Hibernating Hermits

BEA was stupendous. I now need to disappear for a few days to recover. Want to help me get re-centered by telling me something calm you did recently?

I'll post more about BEA once my center is holding again. Have a nice week, everyone!

UPDATE 4:34pm: The Graceling book giveaway at Hip Writer Mama has been extended to Wednesday, June 3rd. Follow the link!


Q said…
A few weeks ago, I sat up in a gnarled old oak tree and read a book for about three hours. That was calm and relaxing (and poetic, too, now that I think about it).
eb said…
This weekend, I re-copied a favorite collection of poems into my notebook. It really re-connected me with language and made me read closer and appreciate the work even more.
ICQB said…
I sat on my front stoop in my pajamas after watering the hanging flowers and enjoyed the cool morning, the green trees against a blue sky, and the warmth of sun.
Anonymous said…
I cleaned out drawers, closets, and cabinets. Then donated the stuff to charity. It was a cleansing experience. I feel light and centered.
Antonio Ese Gé said…
Imagine: A Sunday, a Sunday with boring afternoon. What could Antonio to do? Well, he just sat in his bed, that is near the window, and see how the clouds were moving. He has the next feeling: "The world is moving, itself; the world is alive. It doesn't matter is there's Anyone that is moving it or no, it's just moving by itself". It was a ordinary feeling, but if you think it, to see the world moving is the great thing you're going to see in your existence.
MelissaKeaster said…
I am writing this morning with a cup of coffee at my side, a sleeping baby in my lap and the pleasant hum of the washer and dryer in the background.
Loredan Avery said…
I like staring at the trees across the street and thinking of all the books that I've read with forests or woods in them, then slowly getting lost in thought.
Unknown said…
Knitting away at a large shawl for hours is the most relaxing thing I've done, especially if I read or listen to music while doing it.
Pam said…
I gardened for four hours early yesterday morning. It was awesome. Everything smelled good and the dirt felt wonderful. Made a salad with garden tomatoes afterward. Well worth the effort!
Kate F. said…
This was a moment of perfection:
Nikki said…
I read Fire this weekend! Shannon Hale snagged an ARC for me at BEA because she's my neighbor and that awesome, and can you imagine how I squealed when she ran across the street with the surprise? Yeah, I'm 27, but I squealed like a tween. And then I stayed up until 6am reading. Thank you for another amazing book with beautiful, complex characters!

My two favorite quotes were "Love doesn't measure that way" and "There wasn't a simple person anywhere in this world," though I don't want to give the context of them and spoil anything for other readers. Just thank you!
im not sure if this is calming (especially cause u cant do it) but im texting my best friend for life whos a boyin arizona, and we both really like each other (in that sort of way) but we cant go out cause long distance realtionships usually dont go well, so i really miss him.

but is that calming? not really. so something thats actually calming was working on my fanfic story.
Artemis Grey said…
Wow, calm. Well, I've been editing, a lot. Cutting about 40,000 words out of the ms that I hope some day will be my first published book. Sounds wretched.

But really, it's been very calming. For the first time, I've been able to look at the ms and SEE all the lines that make up the web of my story, rather than chasing them around in my head. And like a little spider I've been able to glide along those lines, shortening one here, extending one there, cutting some out altogether, and adding yet more. I'm proud of the progress I've made and even more proud that I can see the difference in the ms, that it's getting only better. Which overall, has been very calming, and centering. It's given my hope tank a fill up, and added some horsepower to the determination engine. I
Anonymous said…
Even though I had a hundred and six things that I needed to be doing, I wandered through the nursery, dragging a wagon behind me, filling it with geraniums and morning glories, smelling the petunias, watching a humming bird, chatting with the other buyers, feeling a warm breeze blowing through the plastic walls and relaxing for the first time in a week.
Kristin Cashore said…
You guys are awesome, and that does it, I'm going for a walk.

Nikki, imagine how I squealed when I was sitting at the Penguin booth signing ARCs and this woman came flying over, said something to my publicist, was handed an ARC, then ran off, giving me a cheery wave, and I was all, "Hunh?" and my publicist was all, "Shannon Hale." So, yes, I saw the transaction take place :o) SO glad you liked it!
Mel said…
This weekend I helped clean out my grandmother's basement...though I guess that wasn't really calming. It was more afterwards, when we were done, that I attempted to read for a bit. Heh...guess I really haven't done much of anything calming lately. Does making cookies count? Cause that's what I'm actually about to do now.

Nikki, I envy you.
Virginia said…
I sat in a Hello Kitty bounce house with 5 of my closest friends in the world, drinking margaritas and listening to the Texas night.

Jen Robinson said…
After a massage, while on a vacation to Maui, I sat in the spa's "tranquility room", looking through a huge open window (no screens or anything) to the ocean, reading. I was only able to steal about 45 minutes, but it was a high point of my trip.

Good luck re-centering.
Anonymous said…
Today I just read HP6 and listened to music, and this afternoon I got a yummy smoothie. Have fun recovering!
Unknown said…
Norah Jones, a few really great smelling candles, a glass of shiraz, and a good book made for a very relaxing night last week. Hope you find yours.
Anonymous said…
I decided to learn a soothing song I heard on Pandora on my guitar. A few hours later, even though my fingers hurt, I played it again. Music is always a bringer of calm and peace to me.
- KT
Anonymous said…
Sunday afternoon was a breezy and brilliantly sunny sort of day. The little league game was yawning into late afternoon so I lay back on the blanket and let the breeze whisper over me while I lay there half-awake, half-asleep. It was heaven.
- Laura
Horselover said…
Something calm...well at like 10 o'clock a few nights ago i just opened my bedroom window and played mad world by adam lambert on my speaker. I love that song, and just looking out over the city (I live in SF), listening to it...made me want to cry. Beautiful.
Aria said…
calming... mostly I read. I went and saw UP this weekend and it was excellent. OH, I went and got kolaches from my favorite Kolache place, and ate them in the car during a huge storm while reading an old favorite. (Beauty by Robin McKinley) it was just a bit scary, but calming all the same.

Calming things:

Visiting grandparents with no pretext of funerals.

Finishing a good series that had a good ending.

Buying something you don't really need, but is pretty awesome and maybe a little on the expensive side. But hey! you deserve it.

Buying a 5 lb bag of flour and baking until it's gone.

Playing a well written video game.

re-reading/re-watching all your old favorites.

the feeling of the flashlight in your hand when it's 5 am and the power is out.

Getting a call from an old flame and realizing you don't care enough, and you answer and have a nice conversation.

realizing you've forgetten the sound of a particularly mean boss's voice.

A brand new teddy bear, no matter how old you are.

finally reaching the end of an annoying post
Kristin, can u come do something in chicgo? or detroit? or anywhere u can drive to from southwest michigan that doesn't take 10 hours? i wanna get my book signed, but ur only doing stuff on the east coast, or out west. what happened to the midwest?
I disregarded schoolwork and read four books in the past week. If that's not calming, I'm not entirely sure what is--even if it's the week before finals now, and I'm just a pinch behind... :)
3/4 the way through of FIRE. LOVING it so far. Was really awesome meeting you!
Deb said…
I like to sit on the front porch with a sketch pad and a pencil, and just draw outlines of the trees in front of me. I'm not a great artist or anything, but it is so relaxing to focus on the movement of the branches and tall grass in the wind. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from writing but still do something creative. :)
Linda said…
calm...calm...let me think...
ooh, I've got one. I'm on my way upstairs to read The Last Olympian in bed until I drift off...NICE!
But Percy & pals always keep me awake wanting to read more even when I'm ready to pass out. nighty night!
Kelly H-Y said…
Listened to the roar of the Pacific Ocean and played in the soft sand. :-)
Cascade said…
Hey! Im Cascade, I am a real fan of Graceling!
Im makeing a site, for books ive read, and yours is my first post, you can go see it if you want, and if you want me to take it down, i totally understand, but i just really enjoy your book, so its my first post! :) so..
my blogspot thing is: http://greatbooksforteens.blogspot.com/

Kristin Cashore said…
You guys are all super. You should know that collectively, you've inspired me to take (almost) an entire day off, get a massage, and read a good book.

Aria, this one in particular hit home: Buying a 5 lb bag of flour and baking until it's gone.

Cascade, I don't mind at all if people blog about my books! Especially people who like them! Go crazy!
Sayre said…
I sat down and read Fire in it's entirety. relaxing and exhilarating!!

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