Linkage While Moving from Florida to Massachusetts. (Are we there yet? Are we there yet?)

We are not there yet.

But do you know the work of artist Maira Kalman? Her The Principles of Uncertainty is one of my favorite books ever. And she designs awesome umbrellas. AND occasionally her artwork shows up on the "Opinion" page of the New York Times online. Check out her latest -- and when you're done, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see more offerings!


Kate F. said…
Don't get here quite yet; you may need to transfer your belongings from truck to ark to make it all the way home. CRAZY weather here (for a month, now), capped by psychotic storms at 4 am today and now darkness and continued window-rattling thunder all morning. No 10-minute tropical downpours for us, no ma'am. Maybe you will bring us summer?
Jennifer C. said…
It stinks that you're not there yet, because I know how you feel; I absolutely loathe moving. I will indeed check out Maira Kalman; umbrellas you say, hmm... Anyways, I wish you the best of luck on your journey and I hope you don't get caught up in those storms Kate F. was mentioning in her comment.
CL said…
And Maira Kalman illustrated a recent edition of The Elements of Style, making it 100x more fun to read!
Laurence King said…
Thank you for reminding me of Maira. She is fascinating, isn't she?

Be safe in your travels, Kristin! Hopefully you bring us sunshine, for we desperately need it here in Massachusetts. If you ever feel like walking Singing Beach, just say the word. I live right near it.
Unknown said…
Be safe on your journey and maybe - after that excellent link to Maira's OP - take a detour to see Jefferson. Wow, just wow.
Definitely going to have to put that on my list of places to see!
mbpbooks said…
Email when you get here. I want to take you to lunch!
Artemis Grey said…
All will be well
When the light comes to dwell
With the shade 'neath the old Blessed Oak

- Old elvish rhyme

although bad for the environment in many ways
packing peanuts
save many precious items
Kristin Cashore said…
Thanks for all the moving wishes, everyone! The stuff in the truck seems to be moving at the speed of molasses, but I'm hoping to be somewhat settled sometimes in the next couple of weeks. Mitali, you're a sweetie, and I will!
Unknown said…
I bought one of Maira Kalman's lovely umbrellas when I got stuck in a torrential downpour coming out of of MoMA one day! You can't help but smile at the blue skies above your head.

I'm thinking of you! Moving can be one of life's toughest challenges...but some of the funniest family stories come out of the adventure so look at everything as a good opportunity for laughing later on!

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