The Center Will Hold, Dammit

It's possible that I have not entirely recovered from BEA.

Maybe it'll help if I share some of the goodness with you:
  • I got to spend a quiet minute with Suzanne Collins. I treasure that minute. She is definitely a kindred spirit.
  • I had a lovely time answering questions and signing books at Books of Wonder with Melissa Marr. I was running on empty by that point, but I still enjoyed it thoroughly. Melissa is a cool cookie. She gave me swag to throw at the lovely people in the audience, which was nice, because I hadn't brought anything of my own to throw at lovely people.
  • A person in the Penguin booth handed me a Fire ARC for a photo op, then forgot to ask for it back. Naturally, I slipped it into my bag and sneaked away with it. (Authors don't get a lot of their own ARCs, so I've developed a klepto habit. Which is apparently not working, because here in my stash I seem to have a grand total of... *counts* ... ONE? Wait, I could have sworn I had at least two. Has someone else developed a klepto habit? CORDELIA!?) Of course, this was before I unexpectedly ran into Sherman Alexie. I pretty much danced around, did cartwheels, threw streamers, crashed cymbals, and ended the Sherman Alexie Hour by pushing my ARC on him. (Poor man. He was very nice about the whole thing.) (Have you read The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven? Have you seen Smoke Signals? Do.)
  • Shannon Hale gave a speech that made me cry. (And also laugh. She's hysterical. The entire encounter has inspired me to take The Goose Girl out of the library.)
  • I saw Billy Elliot on Broadway. ♥
And these are only maybe a third of the things that happened. I also gave a speech, accepted an award, had tea with lovely people, listened to Katherine Paterson speak, signed hundreds of ARCs, saw old friends and met new ones, hung out with my editor, went to a party, bid in a silent art auction, watched Miami Vice when I really should have been sleeping, and got lost at midnight on the way home from the airport because the construction guys made my I-95 exit disappear while I was gone. ALL IN THREE DAYS. Can you understand why it's taking me a while to recover?

Here's some housekeeping:
That is all the important news I have to report.

(Is my center showing any signs of holding yet?)


Artemis Grey said…
Wow, what a terribly busy few days! I do hope someday that I can say I went through such events.... :) I hate when workers move exits and sections of road. A good friend and I temporarily LOST WASHINGTON DC because the entire city had been removed from the map, or so it seemed.

I laughed my ass off (literally, I've had to apply some duck tape to hold it on while I muck stalls) at the guy talking about Perez Hilten and Miss California.
Oh, and the bunny looks like he has TWO pancakes on his head!

All in all, my morning is much better now. Even if it IS still raining.... *sigh* I wonder if that ark they built for Even Almighty is still over in Crozet...
pens said…
Sounds amazing Kristin-thanks for sharing your experiences! Meeting Sherman Alexie and Suzanne Collins in the span of three days FTW!
i have just one question: in these 3 days, did u happen to walk 5 miles everyday? cause i did that for 4 days, while i was in d.c. with my class. note to slef and all future visitors to washington d.c. who go with world strides: PACK HIKING SHOES!!!! AND DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHERE HEELS ALL DAY!!!!!!!!! oooooooow my poor aching feet.
Loredan Avery said…
K- haven't had ye cup o' tea yet, but I'm just gonna say it. . . exploding could be a good or bad thing. 1) If you explode you could end up releasing all sorts of happy vibes into the atmosphere and then everyone else could share in your happy confetti. 2) There would be a lot to clean up. But if it's the latter, I'll help you :o)

PS: I'm applying to Simmons, and nervous beyond heck. Any advice?
Loredan Avery said…
almost forgot. . you met Suzanna Collins!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh wowowowowow!
H. Chang said…
Thank you for coming though running on empty. Would not have missed an opportunity to meet you.

Rest, breathe, laugh, write...your center will find its stronghold...eventually.
Nina said…
Suzanne! Collins! Oh gosh! My jealously is leaving me incapable of forming sentences.

Oh, my lord. The Very Hungry Caterpillar cupcake mosaic is too cute. And can I just say that all your cover designs are amazing? The French Graceling is gorgeous.

mysteryflavour said…
It's always super cool hearing about authors I like interacting with each other. Like... characters from two different movies getting together and having a party. Haha. Glad your weekend sounds amazing, hope someday I get to experience something similar.
Nikki said…
You will love Goose Girl. I think Shannon is everybody's kindred spirit. I haven't met anyone who doesn't like her or her books. =D
Chelsey said…
Sounds like it was a fantastic time! And you met Suzanne Collins!! So jealous. :)

And Shannon Hale is an AMAZING writer. One of my very favorites. You must must must read her books... they are incredible. Just thought I'd put that in there. :)

Anonymous said…
It sounds like you had such a good time!
And that is a fabulous bunny with a pancake on its head. Thanks for sharing. ;)
KT said…
I'm personally in love with the Danish cover of Graceling myself.

You met all those people!!! And Suzanne Collins! (Because apparently Suzanne Collins does not qualify to be part of "all those people" ^_^ )

Love the bunny. He was adorable. So was the pancake.
Linda said…
sounds like mere anarchy of the best kind to me. :-)
Anonymous said…
I read what PW said about Fire. How cool is that?

I wish I had been able to stay for the BEA weekend. I went to the Writers Conference, but had to get home to my family. I'm glad to report they all survived and even thrived without me!

I can't wait to read FIRE!!!
Vivian Mahoney said…
Sounds like a fantastic time! Congrats!
Angiegirl said…
I have the feeling it takes awhile to recover from BEA, and this was just my first one. And I'm just a lowly book blogger. It was lovely to meet you, though, and I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying FIRE right now.
Angela said…
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has drooled all over Sherman Alexie. I wish I could've made it to BEA this year, but it was not in the cards (or the budget). I read an advance copy of Fire and LOVED it. I can't wait to read the next installment (no pressure).

Third Street Books
Kristin Cashore said…
Guys, am reading Catching Fire this very moment. Am forcing myself to read it slowly. Am enjoying every minute. Seem to have lost the subjects to my sentences.

LA: Take a deep breath and don't worry!

nkrell: I myself didn't see what PW said about Fire, but it sounds like it was something good, so I'm happy!

Thanks for all your nice comments, everyone!
cindy said…
lovely lovely moments! i bet your speech went wonderfully! and i'm currently reading book of a thousand days by hale. enjoying it! she's a wonderful writer and storyteller.

welcome home!! i'm slowly plodding through sequel. =)
Q said…
I absolutely adore Shannon Hale.
BriganIsHot said…
I read the ARC for Fire as well and loved it sooo much! Thanks and can't wait for more.

Also, Shannon Hale is absolutely hilarious. She came by my old store on a tour with Libba Bray and the two of them were great. Wish I could have been there are at BEA with you guys!
Anonymous said…
You're a stronger woman than I. I would have collapsed.

On the cake matter, I've determined that my wedding cake will be layered stacks of books and video games.

I wish I could sit and listen to a speech by Shannon Hale and chill with Melissa Marr. I wish I could hang with you! (meant in a noncreepy manner) I wish I could hang out with ANYONE who wrote fantasy so I oculd bounce ideas off SOMEONE.

Go sit in your jammies and drink tea... and read... and relax... and... do something relaxing...

tinkandalissa said…
If it's not, I'd blame Miami Vice, dammit! :)
Congrats on everything! And thank you for the funnies. I am just catching up after being on a mini-vaca myself...
G in Berlin said…
Your Fire was the first arc I read from BEA and it was wonderful. I don't know how I missed Graceling, but I've ordered it right away. I'll be vigorously recommending your books: I enjoyed not only your world but your writing. Your cover blurbs do you no justice: your stories are far better.
Genevieve said…
Ah! I tried to go see you at Books of Wonder and your signings at BEA. I was lucky enough to grab a copy of Fire but I never was able to get away to see you. In fact, a few of my friends knew that I REALLY wanted Fire and they grabbed an ARC for me. At one point I found myself with 6 unsigned ARCs of Fire in my possession, wondering what I was going to do with them all (I live in CA and I already had 40 books that I needed to take home). Luckily, I convinced my friends that Fire would be a book that they would want to read (and that they had to read Graceling) and they took the copies that they grabbed for me. If I only knew that you wanted ARCs, then I could have given you one of the five extra copies that I had for a short while. I can't wait to read the book!
evi1joe said…
From what I hear, Sherman Alexie interviewed at UNF, but didn't get the job (I'm sure this was 10-20 years ago). :o(

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