News (Mine), Failure (Mine), and Cupcakes (Everyone's. The Joy of Cupcakes Is Universal)

A box of French Gracelings appeared on my doorstep on Friday, so either it's out now in France or it will be soon. yAt!

Also, I'm thrilled to announce that I have a deal with Ediposs Publishing House to publish Graceling in both Czech and Slovak. Double yAt!

Next, I'd just like to say that I'm way behind in EVERYTHING, especially everything email- and blog-related. I had hopes of finalizing my FAQ pages this weekend and putting them up for you all, but I failed on that count. I hope to put the FAQs pages up soon (maybe next weekend?), and when I do, they should answer a lot of the questions I've gotten in comments and on email lately.

Finally, like the t-shirt I got in New York?

I got it (and a delicious cupcake) at the Magnolia Bakery. And I got my photography degree at The University of How-to-Take-Terrible-Self-Portraits-in-Which-Your-Head-Looks-Eerily-Large.

Pics from Bologna coming soon!


Jen said…
:p Awesome....Where is the failure part though? I love cupcake and you've just made me extremely hungry....Might I suggest the Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber...It's cutsy and teeny-bopper-ish but it really is an amazing series. I'm waiting for the Bologna pics and a scary blonde just walked into my mom's office:-O I think(No offense to the british or blonde's since I myself have light colored hair) that when I go home to Detroit I'll hug every person with an american accent and who says mom and not mum!
Natasha said…
I am SERIOUSLY coveting that T shirt.

(Oh yeah, and take it easy - coming back from a long trip like that means lots of catch up. We can be patient.)

Mmmmmm..... cupcakes.....
Artemis Grey said…
So, love the t-shirt, envying the cupcake that came with it (and is surely gone by now) congrats on the publishing deal, and don't worry about being behind, it builds suspense!

As for your photography, really, it's a fetching photo in my opinion, and your head isn't at all too large. My own self portraits are deplorable, and usually only about half my face get's captured anyway, like I subconsciously duck to protect my soul from being stolen by the camera...
I have a friend who has the most amazing, huge brown doe eyes. She's always taking these pictures of herself wherein she leans towards the camera and looks up through her lashes, which makes her eyes look impossibly luscious.
I tried it once and the result looked something like what you see in the bathtub faucet when you lean forward to adjust the hot water. :)
nummy!!! cupcakes!!!!

i have to do another "i hate the weather in michigan" comment cause i just got back from tennessee and it was soooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!! and warm!!!!!!! and when i got back it was 30 degrees!!!!!!! and there might be snow!!!!!!!!! help me!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
:0 I LOVE your shirt!!! It makes me want to eat a cupcake in NY! :%)It doesn't even have to be in NY- though that would be pretty awesome...I've always wanted to go to NY and I LOVE cupcakes, as you can kinda tell. ;) Hehehe. I had a BIG purple cupcake at a birthday party yesterday...hmm, boy was it good...just like Graceling! Hehehe. I absolutely LOVED the book. I'm excited for Fire and Bitterblue! Also, Yay! for the deal. Your photo isn't bad at all-your head doesn't even look BIG!!! Gotta go! Tootles! -Jennifer
tinkandalissa said…
I love photography and can usually take good photos...of everything but me. I do not photograph well. Especially if I try to do it myself. At least you got all of you in there!
Cupcakes are sooooo good. I work Saturdays at a local bakery. They have a 2nd location called "The Cupcake Corner" that is downtown. So, I get to make these huge delicious cupcakes all the time. It is so hard not to take some home. One of the best inventions ever has to be the peanut butter buttercream frosting. I can eat it by itself. Mmmm. Now I want some!
(times like these always reminds me of this awesome fridge magnet that I have that says "does my fat ass make my ass look fat?")
And don't be so hard on yourself for not getting email/blog stuff done. You just came back from a long trip! By the way, did you hear about the earthquakes in Italy? Yikes!
Kuri said…
Hi Kristin!

I was wondering when the second book will be in the bookstores...Are you writing it?

Also, do you know if you are coming to spain?

Thank a lot, please, continue writing!

From a Spanish fan,

Loredan Avery said…
First, I think you look awesome in your t-shirt, and the photo you took is perfect. I like the fact that I can see your whole face. No offense to photographers and others alike who only take side-shots of their face, those are great too. But, when your a fan of the book it's nice to place a face with the author. Can't wait for the rest of the series. And congratulations on the French publication. I'd try my rusty French out, but it would come out sounding like 'there's cheese on my nose, voila!'
Unknown said…
I thought there was nothing better than a cupcake with buttercream frosting until tinkandalissa let me know there's peanut butter buttercream, there IS something better and ya'll have got me craving a chocolate chocolate chunk brownie with peanut butter buttercream frosting! To quote someone, 'yAt!' Who's driving through a small town in Missouri to pick me up on the way? LOL
No failure - only progress. You'll get there Ms. Kristin.
Kristin Cashore said…
Aw, you're all so nice -- I feel like that lady in Alice in Wonderland who's running and running and getting nowhere -- the Queen of Hearts? Spades??? Who was that lady?

And you also all crack me up. Ha! Bathtub faucet reflections, nice. And cheese on my nose :o). Snow in April -- not so nice!

Alissa, I second Angie -- peanut butter buttercream frosting?!?!? Oh, that sounds divine!

Kuri, thanks for writing from Spain! The second book is written and will be out in English in the fall, but I'm not sure when the Spanish are publishing it. I'm often out of the loop when it comes to the foreign editions. I'm also not sure if I'll be coming to Spain, but we are batting around the idea of a European tour next fall, so it's possible -- I'll keep you posted!

Finally, the Italian earthquake is terrible news -- my heart goes out to everyone there.
Q said…
Your head does not look eerily large. :)
Aria said…
One night (morning) me and my boyfriend decided we wanted cupcakes and went to walmart where we got cupcakes fresh from the over. We take them home, start eating, only to discover that there was a pocket of frosting in the middle. They were the BEST CUPCAKES EVAR! And we never saw those cupcakes again. Everytime we go to Walmart we ask and they deny everything! That one magical cupcake night will live on!

J.L. Hart said…

Did you see Graceling is in the Battle of the (Kids') Books?

I need to go read The Underneath to see what you're up against! I love the books they picked, it's going to be fun to see who wins each round. Good Luck!!

Artemis Grey said…
Man, my sister's wedding cake had buttercream frosting and I thought I might dive headlong into the cake, despite my own gown, to make sure I got the lion's share of it. But peanut butter buttercream? Are you kidding me? Where is this exactly, I have another tab open and I'm buying plane tickets as we speak.....
Anonymous said…
Hi Kristin!
I just finish the book and I feel like something is missing...(always the same feeling when I finish a good book.)
When the second book will be in stores?
I know you are really busy, but it’s in your schedule to come to Puerto Rico to sign some books? The weather is wonderful here :o)
Thanks, Lily
Kristin Cashore said…
Jen, I did NOT know about the battle -- thanks for alerting me!

Everyone who thinks my head isn't huge is really nice :o)

Lily, thanks for writing in from PR! No immediate plans to go there, but I'll keep you posted on any touring plans!
Cucumber said…
Luv luv the shirt. now i want one myself 8-D I was wondering if there are any other lanuguages you're planning to publish Graceling in. Congrats on the French edition!! And dont worry, I understand your failure. Im incredibly busy and behind on stuff right now :P
Genevieve said…
I showed the link of this blog to a friend who loooves cupcake things. : )
Anonymous said…
Dear Kristin,

I think this is a happy variation of "I8NY" - hope it was tasty!


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