Welcome, Babies, to the World

Step 1: Open up a new tab and get this song playing on youtube ("C'est la Vie", by Cameroonian artist Henri Dikongué).

Step 2: Come back here, and, unless you speak French ^_^, check out the English translation of the lyrics.

A birth, a cry
A pain, a noise
A body so soft, my friend
A heart that beats, life

I would like to stop
On this happy moment that you have given me
This bursting forth of your fragility
Does not cease to amaze me
Sweeping, sweeping, sweeping
Leave my distress behind
Everything seems beautiful, everything seems light
As if the world has changed

(2x) That's life, life
Life oh, life eh
It is good, divine friend
We look it over and we smile

A caress, a joy
A smile, a voice
A trembling hand and me
A soul that lives from you

I would like to say thank you
For this moment you have granted me
It is as if I were never born
Before this infant, newborn
Sweeping, sweeping, sweeping
The wounds of my past
Everything seems beautiful, everything seems light
As if the world had changed

That's life (etc.)
It is mystery, it is magic
I feel like a father, and it pleases me

That's life (etc.)
It is good, divine friend
It gives me wings and desires

That's life (etc.)
It is good, divine friend
We look it over and we smile

That's life (etc.)
This presence that also makes
An existence of my life

With this beautiful song, I welcome my nieces, secret codename: Isis and secret codename: Phoenix, to the world. Babies, you are so very welcome. I am the happiest auntie that has ever been. Everything seems beautiful, everything seems light -- the world has changed.


Anonymous said…
Ooh, I loved that. Thank you for the link, and congratulations on your new nieces! What a blessing. :)
Ashe said…
Congrats on your nieces! Babies are always fun after they're born, they're so tiny and little and cute, and purple (yes I was purple okay). :)

Congrats to your sister and to you and to your brother-in-law all!
Natasha said…
Many many congratulations! How lucky the babies are to have you as an aunt. They really do change your world and it's a wonderful, wonderful ride. Enjoy it and blessings to your whole, newly expanded family.
Amy said…
Congrats to your family! (And I love the code names.)
Artemis Grey said…
Congrats to your sister! And to you! I admit, I cried just a bit with relief and happiness. Fellow twin girls... :D The world is a little better today than it was yesterday.
Congratulations and welcome to the new babies!
MelissaKeaster said…
Congratulations! I welcomed my first child into the world in February. Even though I have not heard this song before today, my heart has been singing it since that glorious day when my life changed.

I am excited again because my sister is also pregnant with twins. She is due at the end of March. I have so enjoyed being a mother, and can't wait to be an auntie. Thanks for sharing this with us!
Nandini said…
Aww ... congratulations!! The song reminded me of bringing my babies (9 and 10 now, wheredidthetimego) home ... new babies are so perfect :-)

I just finished reading Graceling. LOVED it. Look forward to Fire. Hope Bitterblue is going well!!
KT Howard said…
Congratulations to your sister for her bundles of joy!

And congratulations to you!! May you spoil them beyond repair like every aunt should. The three of you are very lucky.
Kristin Cashore said…
Congratulations to those of you with babies/children, too :o)
CONGRATS!!!!! im so happy everything went safely and that both girls are okay. (love the secret codenames, btw) my cousin and his wife had a child in the spring. he lived 14 days and died due to a disease caught after he went through surgery to fix his heart. it was very sad, so i am happy that your nieces are safe and sound.
Faith said…
Congratulations to you and your sister. Two neices - you both have been truly blessed. Love the code names.
tinkandalissa said…
Yay! Congrats to you and your family!! And welcome, little baby girls! (love the codenames!) :)
Heidi A Wilde said…
Congratulations to you and yours :) This song and your words were so perfect I had to forward your post to my three sisters. It is exactly how I feel about my nieces and nephews.

Thank you!
KatieDC said…
Congrats on the squishies! Two at once! Amazing..

Beautiful choice of song. I approve!

I to will be an Auntie (again!) soon! Babies are to most fabulous things in the world.

I love those names! I tried to give my babe an uncommon name, as Katie is such a bloody common name. Of course as soon as I do Dara Torres pops up and ruins that! I've met more Dara's now, then I have in my entire life!

Congrats again!
Rhiannon said…
actually i do speak french ;) and that is one of the most beautiful song ive ever heard, he has a beautiful voice. thanks for the link! and congratulations on your nieces!!
Kristin Cashore said…
I'm so glad people are appreciating the Henri Dikongué. My sister (secret codename: Cordelia) learned about his music in Cameroon and brought back an album, and I fell in love with this particular song before I ever knew what it was about.

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