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Stranded on a Desert Island: a Poll

Quick news: Graceling has a Korean publisher, Moonhak Soochup. Also, Hörbuch Hamburg will be producing a German audio version, to be released in Fall 2009, which is, I believe, also when the German print version will be released. yAt!
Also: I've been getting some questions about ARCs for Fire. No, the Fire ARCs are not out yet. What's out now are reduced bound manuscripts in a very limited circulation. (I don't even have one.) I believe the ARCs will be distributed in March or April. (To explain what I'm talking about to anyone not familiar with the lingo: ARCs -- advanced reading copies -- are produced in a limited quantity by publishers as part of their marketing plans. They're meant to generate buzz and sales, and they're distributed by the publishers, usually at conferences such as BEA and ALA as well as to review magazines.)
Also, since so many people were raving about the Megan Whalen Turner books in my recent book meme post, I wanted to report ba…

"Where Thou art -- that -- is Home"

(Thus spake Emily Dickinson.)

So, moving is not one of my favorite activities. And finding a home in a place that is 1,158 miles from my current home, well, that's stressful, because, you know, I'm down here, not up there, and I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to get up there, so really, couldn't some person up there who lives in the perfect place call me and say, "Here you go, it's yours for free, and I'll send my Learjet tonight to pick you up so you can come take a quick look. Also, I'm cooking you beef stroganoff."
Why can't that happen?
(I love beef stroganoff.)
In the meantime, it comforts me to mull over the home I want some day, maybe in a few years -- maybe the next move after this one, or the move after that. There's no rush. But once I make that "final" move, I'll spend years growing into that home and making it mine. Here are some of the things I dream of: Wind chimes. The big ones with deep voices.A c…

Books in Threes

The To Be Read pile on my bedside table is the size of Mount Vesuvius -- an apt metaphor, as I believe it may be about to blow. It is 33 books high. I need to find a better way to stack it before I get brained in the night.
Here's my own variation on a meme I saw at The Longstockings the other day:


1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Loved it and could not put it down. I'm a Katniss fangirl.
2. A Dictionary of the English Language, by Samuel Johnson (published in 1755). Okay, if my claim here makes you a little skeptical, I can't blame you. No, I didn't read the entire dictionary. I don't even have access to one at the moment. But I did read the Preface and then take a concentrated look at a few different modern compilations. I did this for work reasons, btw, not because I'm crazy, and the truth is, it was very unsatisfying. What I need are his definitions of ordinary words, like light and bread, but what the co…

Explaining Graceling, Fire, Bitterblue, prequels, sequels, companion books, and all the others ways I'm confusing people :o)

Starting with newsy bits of newsy news: Graceling is on the 2009 Amelia Bloomer List (Recommended Feminist Literature for Birth through 18). What an awesome list to be on. Thank you!
It's also on the Locus Magazine 2008 Recommended Reading List, in the First Novels category.In case you're interested, the February issue of the magazine SFX contains a profile of me and a super-nice review. It's the issue with Wolverine on the cover. :o)I'll be a guest of honor, along with Tamora Pierce and Sherwood Smith, at Sirens, a conference about women in fantasy literature taking place in Vail, Colorado next October. I'll put up more info about this soon.Graceling is on the Long List for the brand new David Gemmell Legend Award for Fantasy. Your votes decide who makes the Short List, so, if you care to vote for, ahem, anyone in particular, please go here. :o)Congrats to all the Cybils winners! Moving on, I'm still working on my FAQ Project. Here are a few questions I g…

February 14: Interplanetary Be Who You Are Day

So, there are a lot of things I don't like about Valentine's Day. For example, where our roses and diamonds come from. But less urgent, and closer to home, here's something else I don't like about Valentine's Day: it tries to divide people up into two neat categories. (1) People who are madly in love and happy. (2) People who are single, sad, and pathetic.
C'mon! That's so reductive! There are a bajillion kinds of people; there are a bajillion ways to live; there isn't one good, happy way to be and one bad, sad way to be -- COME ON!
This is why I'm renaming February 14th Interplanetary Be Who You Are Day. Here are some identities in which there is NO SHAME on that day (or on any other day!): A person who is thinking about getting a divorce but isn't sure.
A person who has decided to have a cat and begonias instead of a husband and kids even though it will disappoint her mother.
A person who has decided to move to Massachusetts and marry his bo…

A Palamino Poem for Winter

I subscribed recently to NPR's Writer's Almanac, and have been enjoying reading one poem a day. I haven't posted a poem in a while, so here's a recent favorite:
The Palamino Stallion by Alden Nowlan
Though the barn is so warm
that the oats in his manger,
the straw in his bed
seem to give off smoke —

though the wind is so cold,
the snow in the pasture
so deep he'd fall down
and freeze in an hour —

the eleven-month-old
palomino stallion
has gone almost crazy
fighting and pleading
to be let out.
****** Have a poem to share? Go for it :o)

Stuff; a Cover; and, a Question about Writing and Fear

First, a friendly reminder to anyone reading my blog on LiveJournal or at Amazon or, really, anywhere other than at my actual blogger blog: I won't see your comments unless you come to my Blog Actual to leave them. Sorry for the confusion. Syndication complicates the world!

La la la. Next up, behold my cover for the German edition of Graceling!

♥. And I don't just love the image; I love the title. Die Beschenkte basically means "One Who Has Been Given a Gift," more or less, except all in one awesome word. Or so I'm told. What do you think?
Moving on, a great question (with no spoilers) came to my inbox the other day from an aspiring writer:

I love to write, I need to write... but at the same time, I am afraid of publishers and editors and agents. Not so much about rejection letters or working with them, but sending my work to them. I know it must sound weird, or maybe not. How did you cope with it when you sent Graceling away? Was it really hard to let you…

And Now, from the Department of Randutiae

Behold the final cover for the French edition of Graceling!

Whaddya think? Quite a departure from the others, huh? I get a real kick out of it myself and would love to hear what you think :o)
Also, want to listen to me talk about my name? (I can just hear the screams of excitement out there.) You can do so here, and then, after that, you can go listen to other people talk about their names. Really! It's fun!
So, I'm in the midst of a Project: I'm trying to put together an official FAQ page. I'm organizing and consolidating the questions I've answered so far; looking over ones I want to answer soon; trying to decide how to present everything so it's user-friendly; etc. And, while bumbling through my list of questions-not-yet-answered, I found myself wanting to answer this one. (For the spoiler-cautious: no spoilers!)
I'm a bit of a packrat when it comes to books. You couldn't pry them from my cold, dead hands. Do you get rid of your books once you…