New Things... Including a Cover from Denmark

Last week I did something I've never done before.

Suffice it to say that I'm neither the next Marian nor the next Daine nor the next Katniss (read all those books!), nor was I able to move my left arm for the next two days; nonetheless, I really liked it, and I want to go again. Thanks to Mr. Charlie Nelson, a kind and patient teacher, and to my outlaw brother-in-law, secret code name: Joe, for having the idea in the first place.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would now like to reveal the Danish cover of Graceling!

It was designed by Danish artist Bent Holm, and I love it. He did both the illustration and the fonts.

"Talentian" is the closest Danish translation for "Graceling." "Katsas fortælling" means "Katsa's story." And the #1 is because, unlike my other publishers, Tellerup is publishing Graceling in two volumes. Volume One will be released in a month or two, and Volume Two will be released a month or two after that. I'm not positive, but I think the break is just after Chapter 18.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I'm planning a Jane Austen-related poll for Monday (which, ahem, some of you have already voted in, because I accidentally posted it for a few minutes yesterday -- my bad), so Jane-ites, stick around.


DesLily said…
I just finished reading Graceling and have to tell you that I hope you write another book using Katsa and Po !

(meanwhile I am looking forward to the release of Fire)

I do like the Danish cover but have to say I love the American cover!
Jen said…
Oh my god the cover is sexy:P But Katsa looks kinda sl*ty no offence...It's a beautiful cover...You went to an archery range:D Awesome...Every summer starting 2 years ago I went camping and there it's mandatory to do archery....It's fun but I always aim above the bulls eye:(
Q said…
Archery is fun, though I can never figure out how to aim like they tell me I'm supposed to.
Artemis Grey said…
I like the cover, it's somehow old-school and roughshod, and yet defiant and appealing all at once. I'd want to be on that girl's team for sure! :)

I've never fired a compound bow, just long bows and recurves. My sister, code name Fenris, and her hubby, code name Chucky Duck are in the SCA and so I've done more with replica bows, and crossbows. Once I learned how to suck my chest in and get by left breast out of the way to avoid the string plucking it, I loved it.

Man, bowstrings and breasts. No good. No good at all. Now I know why the Amazons cut off their breasts!
Vanessa said…
Archery is so much harder than it looks!
tinkandalissa said…
Love the cover! It's has an old school look to it that I love! Archery is awesome! I so want to go and do that. My brothers and I would do that a lot in our back yard when we were younger, but I was always a horrible aim. For some reason for the last year or so I've just wanted to go shoot things! Be it bow & arrow, gun, whatever (only at fake targets, no live things for me - except maybe a burglars kneecaps or something). It just seems like such a stress reliever. I keep reading all these wonderful things about Fire and people who've gotten ARC's. I am so jealous!
tinkandalissa said…
Uh has, not it's has.
Loredan Avery said…
I don't know what you're talking about, I think you'd make a perfect Katniss Everdeen. You've got a heart of gold and plenty of determination. All you need are those cool leather boots, and maybe a loaf of bread tossed at you. Then there's the dilemma, Peeta or Gale???

Hope you get to do more archery soon!

The Danish cover is great. It's so different from the others. They way Katsa is poised, and the antique look, it really seems to reflect the period your book is set in.

Avery :o)~
Anonymous said…
Beautiful Cover, I really love the script used on it.

I haven't done archery in like years! I love it but I haven't done it since RKY camp where it was one of the activities to choose from to do on like our free day or something. Annoying thing was was that you only got like an hour with a bow and it just wasn't fair! I've tried to convince my parents to get me into archery but the only stuff we have around here is purely hunting archery.

Anyways...It sounds like you had a lot of fun! and again major cool cover.

J.L. Hart said…

That looked like so much fun! It makes me want to go out and do something I've never done before as well. First I need to figure out what that will be and then when I can do it!

It must be fun to experience something that the characters in your books do. Judging from the covers of Fire, it looks like we'll see just that ahead! I'm doing my best to wait patiently on that front :)

Lis said…
My mom was an archer. But her arm was bent wrong one day, and the arrow grazed the entire area between her elbow and wrist...It was black and blue and bloody...My dad still does it though. I wish I did.

The cover for Graceling is actually what led me to pick it up- something unique about it is that it looks good in every nation! All your covers are beautiful, including this one!

hey...maybe you can help me..I'm writing a novel, and I'd like a penname. Nothing to outrageous, but not 'sarah smith' either. Any ideas?
Anonymous said…
WHOA! Man! So not fair! I've always wanted to try archery. Did it once and I sucked. I didn't appreciate it then. *sigh* You're so lucky. That must've been such a totally awesome experience! I wish I could do something like that one day.

Congrats with the cover! It looks totally spiffy!

-Amelia R.

PS- You've got a really cool blog. I love reading it! You're so funny! A total riot!
Anonymous said…
The way your name is designed on the cover is SO awesome, that if I were you, I would take that book in to a stationary center and have them make you a cool letterhead. And a rubber stamp. And then stamp your name on EVERYTHING!
Genevieve said…
I love the cover! I also really love the font for your name, it is very awesome.

Looking forward to the poll. : )
Sara Kankowski said…
Archery is super fun! I'm an archery counselor for a day camp, and we spend 7 weeks shooting every summer. My fiancee has a compound bow (with a 65lb pullback, meaning I've fired it...never) but I get along find with the large longbows we have the big kids & counselors.

One of the most fun things to do in archery is to shoot stuff off the target, like bottles and stuffed animals.

Also, love the cover!
Stephanie said…
Awesome cover! I like it a lot.

And I've always wanted to take archery lessons! I'm way jealous.
Kristin Cashore said…
No dilemma for me -- I'm a Gale gal! :o)

Lis, the string did hit my arm once, and you should have seen it the next day. Black, blue, purple... and I was even wearing long sleeves.

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all the archery and cover love! I agree about that font -- would it be narcissistic to say my name has never looked so good?
Rhino said…
Oooo I love the cover. Very worn look, and yet elegant at the same time. Nice! I am also a Gale girl...100%. :P I like archery too...its so satisfying when you get a bulls-eye. Altho its harder than it looks. I just got lucky at camp.
~Rhino (Thats my nickname I swear my friends all call me that.)
Jen said…
I finally made a blog! :-O check it out people:P
cindy said…
ooooooh! love that cover. and the fotos of you with bow!!
Lexie said…
1) I love the Danish cover! It makes it look so...old fashioned fantasy (like the cover is made in a woodblock print). That could just be me however.

2) I adore archery. I haven't been able to do it in years, but I adore it. In HS it was the only activity other then floor hockey I could do with any proficiency... though as my classmate, PF, can attest to in both cases half the reason I did so well was because I used him as my target...

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