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Hi everyone!

So, next week I start a three-week blog tour. The theme of the tour is "Getting to Know the Characters of Fire," which means that at each stop on the tour, I'll introduce a character (or characters) from Fire. My character intros have been carefully screened by a team of experts (read: my patient and generous friends Deborah, Sam, and JD -- thanks, guys) to ensure that they're accurate (*ahem* for example, Sam pointed out that I was calling a character by the wrong name) AND not too spoilery. Each of my host bloggers will be giving away a signed finished copy. So -- if you're curious about Fire -- or interested in checking out a bunch of cool book blogs -- or if you'd like 15 chances to win a signed copy -- check it out. The schedule is below.

I'll close by sending a big thank you to my host bloggers. Thanks to each of you for letting me visit! I'd also like to thank Jillian Laks, the wizard at Penguin who organized the tour!

The schedule:

1. Monday, 9/14 - The Compulsive Reader
2. Tuesday, 9/15 - Pop Culture Junkie
3. Wednesday, 9/16 - Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf
4. Thursday, 9/17 - The Page Flipper
5. Friday, 9/18 - Reading Keeps You Sane

6. Monday, 9/21 - Presenting Lenore
7. Tuesday, 9/22 - In Bed With Books
8. Wednesday, 9/23 - Melissa's Bookshelf
9. Thursday, 9/24 - Shaken & Stirred
10. Friday, 9/25 - The Frenetic Reader

11. Monday, 9/28 -
12. Tuesday, 9/29 - The Book Smugglers
13. Wednesday, 9/30 - Fantasy Book Critic
14. Thursday, 10/1 - Hope's Bookshelf
15. Friday, 10/2 - The Story Siren

I'll be blogging here, as usual, during the blog tour. I'm hoping to cover a few more FAQs... plus, I have a poll taking form in my mind. It's about desert islands and slow lorises. (And true love. ^_^)


Jennifer C. said…
Yay! I'm the first one to comment! xD Anyways, I will definately be checking out all the blogs! Seriously, who wouldn't want a chance to win free stuff? Teh-heh...I am so excited about learning more about Fire! I just can't wait!
Sab H. said…
Oh This is so great!! I wish you would stop by my blog too! I'm a huge fan! I'm reading FIRE right now!!

I cant wait to read all the posts! THANKS!
Cara Powers said…
I reviewed Fire last week. Now I'll be internet stalking you posting links to my review. (Don't worry. It's positive.)
Artemis Grey said…
Yay for your blog tour! I can't wait to read the interviews and see how you present each character. Congrats on everything! Hope you're getting plenty of writing done! :D
Lizzy Mason said…
What a brilliant idea! Can't wait to read all about the characters!
MySharonAnne said…
oh coolio! I wish there was more room. I would have loved being a part of this tour. Huge fan here. xD
Liviania said…
I'm happy to host! So glad that someone dropped out and gave me the opportunity.
Charlotte said…
Great idea ! I'll sure be following that tour. :)
Khy said…
*waves* So glad I can host you! :D
the story siren said…
so looking forward to being a part of the tour! thanks!
Lauren said…
I've never heard of a blog tour before. This is cool, and even better, it's virtual, so everyone can go!

I can't wait to get my hands on Fire. I read and reviewed Graceling and LOVED it!
What an awesome tour and give-away. I was just introduced to Graceling and Fire and I cannot wait to read them!
Mrs. Katz said…
Your blog tour is knocking my socks off. Not only did I learn what a hash tag is on twitter I'm learning how wonderful it is when authors connect with their readers as you do.

I loved GRACELING. As an elementary library tech I limit my YA reading so I can stay focused on younger lit for my job but SLJ and PW pull me in on some books and yours was a giant pull. Alumni email me and visit me and send their siblings and parents to me for recommendations and GRACELING was high on the list. I even enjoyed the little clip on amazon and shared that.

So thank you. Thank for GRACELING and for making me smile twice a week.
Kristin Cashore said…
Hi to my hosts!

Goldenlibrarylady, if you know what a hash tag is, you know a lot more than I do! :o) Thanks for a really nice comment.

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