Notes from a Mission Accomplished

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Last week I visited the Boston area for a few days. There, I:
  • spent some time with a friend and a small orange furry quadruped person;
  • got to hang out with my sister, secret code name: Apocalyptica, for an evening;
  • made beef stroganoff;
  • baked cookies;
  • wrote 10 pages of a frustrating scene and crossed out 9; and
  • accomplished a very important secret mission.
Then I flew back home to Florida, where the air feels like bathwater. There, I:
  • went for a sunset walk along the river. The sky was dusty blue, the water was the color of an eggplant, and a humongous, nearly full, pale pink moon rose right out of nowhere. I live in such a beautiful place!;
  • curled up on the couch and watched an embarrassing number of Veronica Mars episodes in succession. (My thoughts on Season 2 [SPOILERS!]: It's not as good as Season 1. However, I remain v. fond of Logan and am convinced that if everyone he loved would stop beating him up, betraying him, or dying -- and if he could also go a few months without being framed for murder -- he would stop being a sociopath);
  • worked on an interview for the 2009 Summer Blog Blast Tour; and
  • FINALLY made some progress with the frustrating scene mentioned above. A satisfying end to a week in which one has accomplished a secret mission!
So. What is this secret mission of which I speak?
  • I found my next home! It's exactly the right apartment in my favorite extra-Boston town. I'm happy, not to mention a lot less stressed out. I move in July.
What did you do last week?



GreenOptimist said…
Well, in order to escape the impending doom of exams, I went for a walk to a farm near my house.
I swear it's the single most beautiful place in the world. I walked there for hours; it's never ending! It was in the evening, so the sun was just setting. What was really cool was that the moon was already up, and, on the path I was standing on, it looked like I was directly in between night and day.
All in all, a brilliant evening, but I'm now so far behind on revision it's shameful!
:) Glad you accomplished your mission!
Sara Kankowski said…
Last week I presented my graduate thesis (a portion of a YA fantasy novel). It was the last thing I had left to do before graduation and a huge relief to get it over with. I also played a LOT of Sim City :)
Artemis Grey said…
Last week, hmmm...

I stayed up way too many nights, and wrote a great deal, most of which I'll edit and completely rewrite later.

I missed all the TV shows that might have been really interesting.

I finished a logo for my dear friend Zephyr the Magician (He is AWSOME! Look him up and book him!I live in childish awe when I'm around him, I've NEVER figured out a single one of his tricks!)

I tried to paint a thank you card, got frustrated after working for hours, and gave the woman a print of a painting instead. Cheap-out.

I was awakened at twelve am, and spent two hours hanging off a ladder in the middle of a slashing thunderstorm trying to clean flooding gutters.

Got the absolute s*#@t scared out of me when my grandmother, code name Gang, ended up in the hospital looking at a colon cancer diagnosis.

But at the end of the week, I did get a scene or two finished, Zephyr loved his logo, the lady loved her thank you print, the gutters are clean for now, and Gang got as clean a bill of health as any 85 year old could hope for - no cancer. She spent sunday ordering around all her grandchilderen and being the center of attention!

This week, I've got a few secret missions of my own planned... none of which involve house hunting, thank God. So glad you found one! Ugh, but moving in July, from Florida, the bathwater air state... Boy that was a stupendously great way of describing the air down there. I move like a sloth in air like that. Don't have the muscle to push through it...
Christi said…
It's funny, having never met you but I'm very excited to hear that you are moving up the Boston way. Good luck with the move!
ICQB said…
I candied some of the wild violets that grow in my back yard.

I printed out some pictures of flowers that I had taken, put them on the front of blank notecards, wrapped them with tissue paper and ribbon, and sent them off to my mother and mother-in-law for mother's day.

I found a four leaf clover.
Pam said…
Congrats on finding the apt. A huge relief, I imagine. Last weekend I played in a golf tournament for my kids' school. Not being a golfer, I am still quite sore and questioning what made me think that was a good idea.
Lady of Shalott said…
Don't be ashamed of the Veronica Mars overload :). It is physically impossible to watch it in moderation.

Glad you'll be coming back to NE!
tinkandalissa said…
My week was extremely boring. I work at least 10 hr days 4 days a week at my regular fulltime job. So, pretty much I get up early, make a mad dash to work (I am notoriously late for everything), get home somwhere around 7pm, then have to find and possibly cook something for dinner (I tease and call my husband Baby Bird because when I get home all I see is his open mouth saying "feed me"), then I have to shower, and if I am lucky get to squeeze in an hour or two of tv. I also read to help my rushed mind go to sleep.
When do I write?? Wednesday is my day off. That is when I am supposed to do all my errands, laundry, etc. and try to get some writing accomplished. Much to my dismay, I have been super slacking in that area lately.
But on this particular Wednesday, I had big plans. I was going to work in my garden if it would just stop raining for more than an hour. (It has been raining and raining nonstop!!) I have a ton of bulbs to plant now that the frost is gone, not to mention the gardenia and lilacs! I also had a dentist appt. I hate the dentist. I really do. They are good people, I just dread having my mouth jacked open and poked and scraped. So, I get about 10-15 minutes into my appt and wouldnt you know it? Theres a tornado that has supposedly touched down right down the street! So, we were all herded like cattle into the middle of this dentist office. "Away from the windows!" the receptionist is yelling. I still had my little purple bib on. It was awful. We waited and waited and finally the threat passed our area and we could finish our appts. So much for my gardening.
Saturday, I work my 2nd and 3rd jobs. That's always fun. And...I planned on gardening if it would quit raining for more than an hour. But did it? Oh sure, right around the time it was getting dark! We did get 2 trees planted before it got too dark, though. So, at least something got accomplished.
Sunday, I took Nana to see Wolverine. She's got a bit of a crush on Hugh Jackman. She had to get up and run to the potty right about the time it showed his naked bum. When I told her later what she'd missed, she said, "Damn, if I'd have known that was coming up, I would've just taken the risk of peeing on myself!"...That funny Nana.
And the gardening? Yeah, it rained some more. It's raining today too...Damn you rain!!
Dawn said…
Veronica Mars had the same effect on me - I could not stop watching the DVDs. I too have an enduring affection for Logan. Nothing lives up to the magic of Season 1, but they're all worth watching.

Extra-Boston you say? Could we be neighbors? (I live on the Cambridge/Somerville line). -D
Kate F. said…
Woot! Glad to hear you're moving back up here, and that you found a place to live. That's always a relief--and now comes the fun part, daydreaming about decorating!
Anonymous said…
Last week, I fell in love with Chicago's weather. This week I shall curse it to hell and back. But it is still a nice place to live. Weather aside.
Speaking of full moons, did you know you can reflect moonlight? It is worth a try (I think).
Congratulations on your mission.

Kira Tealpaz
my school play is finally fine!!!!!! but now im known for yodeling, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBIEEEEEE!!!!" by my classmates parents!!!! sigh
Anonymous said…
It's so nice and funny that you ask what I did last week, because it was very full of things but also very fun.

My last day of classes was on Wednesday, and on that day, I had the option of performing a final dance with my dance class at a showing for all the beginning dance classes. I wasn't required to dance, it wasn't a part of my grade, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go. To make my indecisiveness worse, I had to switch dance partners because I wasn't "sure" that I would be able to make it. The guy I got partnered with is not the greatest dancer and never came to class. So, there I was, not sure I wanted to dance at all to begin with and now entirely sure that I did not want to dance with him.

However, the day bestowed a few signs that I could not ignore. I ran into my dance instructor twice in two places that I had never ever seen him before. Signs one and two.

Then, I had my last Ochem lecture that day and she "felt" like teaching us about Acetyl CoA.. NAME OF MY NEW DANCE PARTNER: Coa. Sign number three.

I was laying in my bed trying to decide if I wanted to go, and then the song, 'I hope you dance' or something like that by Leann Womack came into my head. So, I had go dance. I could have invited other people, but of course because I wasn't sure if I was going, I didn't. But as I was getting ready and bombarding my roommate with my "signs" of the day, she said that she would like to go. I said "oh hell, why not?" So, we ran all the way there.

We made it with three more dances to go before ours. I was a little rusty when the music came on and missed a couple steps, but then I saw my roommate. We were both smiling from ear-to-ear and from that point on I danced for her. She was the only person I saw. It was sooooo much fun!

We went to dinner that night to celebrate the last day of classes and my amazing dance performance (or course ;)

Unfortunately, I then had to study the entire day on Thursday for my Ochem final on Friday... Oh, so much fun (gag me). I then spent the night at home and spent the day with my momma =) The Ochem grades are posted, and now that I know I did well, I wouldn't have it any other way.

How's that for a last week of school? I still have one more final this Thursday, but it's on Thursday. Laundry is calling my name at the moment.

Anonymous said…
hmm Last week I was still recovering from jetleg from my trip to BC with my school band. It took me pretty much two weeks to get over jetleg from a week. ^_^
Silly canadian time changes.
Anonymous said…
Hi Kristin,
Your sunset walk sounds gorgeous. I'd love to live near a river one day. I love that you watch VMars - Logan is my favourite too. I have *wasted* many weekend hours watching episode after epsiode and I have no shame whatsoever:) BTW, the on camera Fire review went well after all that anticipation anxiety. Hope you're well,
Dannielle (Orion, Australia)
Unknown said…
Let's see - definite highlight was this week, as I'm leaving for work, my two year old son comes running around the corner of the kitchen cabinet and says, 'wait mommom, you want to say love you with hugs and kisses'. :-) (I need to mention he calls himself 'you' so the first 'you' is really 'I'.) He's all about the hugs and kisses and I tell him multiple times daily that I love him (he usually says, 'yes' to that) but mother's day week he actually said it! YEAH! My heart did a little happy dance.
Jen said…
Oh my Oh my! How awesome! You're movie to Boston, you've wrote a (I'm sure) sexy scence, You chilled with your sister (mine is currently annoying me more than usually because she found out you can talk:-o yes talk! To your friends on club penguin *blah*) and wrote an awesome post. My week went as following. My friend slept over, I went to my uncle's house and taught my cousin how to say NO! in his adorable baby-voice, went to the world's biggest mall with friends (Dubai Mall) put on sexy blue mascara, went to my favorite book shop and bought The Queen of Attolia, Went ice skating and ran away from a dude in a green shirt because he was chasing me (all in Dubai Mall). Oh, I also got a high class woman to eat taco bell:P It was halarious. I read until page 219 or something of the Time Traveler's Wife, a wonderful novel, went horse riding and since we and the teacher fought the week before she ignored me this week and didn't get all pissy when I didn't change the whip to the inside hand and didn't look at me when it was my turn to jump. It was awesome. I even got to talk. The downside is that my friend flew off but it was cool because she landed on her feet and grabbed the horse's reins before it cantered off. It's a long story. OH AND I MADE A MAN IN ART WHO ME AND MY FRIEND NAMED RONAN TIM KRESSER:p It's been a sexy week.
Jen said…
Sorry I mean moving and scene :P
Amanda said…
I agree re V Mars; season 2 wasn't as pitch perfect and season 3 is even more of a let-down, what with it ending so suddenly and the general lack of Mack and V's dad. Strange, I was just thinking that it was about time for me to re-visit this great, great show.

What I've done this week - stress about our move to the US, spend some time in Bavaria with a good friend, stress about our move to the US, made some really bad paella (must get a paella pan), finish "The News from Paraguay" (very good book, National Book Award winner) and what else...oh-stress about moving to the US. :)
bluemaria said…
I just finished Graceling :) I loved it. I just found your blog and I am excited to check it out.
alanajoli said…
I hosted a huge birthday party that was an enormous success, with tons of company over a three day stretch. On the more practical front, I finished a review on deadline and got *some* work done (but not as much as I wanted). That's what this week is for!

Congrats on the apartment find!
Melina said…
Congrats on your sercret mission! On Sunday, I went to the book store and a bought a book I saw weeks ago, but didn't have time to look through it. I went to the store with a purpose to search for the book as if it was calling to me! And indeed, it has. I read a lot of books, but I think I learned the most about life through this book. I firmly believe nothing is coincidence.

What is the name of the book you ask? The Book of Dreams, by O.R. Melling. Be warned, if you read this book, your perspective might never be the same again.
RobinPS said…
I developed a character crush on Jace Wayland of the Mortal Instruments Series.

Going to Boston in July for City Year's Summer Academy. Kristin, during your moving, you should come out and see all the wackiness of 1500 people in red jackets doing PT. Very interesting...and not just a little bit amusing.
Kristin Cashore said…
Hey everyone, thanks for the good moving wishes, and for sharing the Logan love... he just needs to be allowed to love someone without that person dying, becoming a murderer, or abandoning him, and I just know he'd cease to be evil!

Also, thanks for telling me all about what you've been up to :o)

I'm having a quiet and productive week, which is nice after a week of travel.

Take care, everyone!
Uohh, I did such a looot of things that I get tired just thinking about it xDD
Kisses, Cashore, funny as ever ^O^!
Anonymous said…
I agree about Logan. People don't give him enough credit. Even though he does kind of get pissed and punch people a lot. but usually it's deserved. And I have a tendency to either watch ridiculous amounts of a. VMars or b. Gilmore Girls when I'm having a lazy day. No shame in that.
Anonymous said…

I just finished Graceling and want to offer my thanks. I have been looking for a novel that would catch my interest the way the Harry Potter novels did, and had no luck, until I came across your book in Barnes and Noble. The cover was the first thing to attract me and after that, believe it or not, it was the description of you. You sounded like a kindred spirit, someone that I would have tons in common with, and so I felt I would connect with your writing style. Happily for me, I was right!!
I am also an aspiring first time author who lives in MA. I am working on my second novel. My first one is also in a box somewhere waiting to be typed and edited. Which, I'll get to some day, but right now I'm focused on my second book. A fantasy about a girl who finds out her deceast mother was an Elf, which of course makes her a half Elf with powers.
It is slow going at times to try to keep my focus. I feel like I can see ahead to more exciting parts of the story and right now I'm trying to set up the setting, which can be tedious. Do you have any suggestions for this? My sister suggested that I should write the end or the parts that I'm thinking of and then go back and continue with the beginning that way I could add foreshadowing. Is this a good idea or one that I should not do in your opinion? I have found that reading other fantasy books, like yours really helps keep me excited about my own novel, so thank you for that.
I am glad you will be moving to my neck of the woods maybe some day you could do a book club or something. I would love to meet you. Thank you again.

Anonymous said…
Hi Kristin!

I was wondering what that "Fire" book was all it the sequel to "Graceling"?

Thanks so much!
The Fennec
Anonymous said…
About Veronica Mars, yes I do agree wholeheartedly!! We got started because we (my daughter and I) are fans of Moonlight. So many fans mentioned Jason's performance in Veronica Mars, we had to watch it. I'm convinced she does end up with Logan. They've been through too much.

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