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The other day, the FedEx man brought me Die Beschenkte -- i.e., the German edition of Graceling. Guys, Carlsen makes gorgeous books. It's 500 thick, beautiful pages long; the design (interior and exterior) is simply lovely; and IT HAS A BURGUNDY RIBBON BOOKMARK. Even better, it arrived in a Die Beschenkte messenger bag!


Die Beschenkte will be released in the fall.

In other news:
  • I'm happy to report that the Hachette Group (my French publisher) is launching a new fantasy/SF imprint through their publisher Calmann Lévy, called Orbit France. (If your eyes glazed over trying to follow that, don't worry, it doesn't matter.) Orbit will be publishing an adult edition of Graceling as one of their first books. (The YA edition has already been released in France. The Orbit edition will be released in the fall.)
  • The Full Cast Audio audiobook of Graceling is completed and is about to be released. Here are a couple of cool YouTube links: one gives an inside look into how the audiobook was created, and the other is Tamora Pierce very sweetly talking about the audiobook.
  • The Penguin Audiobook of Fire is in production and will be read by Tony Award-nominated stage actress Xanthe Elbrick. Last week, I talked to the director on the phone and pronounced all the names for him. (Yes, this is done -- and it's one of the more fun jobs of being an author, IMO.) I hope to have a clip from the audiobook to post at some point!
That's all the news from here, folks. My days are spent doing things like writing, packing boxes, walking along the river, worrying about nebulous move details, and making (and eating) copious amounts of pizza. Oh, and contemplating crime. (But only because I'm speaking at the Simmons Summer Institute in July, and the institute topic is Crimes and Misdemeanors. ^_^)

Happy Ides of June, everyone.


Leah said…
Oh wow! That cover is incredible! Then again, all of the other ones that I've seen have been :)

Jen said…
That's a beautiful cover and it came with the cutest bag:D Most people have to get that stuff custom made, y'know. Have a good day, week, month and year. We are ariving at the end of year one of the reccesion, and the end of the school year!!!
Waaah, I want that bag, it's beautiful!!
Kate said…
That cover is positively beautiful! Anyone would pick that up even if they had no clue what lay inside. Lucky you.
The bag is wonderful as well. ^_^
Anonymous said…
Hmm. I like the bag, but I think I like the US version of the GRACELING cover better.

And the most important question, of course - what do eat /on/ your pizza?
okay, why do we call the fifteenth of every monthe an "ides"? what does that even mean? im pretty sure everyone knows whats important about the ides of march (if ya dont its when julius caesar was assassinated) but why the heck is it called an ides? why not call a floople? or a dingdongditch? or how about just he 15th of march?

k im done ranting.
Loredan Avery said…
Pizza is awesome! My hubby would definitely agree. That bag is awesome, and congrats on the audio books too, woot woot!!!
I was wondering if Po's name would be changed for the German version, and I see it has been. (Po means "butt" in German, and therefore gave me the occasional case of inappropriate giggles as I read.)

And I love that cover too! The attached bookmarks are lovely as well-Carlsen seems to do that for all of their children's titles.

All that being said, I really enjoyed Graceling, and cannot wait for Fire to come out! So! Excited!
RachelGriffin said…
Just a random tidbit..
i was on my school's website today and noticed that Graceling is a summer reading book for the junior class along with the hunger games and city of the beasts. i thought that was pretty cool.
Unknown said…
Love Love Love the bag - wow!

RL - our district made Hunger Games a read aloud for our 7th graders and have put Graceling on their list of recommended reads for the summer for our HS! I can't wait to talk about it with the students!

I don't know about you, but I detest packing - don't mind the unpacking though! Good luck with the move Miss Kristin!
Anonymous said…
Kristin, I often find myself drawn to strong female protagonists. When I read a book I look for action, thrill, adventure, fantasy/sci-fi, & romance. So, I find myself compelled to tell you that I was absolutely blown away with your first book, Graceling. It met all my desires & also as a fan of Suzanne Collins work, I found Graceling purely inspirational. I hope you continue to write for many years to come.
Ghostie said…
Wow! That book (and bag!) is beautiful! And soon as I learn German, I'm going to order that! (Or maybe I'll order it anyway. ;P)

I watched the 'making of' video for the audiobook... It sounds like it's going to be a really good one! I love it when audiobooks are made like a movie would be, with different actors for different characters, rather than the same actor or actress just reading the book (like the Maximum Ride audiobooks). (Wow, that was a long sentence!) I can't wait for it to come out, even if I probably won't be able to afford it. (Maybe my library will get it...)

I love pizza.
Charly said…
I love Full Cast Audio. They make audiobooks the way they should be, with different voices for all the characters. Like a drama cd... It's awesome. I really like the voices that I heard in the video - sounds like it's going to be amazing! I'm looking forward to this a ridiculous amount!~
Artemis Grey said…
That bag is WICKED cool. I have this klepto thing with messenger bags. Possibly because I'm always dragging various notebooks around....


And a bookmark with the book! There's something so romantic about a ribbon bookmark...
tinkandalissa said…
Gasp! I love it. And I am jealous. I want ribbon bookmarks in the US versions!!
Stephanie said…
That bag is gorgeous! I'd never put it down!
Kristin Cashore said…
Hey, thanks everyone for the bag love, book love, reading lists, etc.! Floating Lush, I tried to do something similar in Fire (just to continue the tradition) but I couldn't find anyone who could appropriately be named Arschloch! (Just kidding, I did not intentionally name Po after a German butt.)

Aerin: mushrooms (sauteed beforehand); sweet onions (caramelized for hours beforehand); and fresh tomato slices! You?
okenakab said…
Just wondering if I've missed something, but is there an adult version of Graceling available in the US, too? :O
Wow love that bag! A book to match how wonderful ;0

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