clear the system my favorite thing to do is watch the movie 'Blind Flight'. It's the true story of two men captured and held as hostages in Lebanon during the 1979-91 Civil War. It's a difficult movie to watch because you become so passionately involved with the relationship that forms between the two men. It stars Ian Hart and Linus Roache. I must say with absolute honestly that I have been madly in love with Linus Roache since the first time I saw the movie.

As for little things I love:

My cat Ari

My horse Sierra (he hugs me like yours does Jennah F!)

Acorns falling out of the trees.

The way sycamores sing when the wind blows

Fallen leaves, scuffling through them, smelling them, and lying on the ground letting them swirl over me.

Writing, even when the writing is what provoked the need for a good cleansing cry! :D
Amy S said…
I,ve been reading your blog for the last couple of days, and I can see myself in so many of the things you say. I am always feeling the need to have a good cry. But I still live at home with my parents and my three sibs, and I don't feel comfortable crying in front of any of them. So I always have to wait until everyone goes to bed, then I just have one huge outburst! I know I sound like a total loser, but I'm not(I don't think!). My mums got Multiple Sclorosis and I don't like to upset her, so that's the main reason that I do it.
Anyway, moving on. Right from when I really little, I've loved reading. And I like you, am always day-dreaming. Imagining incredible fantasy worlds and creatures. I am in the middle of writing my first book (which I'm hoping to get finished by the end of next spring).
The bottom line is(after all of this babbling) that I find you very inspirational. I congratulate you on the success of 'Graceling' and 'Fire'(which I have yet to read as it has not been published in the UK yet), and I hope that you continue to do well in the future.
Final few things- Your nieces are so sweet! I like to listen to 'Barber's Adagio for strings' too(though it dosen't make me cry).
Yes, Schmetterling is a beautiful word. My favourite word is Grace(strangly enough). It sounds delicate, yet powerful and dignified.
Thats all from me. Love your work, and can't wait to read 'Fire'. Bye.
Q said…
Have you ever noticed that "butterfly" is a beautiful word in any language? At least, all the ones I know it in.


I don't know much of languages outside of Europe--anyone else know if "butterfly" is beautiful there, too?
When I need a good cry, I go back to a book I read for the first time--oh, a good 20 years ago. (Yes, I feel old.) Bridge to Terabithia is a quick read, and the emotional pain of loss is handled so simply and beautifully I find myself crying my eyes out. That's my go-to tear-jerker.
Anonymous said…
And Eid Mubarak (yesterday), as well!
Kate F. said…
If you want to get a good cry out of your system and you have time for a movie, go see Pixar's "Up." OMG. I haven't cried that hard in a movie maybe ever. In four minutes the animators gave the most gorgeous and respectful depiction of a simple, happy life and marriage I've ever seen. And if you want a viewing buddy in the Cambridge area, I'm free!

(Other little things I love:
-The creative places my husband arranges the tiny wooden sheep in our kitchen every morning:
-The woodpeckers in the trees outside my office
-Rushing through a series of books that I've fallen in love with. (Currently the Julian Kestral mysteries by Kate Ross.)
-Those sour belt candies from the Sweet Factory at malls
-My collection of vintage photos, especially the wedding pictures from the 20s. I love to make up my own story behind the picture.)
MelissaKeaster said…
Things I love:

Being greeted by a toothless, grinning, red-headed baby boy every morning.

The sound a hardback book makes when you open it for the first time

The smell of ink on paper (of any age--new is my favorite)



Daisy, my rat terrier


Community Coffee with a dash of Hershey's Chocolate Caramel cream by International Delight

The feel of one of my husband's warm hugs after a hard day
CLM said…
The soundtrack to Zefferelli's Romeo and Juliet is very sob-inducing as is the last act of La Boheme! For books, I go to the last few chapers of Anne of Green Gables and to Rose in Bloom where she loses her cousin (I won't say which one) or the Pullman book where Sally Lockhart loses her dog.
JillinPC said…
Yea! I am so happy to have contributed a new favorite word!

Sometimes I wish I were like Holly Hunter on Broadcast News. Each morning she unplugs the phone, sobs uncontrollably for ten minutes, then wipes her eyes and gets on with her stressful day. But, I usually need something to get me going too like the song Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton or the movie Steel Magnolias.

Things I Love:
My Jack Russell Terrier on my lap while I type.
All the red and yellow leaves up here in the mountains right now.
Looking at kids Halloween costumes.
The perfect chocolate cupcake.
Meredith said…
When I really want to cry but can't seem to pull it off, I watch that part in Little Women where you know who dies. I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it! But actually, almost everything makes me cry, so it's not usually a problem for me.

I just barely decorated my apartment for Halloween, and the soft orange glow of the pumpkin lights at night makes me happy inside.
Anonymous said…
Things I do/love/need:
-Listening to classic old songs that I haven't heard in months or years.. And then, changing the song half way through so I can hear another old song.
-The taste of grapes.
-Admiring the indentations of the ring I don't go a day without.
-My mom's voice, though I wish she'd stop talking every once in awhile.
-Friends who love movies and use their hands to give me an entire synopsis of any movie we may view ;)
-Sisters who let you steal their clothes
-Dehydrated Kale chips that taste like cheese
-Quinoa salad
-Vinegar as hair conditioner
-Old people (totally second you Jennah!)
-Good pictures of myself with family
-Nap time
-My papa when he's sick (so cute)
-Listening to my mom talk to her plants (they really do talk back-- I swear. I don't know anyone else who can nurture a plant with their words and then have it change its growth pattern entirely)
-My brother's handsome awkwardness
-Reading other's fantasies, because I can't imagine my own. I have life fantasies like living in Italy someday, but nothing unreal.


new word (from word verification):
Andrea said…
What I love: reading in my little nook where the moonlight comes in and shines on my page (and this is why i lose my eyesight).

Dancing, writing, singing...

I just realized that my passions are all the arts.

Isn't it a lovely day?

Claudia said…
Schmetterling is beautiful. Currently my favorite word in another language is "puella" (pronounced pooh-wella) which is little girl in Latin. I don't know why, but it is.

For a good cry I always watch Moulin Rouge by myself. If someone is with me I tend not to cry in movies, but by myself I will bawl, and Moulin Rouge will always get to me no matter how many times I see it.
Anonymous said…
I literally just finished reading Graceling and immediately googled to see if you had another book with Katsa and Po. I'm love. I read this book in 24 hours, non-stop.

I just wanted you to know that you officially have one more die-hard fan in me :)

mysteryflavour said…
Y.....You're coming to the University Bookstore in Seattle....


But why can't I find it on their website??
Katt M. said…
When I feel like crying I listen to my favorite music-at the moment that would be Fireflies by Owl City, it is an awesome song-or I read a book, that always makes me feel better.
As for the things I like, hmmmmm:

My pet snake, he always gets himself stuck in the strangest things (like the couch and airconditioning) and he looks completely innocent which makes me laugh. He also has the most amazing name :) Esau Nechash Asmodeus Jedidiah Hinkley Caesar Tiberius Morgan

I also love my quote book. When I am feeling philosophical I pull it out and read it to people, or if I just want a good laugh.

My worry stone is very nice also, I like rubbing it. Although one of these days it is going to be rubbed away.

I also love snow! It is comepletely amazing and makes me happy no matter what.

:D Katt
Rhiannon said…
i feel like that too sometimes, and everyone asks what's wrong and its nothing really. just life...yes, up is amazing, to whoever wrote that i agree completely. i cried my eyes out. animals help, as well as reading outside somewhere private, just being alone. especially, for me, horses. riding or being around them is grounding. and reading, for some reason hunger games makes me cry, not because of the terrible things that happen. but peeta. he is so sweet. anyways...hope you get that crying out!
KT said…
If I watch Titanic from beginning to end, I'll cry at the end. The same with The Fox and the Hound (when the old lady leaves Todd in the woods), and The Notebook. In fact, if I just feel like crying, it will easily come with any semi-emotional movie. Especially if I set myself up to it.

Favorite things:
- lying between that stage of waking up and sleeping and listening to things go on around me; particularly my roommate moving around in the next room.
- reading a good book without anything else to do
- a day spend in my Chair writing away
- walking down the Lakeshore Path without headphones and listening to the water and the bikers and joggers
- pancakes for breakfast
- having a little bird sit on my shoulder or finger (my old parakeet used to do that a lot)
- meticulously peeling an orange
- reading a poem aloud
- playing with eye make up
R. said…
I love Barber's Adagio for Strings. It's so haunting and perfect.

I also love the French word for today, just because of how it looks and sounds (not because of any profound affect the meaning has on me) - aujourd'hui. It's just lovely to look at.
Jennifer C. said…
I absolutely need a good cry....

Q, I think that Farfalla is such a beautiful name for butterfly, of course they all are aren't they...

Here are some of the little things that I love:

Sitting outside on the porch and just absorbing all of the sounds around me.

Absorbing up the sunshine and feeling the wind in my hair.

Standing still with my face tilted towards the pouring rain.

Watching a child's face light up he/she recieves something as simple as a popsicle.

The click clack/shuffle of my shoes on some type of stone.

The sound of crunching leaves.

The smell of fresh cut wood and grass.

The smell of a library.

The taste of a fresh bar of dark chocolate.

And so much more...
One thing I love...One look from my husband, he has a little smile that is different from his every day one, one that is just for me. After 30yrs it still works.

Petaluthia is the Greek word for Butterfly by the way.
Kristin Cashore said…
Everybody, these comments are making me happy. Thank you! I especially love all the butterfly words and other new words. I got my cry in yesterday and I think everything's going to be okay. Jennifer, hope you get yours in, too!
Anonymous said…
Kristin, I really enjoyed Graceling and am quite excited about Fire and Bitterblue. I hope writing is going well. I have also enjoyed periodically reading your blog and catching up.

I know you mentioned you already got your cry in, but to share mine, I rarely cry about things in my own life but I bawl in movies and when reading books. During "Up," I teared up 3 times! And the little kids around me didn't understand. Some of my go-to cry movies include "P.S. I love you" (corny but I lose it when she returns from the funeral and calls the voicemail), Life is Beautiful (When he plays the opera out the window), and An Affair to Remember (classic and who doesn't love Cary Grant).

Things I love:
1. Reading- I cease to exist and get to live someone else's life for a while, and if it has a happy ending, so much the better

2. Walking into a book store, any book store. An overwhelming feeling of happiness settles on me.

3. On rainy grey days, curling up at a window in a huge quilt, completely tucked in, with a book, so I can read and take breaks to watch/listen to the rain. On hot sunny days, eating lunch outside with a book and feeling the sun on my hair.

4. My quote book! Katt M, you are a kindred spirit. I collect quotes and names that I like, that tickle me, or that I find wise or profound. I am already in volume two and leave both sitting on my coffee table. I often pick them up and open to a random spot and begin to read.
One of my favorite quotes is from Practical Magic with Sandra Bullock: "My dear, when are you going to realize that being normal isn't necessarily a good thing. It rather denotes a lack of courage..."

5. Sour Candies: Sour Patch Kids, Sour Punch straws, SweetTarts. Mmm

6. Going out to dinner with friends. This is only benefitted by sitting on the restaurant's patio and nursing a margarita for three hours while having a conversation with said friends that ranges all over the topic spectrum

7. Bread, kudos to whoever invented bread, and to those on a no carb diet, I pity you. The 10 pounds you lose isn't worth the happiness you sacrifice :)

8. Cheese, as well. Yum.

9. 1950's style

10. Old movies, especially musicals and those with Cary grant or Jimmy Stewart. Hence The Philadelphia Story is a favorite.

11. Finally, Science Fiction. Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game and Shadow Series and Battlestar Galactica (the remake) especially.

(And I have to confess while Smetterling is simply enchanting, farfalla made me thing of barf at first)
E said…
Everytime I feel like crying (or even when I want to write a sad chapter of a story) I listen to The Fountain’s soundtrack by Clint Mansell. It’s such an inspiration, specially the song ‘Together we will live forever’ (here’s the link if you want to listen to it Hope everything’s going great =)

ibpurpledragon said…
Overwhelming emotion can often envelope those of a creative bent. The "high" of producing satisfactory creative output is often offset with a "down" period that leads to the need for a good cry or in my case pulling my 3 year old grandson in my lap so he can provide his own specific mood enhancing face smooching. In my grossly younger days, knocking people down on the basketball court seemed to provide a modicum of relief as well.
Unknown said…
hola he pasado los días mas maravillosos leyendo tu libro.

no cambies nunca tu forma de escribir.

espero tener otro libro entre mis manos tuyo.

sin palabras es genial.

un saludo y no cambies.
Kristin Cashore said…
Gracias, Juan Antonio!

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