They actually did! They had stars upon thars!

Extra points if you recognize today's title.

WARNING: Today's post is all business, so if you don't want to read about release dates, my blog tour, my regular tour, reviews (with stars upon thars), interviews, how to read the first 3 chapters of Fire online, etc., etc., please just skip this BORING post and scroll down to read about cool stuff like babies and translations or to vote in my extremely relevant birthday poll.

Okay, here goes! Firstly, I am proud to report that Fire has received starred reviews from The Horn Book, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and School Library Journal, and a gold star from the Romantic Times. *blushes* I've finally gotten around to creating a page of Fire review excerpts; see the link on the left or just click here. (BTW. If you notice that it or any of my other Quick Links are dated 2/28/08... that's just the date I randomly give Quick Link posts, so that they don't pop up as new posts and clog people's readers. Make sense?)

Secondly: The US/Canada Graceling paperback is now in stock at Amazon and, and will, I assume, be in bookstores soon if it's not already. The mass market paperback in the UK/Australia/NZ will be released in September 2009. Fire will be released in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and NZ in fall 2009 (September for the UK edition, October 5 for the US edition). Everything I ever know about release dates is on my Contacts, Info, and Credits page, so please check there for updates.

Thirdly, I'll be doing a blog tour for a few weeks in late August/early September; this will involve Fire giveaways and other shenanigans; more info will be forthcoming.

Fourthly, I am doing a domestic tour for Fire in October and will be hitting a lot of different spots, but most of my appearances will be school visits, not open to the public. I'll let y'all know when the schedule is finalized, and I'll be sure to indicate which events are open to the public.

Fifthly, a recent interview with the Chicago Public Library has gone live; read it here. Thanks, Sarah, for asking some great questions!

Sixthly, you can read the prologue and first two chapters of Fire at Scribd.

Seventhly (I think I have begun to make adverbs up), there is still time to register for Sirens, a conference about women in fantasy, taking place in Vail, Colorado in October. Tamora Pierce, Sherwood Smith, and I are the guests of honor. More info here!

Eighthly, Graceling will be the featured read at readergirlz in September. I'll give a heads up when that happens.

Ninthly, once upon a time I was making a flow chart; now I'm only falling apart. (with thanks to colorwheel ^_^)

Tenthly.... that's it! I'm done! (And done in.)

Gah. Posts like this always feel very narcissistic to me. So why not close with a PHOTO OF ME? :D?

Really, it's a photo for the Gallery of My Favorite Objects. Orchids are among my favorite things in the whole wide world, and here are two. Incidentally, another of my favorite objects is (sort of) in this photo -- my fireproof, waterproof safe, which is on the floor at the bottom left. That's where I keep notebooks/manuscripts.

Thanks for your patience with this post, everyone.


missus b said…
I think it's 'The Snitches' by Dr Suess. When are you coming to Australia??
R Williams said…
Gah, so excited to meet you at Sirens!
Nasir said…
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J.L. Hart said…
A preview of Fire, woohoo! I recently read the first chapter of Catching Fire on the uk website and wanted so badly to ask if you'd post a preview of Fire as well, but didn't because... well, I didn't want to request something you couldn't/didn't want to do, but I'm thrilled to hear I can go read some now. Without further ado, I'm going to go do just that with a happy grin...

Unknown said…
Congratulations on all the starred reviews. I can't wait to read Fire!
A word of warning to you though... about that safe... it's not very safe if it's not bolted to the floor. I had a safe like that in my bedroom closet. I kept my diaries in it from my entire life (age 10-41). Last year, our house was burglarized while we were on vacation, and the thieves stole my safe! I'm sure they thought it was filled with cash and jewels. It's true I get some satisfaction imagining them working for days trying to open the damn safe and finally cracking it only to find my diaries. But honestly, the loss of my diaries was worse than all the jewelry and electronics and everything else they stole. So make sure you've bolted your safe to the floor. Or donate your manuscripts and notebooks to the Kerlan Center.
Lissa said…
Please, please, PLEASE come to England! My friends and I totally adore Graceling and have been waiting what feels like a lifetime for Fire to come out! I am beggging you, please, please, PLEASE come to England! I know it rains a lot here, but that's why umbrellas were invented!
Madeline said…
Yay! Can't wait for Fire in October. Thanks for keeping us updated!
cindy said…
FIVE STARS! that must be some kind of record. congratulations and well deserved on a fantastic read!

orchid is one of my favorite subjects to paint in chinese brush painting--it is very elegant and calming. i can't paint orchid when i'm in a bad mood.

much luck on the release fun!! i'm so excited for you!
Meredith said…
Oh, the Sneetches! Since my last name rhymes with Sneetch, one of my friends always calls me a star-bellied (my last name). Good times. Very excited for Fire! Congratulations on all the kudos!
Glen Akin said…
Just finished reading Fire and it was AMAZING!!! I think you enjoy torturing us, your fans, like this. If not, then we should have the novel NOW!!!!!
Jennifer C. said…
I read the preview Fire and I thought it was wonderful and I can't wait to read the rest of it when it comes out. Congradulations with the great reviews!
Melina said…
Fire is AMAZING!!! I love you as an author. You inspire me to be greater than I am. I can only hope that one of these days, I will get a new wonderful idea that I can write and read and be proud of. I love to read and write, but I feel empty. Maybe I'm not meant to write, maybe it's all a waste of time.
Kailana said…
Glad to hear the paperback of Graceling is available. I had it pre-ordered, but I still haven't received it yet. Hopefully that means it will be coming soon!

Congrats on all your starred reviews. Having read an ARC of Fire, I entirely agree. :)
I'm so excited Fire is coming out soon! I wish I could go to Sirens, but last semester of school is conflicting with it. I already had to beg forgiveness for a writer conference in September!

Are you doing any events in December or January by any chance? Keep us posted! I would love to go to one of your keynotes sometime! You're one of the YA fantasy authors that is a true inspiration to me.
janice from nyc said…
I just finished reading the preview for Fire and I CANNOT WAIT for it to come out so I can continue reading it!!!
CLM said…
It would be great to have at least one Boston appearance. Perhaps at the Wellesley Booksmith or the Newtonville Bookstore, both of which do events well. You could suggest that to your publisher. However, if they don't set it up promptly we will buy our copies of Fire elsewhere, which (from the bookstore's perspective) defeats the purpose of the signing. Not unreasonably, many won't allow books purchased elsewhere to be signed and I completely understand their point of view.
tinkandalissa said…
Yay for the stars!!
I've been meaning to ask...what's with the "ya'll", I thought you were from the North? Haha. I can remember a time when I was visiting my brother in Ohio and we (me, him and several of his friends, who, by the way, I'd never met before then) went bowling. I dont even remember what I said, all I know was that it included "ya'll". I swear I heard a record scratch and crickets chirping. All heads turned toward me like I'd just sprouted an extra head. I was mortified! But, seriously, I'm just teasing ya...
And, um, the fire AND waterproof safe?! Awesome! I think you are my hero. I already adored your idea about putting your notebooks in the fridge "just in case". I've had those moments where I'm out of the house and panic about my work. But with a SAFE! Ahhh, I can already feel my brain relax just thinking about it. :)
Unknown said…
Loved Graceling and can't wait to read Fire - I'm coming to Sirens thanks to your wonderful book!

Meredith said…
I'm back after reading the preview of Fire. And all I can say is, "Eeeeeee!!!!" It's totally awesome so far, and I'm looking forward to the rest.
Mel said…
I love the Sneetches, I even have a shirt about them (that I've worn too often and now needs to be thrown out :( ).
You're only going to schools?...Think you could work in Nottingham High School in Hamilton, New Jersey? :)
Loredan Avery said…
I love your orchids, they're so beautiful! And THANK YOU so much for posting some of Fire. I am so excited to read your new book! I hope you have a great time at Sirens!! Woohoo

Rhiannon Hart said…
Congratulations! Thank you for the preview of Fire and PLEASE come to Australia :) There's a review of Graceling on my humble blog here
Heidi A Wilde said…
Ninthly, you should watch this video :) Total Eclipse of the Heart "literal" version.

Congratulations on all your successes! I wish I was able to go to Sirens, have a great time :)
MelissaKeaster said…
The Sneetches by Dr. Suess, and I can't wait to grab a few minutes of free time to read the online chapters of Fire. I already have it pre-ordered on Amazon! (No indie bookstores around here--bleh!)
Kristin Cashore said…
Hi everyone! Thanks so much for being so sweet!

Re: touring, I'll have to pass all the Australia love on to my Australian publisher and see what they think ^_^. There is a tentative plan in the works for a European tour in the spring, so I may be coming to England. We'll see -- I'll keep y'all posted.

Which reminds me, Alissa, I guess I picked up "y'all" while I was in Florida! It's so convenient. I think everyone should say it.

Brenda, if you can believe it, I keep my safe key right on top of the safe, which was a conscious decision out of hope that robbers would see the key, open the safe, and determine that they didn't want anything inside!

Through a Glass Darkly, I love that literal version, it's hysterical!
Jen said…
Fire is amazing! I can't wait for more! The characters! The details! Everything! I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to read the full thing!!!!! EEK!
Nancy said…
I just found out that your going to be in my area on October 7, with books INC. YEAY!! cannot wait to see you :)

Loved Graceling and cannot wait to read FIRE
mysteryflavour said…
The preview was amazing. I cannot wait.

Pleasepleaseplease come to Seattle! I go to UW and it would be such an honor.
Pam said…
I read the posted chapters of Fire last night, and they took my breath away. You are so talented. Can't wait for October!
Artemis Grey said…
Do not tell me that you moved with those lovely orchids and they survived! Do NOT! I adore orchids, and even more, Bonsai trees and I can't keep either alive for more than a month or so. :( My one true success - thus far - has been to grow a white oak from an acorn. It's about five feet tall now.

Congrats on all your starred reviews for Fire and your touring/blogging 'stuff'! Don't let yourself get too stressed with it all!
KatieDC said…
Oh yay!

I swear I turn into a fangirl at times like this.. Alas, I cannot help it. I'm just thrilled to have a few chapters!

Congrats on all the positive reviews, they are most assuredly deserved. I've been passing around my copy of Graceling to all my friends, even my mother! Thus far they all like it! (It looks signed btw. My copy I mean. I acquired it from one Melissa Marr. What do you think?)

Anyway, I'm so excited for Fire to be out soon. Congratulations again!

Now all I need to do is figure out how to make publishers to start sending people to Huntsville..
Victoria said…
This is FANTASTIC news, I can't wait to read Fire!

Gorgeous photo Kristen!

Kristin Cashore said…
Artemis, ya got me -- the orchids are new :o). I didn't move with any plants. But I've been stocking up on plants since. I ♥ my plants.

KatieDC, I'm not sure what you mean when you say it looks signed, but if you got it in one of Melissa Marr's giveaways, then it should be signed!
KatieDC said…
Um.. Awesome!

I wasn't sure, because it's small and under your name on the title page. It looked like is may have been stamped. But yay for signed books! Tis a UK edition! So thanks to you to then for that!

Also, beginning of Fire is fab. Am a little sad I have to wait to finish it. :)
Kristin Cashore said…
Oh, yes -- that's where I like to sign, and I have little handwriting!
Congratulations on the stars! Good luck with your exciting, busy life. I have a feeling I will see a lot of orchids at my son's wedding in three weeks, they are their favourite flower. I wonder if I can get one through customs and into Cyprus,mmm now there's a thought :).
Tiff said…
1. I'm adding your blog to my RSS feed/must read list...NOW. I don't know why it took me this long.

2. I *adored* FIRE. [got my ARC at BEA from you!] Even more so than Graceling, which I loved to bits. I am so excited for your starred reviews for FIRE! You deserve it. I can't wait to buy FIRE for my HS library, and to see it in stores! Ok, starting to feel a little creepy by how excited I am for you. ;)

3. Orchids are one of my top 5 favorite things in the world, too. In fact, I went to an International Orchid Show last spring and it just took my breath away! If there was a way to attach a photo on here I would share a favorite. But just know, it was one of the most amazing events I have ever been to.

Anonymous said…
OMFG!!!!!!! i seriously can't wait! is the australian release date the same as the UK?

tegan xoxoxoxox
Kristin Cashore said…
Tegan, I dunno, but your local bookstore probably does! If you find out, will you report back?
Linda said…
Congratulations on your great reviews, your nieces, your Sneetches (with stars), and your orchids.
I am so excited that you have moved up to my area and am crossing my fingers for a local bookstore signing so that I can come and see you in person! I'll be the one with the bad haircut.
Jayden said…
congrats on the great reviews, Kristin.

Also, thanks for the preview chapters. I've actually wanted to wait till the paperback version, but now I won't be able to. But I guess it'll look better this way, seeing as I HAD to have Graceling as well last time ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing it in the bookshops. Hope you're having fun, as busy as you seem to be right now :)
Anonymous said…
I was really looking forward to this book, because I was interested in your take on Leck’s back-story. Graceling broke a lot of the usual fantasy tropes and I hoped you’d try something different with this book. But from the first chapter, you make it clear that Leck was born evil – like Voldemorte and Ozzai and just about every other Evil Genius in fantasy. It’s probably just the anti-Calvinist in me: I’m sure many people won’t even have a problem with this. But I just thought I’d share.
Unknown said…
I simply had to tell you... I LOVED Fire! Jillian kindly sent me a copy after I'd reviewed Graceling and I finally had a chance to read it this weekend. It was fantastic! I'm looking forward to being a part of your upcoming blog tour, too!



Melissa's Bookshelf
Sue said…
Reading the first 3 chapters of Fire made me crazy! I can hardly wait till it comes out. It's going to be amazing!
Pink may said…
I read this poem when I was in third grade and loved it! Here it is:

Adam had-am

I made me laugh for days!
Kristin Cashore said…
This is just a note to thank everyone for the kind words about the Fire preview! :o)
AnnMarie said…
Did you know someone's giving away a copy of your book? You might want to tell everyone about it (although that makes me less likely to win I s'pose). Well, it's at
Vivian Mahoney said…
Congrats, Kristin! Well deserved!

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