Explaining Graceling, Fire, Bitterblue, prequels, sequels, companion books, and all the others ways I'm confusing people :o)

Starting with newsy bits of newsy news:
  • Graceling is on the 2009 Amelia Bloomer List (Recommended Feminist Literature for Birth through 18). What an awesome list to be on. Thank you!
  • It's also on the Locus Magazine 2008 Recommended Reading List, in the First Novels category.
  • In case you're interested, the February issue of the magazine SFX contains a profile of me and a super-nice review. It's the issue with Wolverine on the cover. :o)
  • I'll be a guest of honor, along with Tamora Pierce and Sherwood Smith, at Sirens, a conference about women in fantasy literature taking place in Vail, Colorado next October. I'll put up more info about this soon.
  • Graceling is on the Long List for the brand new David Gemmell Legend Award for Fantasy. Your votes decide who makes the Short List, so, if you care to vote for, ahem, anyone in particular, please go here. :o)
  • Congrats to all the Cybils winners!
Moving on, I'm still working on my FAQ Project. Here are a few questions I get a lot. Spoiler status: The following FAQS are spoiler free.

1. You talk about Graceling, which is out now; Fire, coming out in the fall; and Bitterblue, which you're currently writing. How do they fit together? Are they prequels, sequels, etc.?
They are loosely connected. Fire takes place about 35 years before Graceling in a nearby land. Bitterblue takes places six years after Graceling, in the seven kingdoms. I'm going to refer you to my My Books page, which answers the question more fully (and which does contain some minor spoilers, along the lines of what you'd find on a book jacket).

2. Why did you decide to write the books that way?
When I began Graceling, I never had any intention of writing another book in that universe. But then, at some point, a character in Graceling mentions an imaginary land he's heard about in a story, and I found myself thinking about that land. I asked myself, what if it were real? Where is it, and how does it connect to Graceling? An idea for a new book came to me (Fire), and I had to write it. The same thing happened with Bitterblue. While writing Fire, I never intended to write a third book in this universe. Then, one day, a loved one said out of the blue, "Hmm, what about Bitterblue?" It was kind of a revelation. An idea began to latch onto my mind, and I realized I had to write it.

3. Will there be more books that take place in this universe?
I don't know. If a fourth book starts growing in my mind and demands to be written, then yes. If not, then no. Sometimes, writers aren't as in control of what they'll write next as you might think! I'll have to go with what feels right.

4. When is Bitterblue coming out?
I don't know. Sometime after I'm done writing it. :o)

5. Is Graceling going to be made into a movie?
No one has optioned Graceling at this point. If and when anyone does, I'll explain more about how it all works. (Getting optioned does not mean it will necessarily ever be made into a movie.)

That's all, folks! Happy Monday ^_^


tinkandalissa said…
I have another question(s) for your future FAQ...
How long did it take you to write Graceling & Fire. From idea to first draft and then from first to final draft?? How hard was it to find an agent? How many queries did you send?
Thanks & of course I will vote for you to hopefully win an award!!
Pam said…
Waiting (not so) patiently for Fire. And I find Bitterblue to be a very interesting character. Looking forward to knowing her better. Congratulations on making the lists. Well deserved!
Andrea said…
Congratulations on all the recognition! Now I have some new lists to go through for more to read.
Artemis Grey said…
Firstly, congrats on the recognition! Totally voted for you already. ;D And now I'm spastically wrestling with my hermitish ways, excited as hell by the idea of attending the Sirens conference and terrified at the same time. And then there's my uncanny ability to attract anyone even remotely related to airport security once I've entered the terminal...
Anonymous said…
Guest of honor, oh my! And with T. Pierce, no less! Congratulations!

I don't know if this is a Frequently Asked Question, but it's a question nonetheless: GRACELING is the book that's out and that your readers want to talk about, but you're deeply involved in Bitterblue's story at this point. Is it hard to have to go back and forth among books, to talk to people about the one you wrote a couple of years ago instead of the one you're writing now? Do you have to remind yourself that your readers don't know all about FIRE or BITTERBLUE yet, even though they're so familiar to you?

Faith said…
Congrats on the Amelia Bloomer list!
I try to make sure my library buys at least half of the YA part of the list. Good for us this year, we own almost all of 'em already.
I'm so excited about the recognition you're getting! It's really fun to find a book and fall in love with it, then watch as it's readership grows and the book/author gets the recognition they deserve.

Also, thought you might like to hear, one of the people I recommended Graceling to read it and said "Forget about Twlight, this book is REALLY GREAT!"
Anonymous said…
Indeed Becky, Graceling is amazing, but I could never ever forget Twilight or any other book in the series. I love them all (Graceling, Twilight series, Harry Potter, Narnia, LOTR, Hunger Games) and have a hard time when people try to rank. To me, having hundreds of favorites is immensely better than having a very limited reading ground. While I think it is great that you are recommending Graceling to others (so am I--- have three friends reading it!), I don't think that forgetting about other books is the best selling point.

--Katsa, Bella, Harry and the lot fan
Sibylle said…
Congratulations on the Amelia Bloomer! I didn't know this list, will definitely try and read more about it.
I've given your blog a Premio Dardos award, by the way, you can read all about it here (http://heroineintraining.blogspot.com/2009/02/premio-dardos-award.html) if you want to :)
I didn't mean I thought we should forget about other books--I have too many favorites to ever think about that! I just thought it was a nice sentiment, and was glad my friend had enjoyed Graceling so much. Sorry if it offended anyone!
Kristin Cashore said…
Thanks for the new questions -- added to my list! And thanks for the congrats :o)

Becky, no worries! I knew what you meant!

And Sybille, HA HA HEE hoo.... thank you for this honor, and I'm going to have to think about who to pass it on to!
Anonymous said…
Wuh! I wish I could go to Sirens! To meet two of my favorite authors would be so ridiculously superb... But I'm not 18 yet.

Voted for ya in that poll.
Ms. Yingling said…
It doesn't matter if your books are written in the same world or not. You have written the only decent romance for teens that I have read in ages. Thank you for having Katsa be her own person who isn't dependent on the prince, and thank you for writing in a way that makes this an appealing thing for my 15 year old daughter! Loved Graceling. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Yay!! I always love so many books on the Bloomer list ;) I haven't had a lot of time to look at it this year, but I already know I like one item!!

I read a comment that asked how you talk to people about the different book.. Indeed, I am also curious, because I know that when I read a series, I end meshing all the books together.

As always, well-writing wishes going your way for Bitterblue.

Thanks for the update Kristin!
Kristin Cashore said…
Charly -- you'll get another chance, I'm sure!

And Ms Yingling -- thanks :o)
Hey Kristin I just finished Graceling and it was amazing. I loved the ending. I am so excited that there are going to be a third book. Me and my friend will be there at one of your signings so Fire will be signed to.
Kristin Cashore said…
Hey there, Girl Scout! It's great to hear from you! So glad you loved it! :o)
Anonymous said…
Kristin... I absolutely love Graceling and I am so excited to hear that there are two more books that take place in this world. I love it. I'm not quite finished with Graceling but it's all I can think about. Do you believe in past lives??? If they do exist I am almost certain that I would have lived in a time closest to the world you created in Graceling. It's such an amazing book. I put it down to go to sleep hoping I'll dream of it. I love your characters. You're an absolute genius!

Anonymous said…
I LOVED GRACELING! its now my favorite book EVER!

Finished it about 10 minutes ago, came straight onto the net to find out if there was a sequel of a prequel or anything!! ^_^

O_O i promised myself i would never become a fanboy... screw it, its worth it! ^_^

The characters are stunningly created, your writing style is one of the best i've come across (and i read alot)

so happy there is going to be more!!

I soo voted for you!

Grats on the recognition you so rightly deserve.
(sorry, didn't mean to write an essay, i just loved your book so much!!)
Kristin Cashore said…
Dear Adriana and Edd -- thanks, you guys are the best! :o)
AnnMarie said…
I just finished Graceling this morning and had to check out your website to find out when the sequel was coming out. I'm so disappointed that you aren't planning a real sequel. I thought the ending lent itself completely to what happens next to Po and Katsa. I hope we get to find out some day.

Also, I thought it was quite appropriate that I am reading this at my parents house in northeast Pennsylvania.
Anonymous said…
Do you think that you'll that you'll write more about Katsa and Po? I would LOVE to read more on thrm!
Amelia said…
This story reveals something invisible within me. It was a pleasure to turn it's pages. Katsa is so devoted, passionate and vibrant, that when I finished reading I felt ambition wash over me.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for such a fantastic story, normally I struggle with reading fiction but your writing style made it a pleasure to read. I must admit though I'm disappointed to find no sequel on Katsa and Po, I truly hope this is something you consider for the future - I know your fans would be wrapped! Thanks again, I'm recommending your book to friends.
Mwright said…
It would bee totally awsome if graceling was created into a movie. I picked up at the libary on Friday and couldnt put it down (it was suposed to be my first MP reading book...but i finished it in two days) So i just read it over and over and loving it ebery time... LOL. Great job writing it cant wait for Fire. Hope it will become a movie someday. You rock Kristin Cashore!!!!
Anonymous said…
i realise that quite a few books get adapted into movies... it would certainly be interesting to see if that happens with graceling or fire! i just finished fire today- and i wonder who could be casted for such a poweful role???

your books are amazing. Thankyou

From a newer fan. :)
Anonymous said…
i really love graceling, it has actually inspired me to want to learn archery and sword fighting for a sport.
thankyou, keep on writing.
from Vanessa
Anonymous said…
Hi Kristin,

I absolutly adore Graceling and have just started reading Fire. If Graceling is considered to be made into a movie, and I understand how your decision influences this and the chances of it being considered, do you think you would want famous acotrs and actresses in the lead roles because of their experience or would you let auditions be held to give first-timers their big break? If an audition was to take place, would it be held in London do you think? It's just on the small chance that Graceling is considered to become a movie (which i think it definatly should) I as an avid reader, writer and young actress currently working in a small theatre have alot of suggestions for some of the roles and would like to audition for the lead role myself. I realise you may not be the best person to ask but if you do find out or already know anything i would be very grateful. thankyou,

FürDichAllein x

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