A Gallery of My Favorite Objects (And Other Nonsense)

My Finnish translator, Maria Lyytinen, has one gray eye and one brown eye. She's a Graceling! Kiitos for translating my book, Maria -- I can't imagine anyone more appropriate! :o)

The Simmons Summer Institute is this weekend; I speak Friday, which I'm very grateful for, because it means I'll be able to enjoy Saturday and Sunday events, rather than rattling around like a nervous wreck. The schedule is here.

And now, I'd like to try something new. Since I just moved, I am, of course, unpacking... and this gives me a new appreciation for my belongings. So I had this idea: why not subject my innocent readers to A Gallery of My Favorite Objects? BWA-HA-HA-HAHAHAHA! As I unpack them, I'll take pictures of them and post them here. Now, a couple things about my gallery. One, the only camera I have is on my iMac, and I like it that way, so that means there are limits to what I can photograph. For example, I'm rather fond of my couch, but I'm not going to drag it into my office so that I can take a picture of it. So, really, this is going to be a gallery of my favorite mobile and light objects. Two, if I get too busy, this may end up being a gallery of one photo. :o)

Today's favorite object: the world ball! I bought the world ball (which is technically an inflatable globe) in Cambridge, Mass about 6 years ago, and it has lived in Boston, London, Austin, and the-middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania -- and Jacksonville, Florida, where it had its best life, because my sister (secret codename: Cordelia) and I developed an excellent game (called World Ball) which involved trying to kick the world ball really hard past each other, something like soccer/football, but with no definable goal, and in an apartment full of breakable objects. Our aim was excellent. I think we only broke seven or eight things.

I give you: the world ball!

Incidentally, if you can see the ink all over my fingers, it will answer a recent FAQ, which is, am I left-handed or right-handed? I'm a leftie.

Want to tell me one of your favorite objects?

Oh, also, School Library Journal and Publishers Weekly are giving Fire starred reviews. :o)


Artemis Grey said…
One of my favorite objects, and if you ever meet me in person, you'll likely see it, is my doll Scrump. He's part of this line of toys called KinderGoths. Which means he looks kind of like a little oval-headed Frankenstien in a diaper with skunk roadkill house slippers. Why would you EVER see a 28 year old girl carrying around such a thing? Because one of my best friends in all the world bought him for me in NY City and brought him home as a gift for ferret-sitting her little fur children. Why did code name: Singing Bear think of me when she saw Scrump on the store shelf? Because he had a little heart 'tattoo' on his arm that said 'Mom'. I carry him everywhere to remind myself that I'm loved. :)
Anonymous said…
Is that a taco I see in your antepenultimate sentence? I recognize the telling signs of dictation software trying to be smart!
Anonymous said…
I'm gonna say go you for getting starred reviews of Fire! Dude, I'm seriously excited about it! I told my husband right after I finished Graceling, how much I wished you would write more in this world. So, woo!

Would that mean your translators grace is translating? That is awesome and funny at the same time!

I'm going to join in and say that one of my favorite objects is my Harry Potter mug! My Dad got it for me around the time the fourth book came out which coincided with the start of my drinking coffee. It was the beginning of a lovely mug collection.. Pretty and functional!
Melina said…
Let's see, one of my favourite objects, well actually I have two (technically three). I wear them at all times wherever I go and I never take them off. They are two gold necklaces that my father gave to me about 5 or 6 years ago. They are so special and beautiful that I'll cherish them always. The third is a small golden religious piece that hangs on one of the chains that my mom got me for my last birthday. It makes me feel like I always have them around me and near me wherever I go.
tinkandalissa said…
Since I was little my Nana dubbed me "Ladybug". All these years later and she still calls me that. So, of course, I love all things ladybug. When I got married my big bro, who is a fab artist, made me a ladybug statue/figurine out of sculpy clay and painted it. Since I am a bit grumpy and sassy, the ladybug definitly represents me in its expression and at least one set of arms crossed over its chest. It's a bit Alice in Wonderland-ish. I love it! I have tons of little trinkets saved from the years. I have a hard time giving things up. That always makes moving fun for me...not really.
Anonymous said…
One of my favorite objects is my guitar. When I am having a bad day I can go and jam on it and pound out some music. The rest of the time it is just really fun to play and create some new sounds.
Kristin Cashore said…
Ha! Taco fixed :o). (That one was much less embarrassing than the one where the guy dropped his pants instead of his pen!)

Thanks for sharing a few of your favorite things, everyone. It's comforting to me in a nervous time.
Annell said…
Hi there! :) I'm Annell, and I'm from Spain, so please forgive me if there's any mistake in this comment. I have just finished reading your book Graceling. I was searching for more info on the internet when I found your blog. I'm so happy, now I can read more about you and your books!

Well, just for mention it, my favorite objects are mi tiger plushie, my desk and my iPod.

Sorry for my bad English!
Jazz said…
I love my table top easel because I can ignore it's use for the table top by putting it on my floor so I can paint cross-legged and don't have to worry about my paint tubes and brushes rolling away.

I'm a lefty, too! Lefties rule!
CLM said…
If you have read Betsy-Tacy by Maud Hart Lovelace, you know that the two girls meet when they are five years old and the books follow them until they are grown up at the beginning of WWI. I have a replica of the pitcher Betsy gives Tacy on her fifth birthday, which I cherish. It lives on the shelf next to all the books.

Good luck unpacking!
KT Howard said…
Happy unpacking!
And congrats on the starred reviews for Fire! That's exciting news!

My favorite thing would have to be my messenger bag, which is dubbed in my mind the Bag of Everything. It holds an old, beat-up notebook, a yo-yo, a "physics phun" toy, a bouncy ball, and candy in the side pockets. There's usually my wallet and a book inside as well. It's decorated with a single button on the front and a button on the strap, which looks like it's going to fall off any minute. If something defines me, it might just be my messenger bag.
Pink May said…
My favorite object probably is my pink sunglasses with black splatters. I always have them on!
Meredith said…
That sounds like a really awesome game. I would totally play World Ball. A few of my favorite objects: my little plush monkey that hangs from my doorknob (he has Velcro hands) and the quillow (quilt that folds into a pillow) that my mom and dad made me for Christmas a few years ago. They both remind me of home.
Aria said…
While not a pack rat, I am a lover of odd things!

I have a set of samurai swords that are not sharp. But I always think that they should be sharp for the upcoming Zombie Apocolypse

I have two vases filled with rose petals from various events in my life. I have petals form my sister's wedding, my cousin's, my grand's funerals, bouqets from my boyfriend and father, some from my father to my mother. They're very special to me.

I have two fox statues which are very representative of me. First, foxes are my favorites animals. Second: one is sitting up straight with a quiet and secretive smile on it's face. The other is in a play bow with a silly look.

I have a panda backpack that serves as a purse most days.

My most treasure item is a necklace. It was a corny little silver wing with rinestones on it from Wal-Mart. like a buck. But I saw it the day i was saying bye to my boyfriend when he initially left for college. I had this little poetic thought that if he should ever need me I could fly to him instantly. He's home now, but I still wear it in case he needs me to sprout wings and teleport to his location
AndrewsMommom said…
I have this wonderful picture frame that was given to me by one of my students when I taught kindergarten. It has all these great shells from the beach glued all over it - totally a kid 'that's so COOL' gift - and it holds a picture of my sister and I. It's not home until that frame/photo are up!
Rocy said…
Hi Kristin!

I'm a girl from Spain. I'm 18 years old. I bought your book months ago and I will start it next month (now I can't because my father is reading the book, and he likes a lot!).

Apart from that, I like your blog, so you can read me here, although english isn't my own language, I will try to improve!

My favourite objects are my old Teddy Bear and a necklace that it has a little rock and the shield of my football team "Atletico de Madrid" ^_^
evi1joe said…
By the way, Cordelia claims she's the "World Ball Champion of the World"...when I pointed out that you had neglected to mention this in your post, she attributed this to jealousy and pointed to her belly and proclaimed that she has basically "become the world ball" as if this were supporting evidence (it's true--it does look like she ate the world-ball).
Anonymous said…
Hi Kristin,

Haven't posted here before, been lurking a bit, but your tiny comment about Fire made me want to mention...

I just got back from Comic Con in San Diego, CA where I attended a panel about Penguin Group's upcoming sci-fi/fantasy releases. Your new book received some very loud applause for a 300 seat room ;-)

Anyway, good luck with the unpacking! I'll be joining in that particular variety of fun shortly myself. I'm rather looking forward to going through all my things, actually; pick up things I'd forgotten I had.

And for your question of the day: One of my favorite objects is my chess set. It reminds me of my friends, who pooled their funds to get me a nice set for my birthday while we were poor undergrads. I don't play so much anymore, but it's still one of my favorite things.
Kristin Cashore said…
Thanks to everybody for continuing to share your favorite things (and stories from ComicCon ^_^). And greetings to Annell and Rocy from Spain!

Joe, though I was indignant at first (naturally), I have decided to concede the title of World Ball Champion of the World to Cordelia, because, well, she's so frakking miserable right now that really I'd do anything to make her feel better. But don't tell her that. I can just imagine the laundry list of things she'd send me to do (and then not thank me for).

feljam said…
were is america in this world ?!
This comment has been removed by the author.

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