On My Way (plus, a cover!)

I have officially lost my mind.

But that's okay, because very soon I'll be in an airplane, communing with the gods. (Who are in the sky, you know. Airplanes bring you closer to the gods. And the gods give you back your mind if you've lost it [and if you happen to fly by].)

Like I said, mind lost, TRUST ME, it's lost; this has been the WEEK OF CRAZY; but: I am on my way. I leave for Bologna today. I'm certain that whatever item it's most important I NOT forget is the item I have forgotten.

I will probably not be blogging while I'm away, so this may be my last post for a couple of weeks. However, I'll leave you with one more cover -- the Fire cover in the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand (Gollancz, Fall 2009). As always, I'd love to hear what you think, good or bad! I made sure to post the corresponding Graceling cover above for comparison purposes.

I probably won't be responding to comments right away, but I will read them, if not while I'm away, then when I get back.

Have a great two weeks, everyone!


Anonymous said…
OhMyGod That cover is shmexy like crap! I love it and I can't wait until I finally understand what it represents! I'm rereading graceling and have gotten my mom my friend and my best friend to read your book! I hope this boosts your confidence some...I find Po shmexier than any Edward Cullen:D
Anonymous said…
Oh, wow, that cover is gorgeous - even better than the UK Graceling cover, which I loved. Congratulations!
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Hi again ;)!!

I've read Graceling... And I looooooooooooove Katsa, Po, the new queen, the funny cousin-prince and (even, yes ^^) Giddon.

Thanks a lot for your writting, I'll be waiting for the next book!
Just a question: how many books has the serie? There are 7 kingdoms, so... Really, really ^O^?!

Haha :)
Have a safe trip and see you, hermosa (in spanishhh)!!
Q said…
Gorgeous dress on that new cover! It's a cover full of suppressed energy--lovely.
Reverie said…
AH!!! WOW!!! OMG!!!!

That cover is....AH!!!!!!!!

its so purty and sexy and omg! LOVE IT!
Anonymous said…
ooo very striking; don;t you sometimes wish you could wear dresses like that just because they look so awesome... anyway, like it a lot, jealous of your traveling! have a great time.
tinkandalissa said…
I abso-f***ing-lutely LOVE it! But, really, I love the other one you posted to go w/the US version and I love both of the UK versions! Very nice.
PS I am jealous that you get to go to Italy!! Hope you have a blast.
Anonymous said…
I expect a full report when you get back!

Also, the cover is lovely. The dress is like fire. :D
"Don't judge a book by it's cover."

I'm sorry, but I can't do that--I ALWAYS judge a book by the cover. I can't help myself. I know the author doesn't get to choose the cover art, and there's no way to be sure the cover accurately represents how you'll feel about the book, but if the cover isn't great I have a hard time buying the book.

That said, this cover would catch my eye anywhere. It's amazing! Energetic, sexy, fantastic dress (I wish I could get away with wearing it). I love the bow, by the way. I can't wait for the book.
I have to say that I like this cover even better than the US one.
Jayden said…
Oh my god, that cover is teh awesome! I love it! I want one! I'm so looking forward to this book now. It's like collecting art.

Congratulations on the great cover art you get.
Jazz said…
This is much better than it's Graceling counterpart. No cheesy snowflakes! I love the moodiness and the splash of red fits so well in the overall composition rather than being distracting. I can't stop drooling over her bow and arrow.
Wow.......once again, the cover ties in with Graceling's, but this new one seems to sing a song of new adventure. I'm so excited for it to come out! And dont worry, I know what you mean about forgetting stuff. I just went on my first trip without my parents and I was a wreck when I packed! Have a great trip, you deserve a break!
Unknown said…
Angie Frazier said…
This is a gorgeous cover. Love it! Her hair is a real focal point for me. Looking forward to reading it!
Erin said…
That cover is AMAZING! So so gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
Oh, had to pop over from my livejournal feed to chime in that that is one gorgeous cover!
Anonymous said…
Wow. I love the North American cover too, but I think I like this one just a teeny bit better. It's gorgeous.
Unknown said…
Wow...all I can say is, WOW!
(but honestly, I'd read it even if the cover stank! LOL)
Anonymous said…
Wow!!! The cover IS amazing!!! The energy, the more secret and "dark" side of it makes it even more appealing...I think it's better than the U.S Fire cover actually...and to the person who wrote that Po is shmexier than Edward Cullen: I agree, totally! (sorry, Edward fans, but I have to say that Po is a lot more real).
Sibylle said…
Really sexy cover!
Faith said…
You really do get the best UK covers. I think I like the Graceling UK cover better than the US cover. absolutely wonderful!
Erin said…
The UK cover is gorgeous. So dramatic and really stunning! I keep telling all of my friends about your amazing novel and they're all looking forward to the release of Fire.
OMG,OMG,OMG,OMG!!! (sorry god/godess) that is so freakin cool! me happy!!!! me very happy!!!!
Stacey said…
WOW, LOVE the cover!!!!! Have fun in Bologna! I was there a few years ago and the city is BEAUTIFUL! I hope you have a few free moments to go walk around and visit some of the churches and stuff. I hope you post pictures!
Cristina Ortega said…

I'm from Spain, and I've read your chapter one right now, it's awesome! I really liked so, can be sure that on monday (because tomorrow it's sunday LOL) i'll buy your book!

My congratulations for you! I think that it's pretty good that you have this blog and the readers are able to comunicate with you, it's pretty awesome and i feel more closer to the writter. Thank you so much!

Please, continue writing, I love you book and the way you express.

I hope you will be very soon here, in Spain.

A huge warm hug from spain! You know that you are always bery welcome!

CumulusCloudia said…
That cover is so beautiful! I love it! You're so lucky!

For the Q&A: How did you get an agent/get discovered? How long did it take you for Graceling to get anywhere near published? How long did Graceling take to write/plan out? What do you do for inspiration?
Anonymous said…
Your books look fairly interesting, and I saw _Graceling_ in the bookstore today - and was tempted to buy it - though I didn't, in the end.
(No room on my bookshelves!)
So - are your books likely to appear as e-books? (If so, _I_ am more likely to buy them).
Anonymous said…
Loved the book- inspired me to start reading again after a long term of not having been able to concentrate on any books except school ones.

I can't wait for the next one- the cover... OMG AMAZING.
Anonymous said…
Hello Ms. Cashore,

Do you really blog at 4:00AM in the morning, or is there some sort of time zone coming into play?

I just finished Graceling and reading your writing process. =D I'll remember the refrigerator trick when it comes to any fires. Seeing words go up in smoke--it's interesting. Sometimes there's this need to erase, but other times, you look back wistfully. But I guess its beauty is contrarily, in its destructiveness, in its loss.

To be honest, covers are complicated; I wouldn't have read Graceling based on its cover, but then, I wouldn't have noticed the reflective nature of the dagger and eye either. Like a jaded cloud, I find sensationalism in Fire's cover. I'm not unaware of it, but I tend to ignore it just as fast. Very much like Katsa, when she doesn't choose to think of some things.

It's perhaps unfair to say this, but though I enjoyed every moment of reading Graceling, I was also repeatedly assured of its thoughtfulness, its unclichedness. Maybe it's just a stage, but I hoped as I read that I wouldn't encounter this or that tell-tale, cliche moment or plot.

I loved the characterization, particularly that of Katsa, and of Po's laughter. The story is tightly woven, and just details, facets of scenes that would bother Katsa later on. Confrontations, humour, the fact that Katsa never wrote to Raffin, the descriptions and actions that mold a character such as Ror, though introduced late.

Anyway, I've probably rambled enough.^^ Gonna check out the rest of your blog!=)

Happy traveling, and spring leaves!

Anonymous said…
I wish us U.S.ers got that cover, and the UK one for Graceling as well, they look a lot more interesting than the ones the U.S. get.
Anonymous said…
greetings. your books gave me a sort of...vibe when i read them. they're far out man, far out. and i enjoyed how there were no last names with the characters, because we are all children of mother nature, and last names bind us to blood relations. anyway, your books made me feel so...psycadelic. peace be with you, and keep on writing!
Kristin Cashore said…

OMG it's beautiful here.

I don't have much time but just wanted to say hi and thanks to everyone for the cover love -- and kind words :o)

GHN, I think Graceling already is an e-book -- or at least you can buy the kindle version. Alba, I don't know how many there will be! I have put the other questions on my Q&A list. Gotta go check in with my Italian publisher now -- happy reading, everyone!
temK said…
This is a beautiful cover! I can't wait for the second book to come! I am eagerly awaiting it! This is my first time posting, and I want to thank you for writing such a compelling story! FYI, not that you care, but Graceling is now my favorite book ever! Who did you bump? Enchanted by Orson Scott Card!
Hi, Kristin :)!

The other day I wrote a post about Graceling. Here it is (in spanish ^^).

CumulusCloudia said…
Also for the Q&A - How long does it generally take you to work out the details of a plot and the basic plot before you start writing? Do you think about it a lot or just let it come?
Anonymous said…
Hi Kristin,

I saw your book Graceling in one of the major bookstores here in Australia and the cover drew me to the book, read the blurb and bought it straight away. It IS one of my most FAV books and I am absolutely RAPT that the story continues. The second book cover looks awesome and it carries on with the theme of the first cover. I CANNOT wait until it's in stores!!! Have fun on your trip.

One of your fans, Emilia
Anonymous said…
I love the cover =D I can not wait for the next book. Question, have you ever read Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments trilogy? I just got my books signed by her and Im all excited as crazy. They're great books if you havent read them =]
Heidi said…

I read Graceling and I lovey love loved it! You are a phenomenal writer and I can't wait to read more from you. As for the question in your previous post about Napoli books, I have read several of her books and my favorite is Beast. It doesn't take place in Italy but it's a Middle Eastern take on Beauty and the Beast. Very interesting.
Genevieve said…
ooh, Nice cover! I think that I like the US version better but it is awesome anyways.
Alix said…
I adore that cover, love the sky behind her and the dress and the bow and arrow!

Hope you had a fun trip.
M. said…
Those covers are aMAZing!
Artemis Grey said…
So the cover for Fire is awsome. Of course, I'm biased towards women with bows. The 'A' in A. Grey stands for Artemis. :)
GreenOptimist said…
I think the cover is perfect!

I really, really want to thank you for writing such an outstanding book - it's very rare nowadays to have books about such strong female leads and having relationships which are completely equal (I was getting a bit sick of the whole 'damsel in distress schtick). The relationship in Graceling is unconvential, and I loved it because of that!

I leant the book to all of my friends, and they all read it in around two days because it was so captivating! It's now officially my favourite book (quite a feat, I am very picky about my books) and I just really wanted to say thank you for making a sixteen year old girl with impending exams a very happy bunny =]

I cannot wait until Fire comes out (my friends and I plan to preorder it), and the cover is brilliant - I love how it's so similar to Graceling!

Please do the same with Bitterblue, it will give the series it's own unique style.

Right, I know I'm rambling (sorry for making your blog messy, I didn't know where else to put my kudos!), so one last thing - please give us a guesstimation as to when Bitterblue is coming out! The suspense is killing us!!

Thank you and have fun travelling! =]
Anonymous said…
i read your book graceling and i loved it, and im really looking forward to this coming book,
Irish said…
Love this cover too! Can't wait for it to be released.
redpop said…
that cover is fantastic!
Hillary! said…
The UK covers are way better than the American versions!
Michel said…
Hi, I just finished reading Graceling today and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. It caught my eye in the shop when I was looking for another book and I loved the cover art. It took me about 6 hours to read as I was hooked from the off and I look forward to your next book coming out :)
Glen Akin said…
At last, the UK gets a better cover with Fire. Graceling's UK cover on the other hand was ... well ... rubbish compared to the U.S cover.
Kristin Cashore said…
Awww, thanks, everyone! :o)
Carrie Ryan said…
GORGEOUS!!! Love that cover!!!

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