In Which the Author Is So Grateful She Falls Over. Also, Here's What to Do if You Have a Few Minutes

Today I'm starting with a thank you to my readers. THANK YOU for making Graceling a bestseller in Germany, and THANK YOU for putting the American paperback of Graceling on next week's (Sep 27) New York Times bestseller list! I am overwhelmed. I am staring blankly like a slow loris. And giggling.


So, how much time do you have?
  • If you have an hour today, listen to last week's This American Life, on the subject of frenemies. Here's the description from the website: "This week we bring you stories about friends. Or wait, enemies? How about both? Tales of estranged sisters, BFFs breaking up and making up and breaking up, and how reality stars walk the fine line between making friends and making a name for themselves." I LOVED this episode. Why do we continue relationships with frenemies? David Rakoff's poem, just past the halfway point, pretty much summed it up for me.
  • If you have 20 seconds today, watch the beautiful and lovely Roger Federer make a SICK shot in the semi-finals of the US Open. If you have 2 minutes, watch it in replay a couple times. (h/t, colorwheel, for the link ^_^)
  • If you don't have time (or the connectivity) for any of that, check this out: the cover for Volume 2 of the Danish Graceling. Click to make it bigger; I used the Volume 1 cover above in case you want to compare. (I also posted about the Volume 1 cover back in April.) My lovely editor at Tellerup says that "Bedrageren" means "the imposter." Thanks to artist Bent Holm for another beautiful cover! What do you all think?

Thanks again, everyone. Happy Thursday :o)


Artemis Grey said…
Thank you Kristin! Thank you for doing what you do! And thank you for sharing yourself with us in ways beyond your writing. I don't have experience with that (not yet anyhow) but I think it is much harder to share YOURSELF with the public than to simply share your stories and writing with the public.

Many authors are great writers and horrible people. But it takes someone special to be both a great writer and a great person. This is what you are. :) Remember that. Nurse you INDOMITABLENESS. Had to sneak my favorite word in there again. ;D
Jennifer C. said…
I toally agree with A. Grey. I would also like to say that I unfortunately missed the live chat last night since I was busy with laundry and Algebra 2 Honors homework, SO I would like to also apoligize on your benefit. I wish I could've been there. How did it go and did you (anyone who participated) have a good time?
Carrie Harris said…
Those covers are made of awesome! Totally different from the US covers but equally gorgeous. You must be over the moon!
Kakie said…
Thanks for the great heads ups! I am currently listening to This American Life...great episode! Thanks again for sharing all your thoughts and impressions.
Kristin Cashore said…
Oh, thank you so much, everyone! And Artemis, thanks for YOUR indomitableness! :o) Jennifer, the chat was a hoot -- you can read it here if you like (warning, it's long!). I kind of lost my head when Megan Whalen Turner appeared.
CLM said…
Congratulations! And I think you will enjoy this review by someone I just persuaded to read Graceling:
It is almost as much fun to introduce a friend to a book she loves as to enjoy it oneself.
AndrewsMommom said…
I agree wholeheartedly with A...thank you. I love books - but I especially love well written, laugh out loud, wipe a tear, thought provoking, wanna read a 1,000 times books. Thank you for yours.
J.L. Hart said…
I have to add my thanks to you as well. Your books are fantastic, and I love reading your blog because it is clear what a wonderful person you are, someone I wish I knew in person!

Can I add a reading recommendation? I just went to Gayle Forman's website for the first time and went to her blog and she had a super post about the difference between Adult and YA fiction that I think most people here would be interested in, seeing as we all love YA and there are many writers here as well.

Without further ado:

Artemis Grey said…
Jen that was a GREAT post! I laughed out loud and at the same time got all head-up over my own writing (at least one of my WIPs is YA, others possibly fall into that category)
Anonymous said…
I think the covers are beautifully done. I'm having a hard time deciding if I like those ones or the North American style.
I appreciate the overall design of the North American ones (I'm a graphic designer, so I feel there's a difference). But I love the art and overall feel of these ones.
*sighs* It's just hard to chose.
Mihai A. said…
Kristin, I am glad you are conquering the world :)
I like those Danish cover artworks. Simple, but effective and they gave me a classical feeling.
Jennifer C. said…
Thanks for the info Kristin, and I WILL read what happened despite it being so long. xD
Charlotte said…
Yay for Germany and the NYT ! I missed the live chat (it happened to be the middle of the night in France) and will read it as soon as I can. Those covers are great, your books are great, life is great great great ! The BUMBLEBEES are FLABAGASTED by your INDOMITABLENESS (cool word A. Grey !).
Ashe said…
Thank you Kristin for writing Graceling so we could all enjoy it and help get it to the best sellers lists!

I absolutely love that cover! I don't know what it is about it, but I really really love it.

And I second what A. Grey says, it takes someone truly special to be both a great person and an awesome writer! And to have loyal readers who take the time to talk to you, and smile with you and go with out on your way through writing! You are very lucky Kristin.

Kristin Cashore said…
You are all so kind that I'm going to start weeping!!!

Have a good weekend, everyone :o)
Alejandra said…
Hi! I discovered your blog and I was delighted.

Graceling is amazing, is first time I write here and my Español is very poor, I'm from Chile and speaks Spanish, buy a month ago and loved the book, the story is for all, not focused on a single point, is striking since the first page.

I'm anxious to Fire goes on sale since the end of Graceling, but in my country takes a long time to come, due to translation, so I hope you get to the middle of next year.

I hope you continue to publish updates to Fire and remains as you are, a great person who care about these fans of your books:).


P.S: and sorry for my english
Vero R. Ollag said…
Hi Kristin! and everyone =) all the way from Mexico! First, I would have to say, the book is awesome! I think only Graceling has arrived to my country, but i'm reaaally looking forward to reading the others jijiji

It is wonderfully writen, I hadn't read a book like it in ages. It's like you never want it to end, yet you want to know what's going to happen. I absolutely adooored it.

About the covers... i don't know... i guess i imagined Katsa diferent jajajajaja
Little Willow said…
Congratulations, Kristin!

I too am a recent fan of the slow loris. (Thank you, YouTube.)
Anonymous said…
Well, this is somewhat unrelated, but I just finished reading Fire (my local bookstore had it in early) and it was simply beautiful (don't worry, no spoilers coming) I loved it immensely and cannot wait for Bitterblue.
Your books are some of the ones that make me want to sit down and write, if only I had the time.
So, as odd or cheesy as this may sound, I thank you for what you do. Books are the love of my life (don't tell my boyfriend :P) and yours are some of my favourites.
Bent Holm said…
Hello... I'm the Dane, behind the design of the Danish covers. I have to say, that Graceling is a fantastic captivating story, and it's an honor to design the covers... Can't wait for the Danish Publishers to take on "Fire" :-)
Kristin, you are a Graceling too, you know.. with a huge talent for writing!
Kristin Cashore said…
Bent, it's so great to hear from you, and if I'm a Graceling, then you are one, too! :o) Thanks so much for the beautiful work. And thanks for commenting.

Hi everyone! :o)

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