An Extra Message for Monday, to Make Up for No More Posting This Week

Everybody, good news all around. And -- I need your help deciding what to toast with!

Graceling is the winner of the SIBA Book Award in the Young Adult category! (SIBA is the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance.) Oh my goodness, the indies have been so kind to me -- I can't even express my gratitude. Thanks so much to SIBA. And everybody, buy indie!

In other good news, I am heading to MA tomorrow, and my stuff arrives soon after. I am so ready to be surrounded by boxes that are to be unpacked, rather than boxes that are to be packed.

Hopefully calmness to come -- eventually, anyway -- now that the move is nearing its end. In the meantime -- I am the happy owner of some new wine glasses that I love madly... but I'm more of a beer drinker, and am only recently getting into wine. Can anyone out there recommend some nice wines for beginners? Red wines, please, because my new glasses are big fat balloon goblets, and I think those are for red wine? :D?

Happy week, everyone... and thanks for hanging in there with me as I make this big move. My next post will probably be next Monday, from a brand new home. :o)


Erin said…
You are correct. The big fat glasses are for red wine. One of my favorite basic reds is the Navarro Correas Cabernet Sauvignon. Yum Yum!
Artemis Grey said…
Serious congrats on winning the SIBA Book Award!!! I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it!

My best friend and I have matching pottery goblets that are supposed to be for wine, but they've had everything under the sun in them. As for wine, I have zero knowledge. I like a little red now and then, but my nose always gets stuffy and I look like a whino halfway through the first glass.
I'm more a scotch girl, in moderation. I enjoy a good beer, but I'm only just starting to learn about it.

Whatever wine you end up with, enjoy your glasses and your new home!
I am afraid I drink Cypriot village red wine. It comes in various containers from the old ladies, so cannot give you a name ;0
Unknown said…
Hubby and I are Australian Shiraz fans. Not too bitter - just full bodied enough - and usually peppery/chocolaty. I recommend leaving it in a cool spot (ideally somewhere hovering around 68) and enjoying with chocolate dipped italian anise cookies - super yummy! We have become wineheads after years of being beer nerds - and enjoy both.
May your move be hassle free and you enjoy your new place!
Loredan Avery said…
Congrats on your SIBA award, I agree with them 100% Gooo Graceling.

A cabernet sauvignon, for 20-30 bucks would be Rodney Strong (Sonoma), but for a better bang for the buck, if you go to a Trader Joes or something, ask them for ones from South America, like Argentina, Chile.

Enjoy your wines glasses!
Sarah Wynde said…
Good luck on the move! I'm working on doing one of my own--although within Florida, so less stressful than a giant move north.

Ménage a Trois, by Folie a Deux is my very favorite casual red wine. It's a mix of three reds, Zinfandel, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon and describes it thusly: "The 2007 Ménage à Trois exposes the fresh, ripe, jam like fruit that is the calling card of California wine. Forward, silky and soft, this delicious dalliance makes the perfect accompaniment for grilled meats or chicken." (A better person would link, but I, alas, do not know how. Not that I can't write an href tag, but does some weird stuff around zip codes that confuses me.) At any rate, it's a nice red on the lighter side that won't break the bank: on a good day, you can get it at CostCo for $9 or $10. Serious hard core red wine drinkers probably sneer, because it's on the fruity side--somehow it makes me think of raspberries--but I hope you try it and like it!
Natasha said…
Oooh ooh I second what Wendy said about the Menage a Trois red. A nicely quaffable wine. Not fancy, not expensive, very tasty. I'm also very partial to zinfandels, which a nice and spicy but not so strong as to demand red meat as an accompaniment. Great for grilled stuff. Mmm mmm...
Natasha said…
Whoops - I forgot to say congrats on the win. Definitely worthy of a toast with new fun wine goblets with something tasty inside.... :-)
Kritkrat said…
I don't know much about wine, but I like Wolf Blass. And it makes me feel like a grown up spending more than $7 on a bottle of wine, but it doesn't break the bank so its win-win for everyone involved.
Kritkrat said…
Wait, I didn't read the comments first so I didn't realize that there was a Ménage à Trois option. That sounds like a pretty spunky way to celebrate a Book Award! ;)
Jennifer C. said…
Congradulations on the book award! I'm afraid that I don't drink any alcohol so I can't give you any advice on which red wine is best; so, I hope you enjoy your goblets and new home!
Anne said…
Graceling totally deserves that award, congrats! You are an awesome writer. Some wines I would recommend are Seghesio (I don't know if i spelled that correctly!)Old Vine Zinfandel, Worthy, and Chateau Ste. Michelle. Hope you enjoy your new glasses!
No specific wines, but be sure to check - they have a great selection, and they are often inexpensive enough (but quite good) to experiment with. Trader Joe's also has a great wine selection for toying with.

Hope the move continues to go well!
I'd go with Arbor Mist. They have many flavors to choose from(all the ones I've tried taste pretty good). It's also priced well.

White wine tastes like shit if you ask me!

Now if your looking to try anything none beer or wine related then that is a question I can answer with confidence!
Ashe said…
My gosh congrats on winning the SIBA BOOK AWARD!!! That is just completely awesome Kristin!

I know I haven't commented on your blog for a while, but I've been working on my story again (a new WIP) currently at 64491 words as of today yay!

Good luck with the unpacking! I like unpacking better then packing.

I don't have any suggestions for wine sorry :( I can't drink yet. -sigh- oh well ^_^. Enjoy your wine though!!

-Ashley underage so i got nothing 4 u. but once u get white wine glasses, try cakebread (the wine). its my rents favorite.
Amanda said…
Congrats on the SIBA award Kristin! I just recently got introduced to Graceling and I really loved it :) Can't wait for the next book in the series to come out!

No comments on the wine though. More of a beer person as well.
methy413 said…
join wine of the month club. that is what i suggest. although i would never turn down a good pinot noir or merlot. =)
Anonymous said…
Libby (FL) suggests--If you like beer but want something more elegant for your new glasses, see if you can get Dogshead Ale's MIDAS TOUCH. It is beer that went to heaven and came back to visit and tell us about the trip! A hint of honey-like mead flavor. Unlike anything I've tasted before. In south Florida they have it at Total Wines. Dogshead Ale is located in Rehoboth, DEL.
tinkandalissa said…
I'm definitly a wine drinker, however, I have zero knowledge of it. :) I just know it tastes good! I also enjoy a good beer on occassion. My faves are Cabernet and Pinot Noir. I drink a lot of the Biltmore Estate wines because they tend to be a little more affordable since they are local. But I think they ship all over. Last time I went and did the winery tour and tasting they had an awesome limited release Syrah. Soooo good. I'm bummed it was limited. I'm not a big Merlot drinker. Shiraz is ok sometimes. You'll just need to sample! That's the best part. Sometimes wine shops have tastings that help you get an idea of what you like. But a nice big glass of Pinot and some sharp cheddar or parm - so good! I also like black bean hummus (theres a good local one the grocery stores sell here) and that can be yummy w/it too. Maybe you just need to visit Asheville so you can partake in all the local goodies. And, yes, the short fatties are the red wine glasses. :) Good luck and enjoy!
Lisa Paez said…
Hi Kristin,
Congrats on your latest screenplay, "Just Lickety!" Thanks for sharing! Oh, and for your amzaing honor and award for Graceling. I'm sharing the book with my 11 yr old neice, I feel she has some self-esteem issues & Katsa ought to fix that. :-)
As for the important issue of empty wine goblets, for shame! For inexpensive, store bought wine, we like Frontera Concha Torro Merlot-but it's bold, spicy, if you will, so beware, perhaps it's considered dry. We like anything Australian as well. My least favs are anything that mentions sweet, fruity, berry, etc... but that's a personal preference.

P.S. My husband & I still have not settled our bet as to why you moved to MA? He jokes that you're switching genres and will bust out a ghostly novel haha. Just curious, we miss Fla and would go back if the hurricanes were not so troublesome.
Lisa P said…
Note to self-next time I'll type this in MS Word, spell check it, THEN post it. Smiles! Some teacher I am! Thank goodness I've always been able to laugh at myself! Yikes. :-)
And you probably were wondering if I'd been sampling a little too much of that red wine hu?
Jennifer said…
i like red blends the best (mostly any of them). but when i was first starting out i liked shiraz the most. :)

Linda said…
congrats on your SIBA win!
we are moving this week, too (within MA)...I feel your pain! It's incredibly tough doing it with two wee ones. I think you've got the right idea with the wine...
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! I really enjoyed Graceling so I'm happy to see it win an award!
Anonymous said…
Your book Graceling was AMAZING! I've fallen in love with the book and I wish you'd write another! When I finished, It felt so abrupt that I was pulled out of the world of Katsa and Po, and I'm dying to go back! great job!
Anonymous said…
Good Luck on the move! And i agree the unpacking is the best part of it all, sometimes takes to long though. I was wondering if you would ever have like small posters or ...big ones. I love the artwork on your books... oh yeah and the books rock you got skill
tinkandalissa said…
I know you're busy. But I've been dying, since Wednesday, to see if you'd post about sytycd! I hoped you watched. Werent the dances amazing? Personal faves of the night: Kayla and Kupono, Mia Michaels routine - phenomonal! and of course, pretty much anything involving Wade Robson, so the very last dance: Brandon and Janette (sp?), where they were burglars? Awesome!
Ok. Now that I got that out, I feel much better. But, my poor little Phillip. I'm bummed.
Hope your move is going well and that your wine sampling is helping things along... :)
Tsakaki said…
Well, I don't know much about wine at all, but in terms of a wine that's easy to drink I'd recommend Wild Vines. It's flavoured wine, I like the strawberry one. You don't have much of that strong wine taste. I don't like wine, and I can drink a whole large bottle of it to myself.

The only thing I'm uncertain about is whether or not the brand is available in your area (I live in Canada), but if not, I'm sure there's something similar.

Congrats on the award! You deserve it, you've written a wonderfully addictive novel. Good luck with the rest of the move.

Vivian Mahoney said…
Congrats on the award! And welcome to Massachusetts!
ok this is really random. did anybody see the mia michaels dance kopono n the other girll did on this weeks so you think you can dance? it was friggin (pardon my french) awesome!!!!! i bought the song i loved it so much!!!! tell me if u did too!!!!
ibpurpledragon said…
Just finished "Fire", masterful!
Review will be posted soon.
Please keep up the good work, you may not be intentionally creating strong role models for young women but I will be saving "Fire" for my granddaughter to read when she is age appropriate. Kudos!
Dave said…
i wasnt sure if you still check the older posts so ill ask again if you dont mind. Kristin, i have 2 questions, 1. ANY idea at all when the 3rd book might be out? and 2. are you planning or in the works that you can tell us of writing any other books/series currently and if so when we might look for them. I loved both of your books and cant wait to keep reading your writing!

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