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I have a deal with Kinneret Zmora in Israel to publish Graceling in Hebrew. yAt!

Also, my sister, secret code name: Cordelia, is reading Part One of Draft One of Bitterblue and asserts that it is a book, not a pile of crap. Whew.

Speaking of Cordelia, here is a tidbit about her: Cordelia has physical strength, endurance, and the ability to run long distances rather fast. Currently, Cordelia is training for a 15K in March. The training involves a number of things, including Cordelia dragging unathletic little me to early-morning races. Many race events, in case you don't know, have long and short options. For example, a 10K (6.2 mi) and a 5K (3.1 mi) will take place simultaneously, and when you register to compete in the event, you choose one race or the other. Anyway, so, lately Cordelia and I have been getting up at the butt crack of dawn and going to these events. She runs the longer portion and I walk the shorter portion. Our most recent race was on this past Saturday morning.

I have always wondered why, when Cordelia and I share big gobs of DNA, she is athletic and I am not. In fact, I have lots of highly athletic relatives, including a pro golfer, a Navy Seal, a superb amateur triathlete, and an uncle who once won the National Spelling Bee.

Oh. Rats. Maybe I'm starting to see the problem.

Anyway, despite our differences in innate athletic ability, it's clear that Cordelia and I both get into similar mindsets once it's time to compete. For example, here are some things that Cordelia might do during her race:
  • Pick off as many fellow competitors as she can.
  • Use her stopwatch to monitor her pace.
  • Grab a cup of water from the water people and dump it over her head.
  • Reach deep into herself for the grit and determination she needs to succeed.
And here are some things I might do during my race:
  • Identify as many species of birds in the surrounding trees as I can.
  • Use my cell phone to call my mother (the only person I know who's guaranteed to be awake at such an ungodly hour).
  • Accept a cup of water politely from the water people and chat with them for a few minutes about the variety of bird life in northern Florida.
  • Reach deep into my pocket for a sandwich.
My goal on Saturday was to finish walking my 5K before Cordelia finished running her 10K, so that I could be there to scream and whoop and cheer her to the finish line. I reached my goal, just barely. A few minutes after I came walking in, Cordelia came running in, having covered twice the distance, and I screamed my head off so enthusiastically that the people next to me also started screaming. It was great. One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is cheer people across finish lines.

Cordelia came in second in her age group!


mer your right. audio, video, disco does mean i hear i see i learn. where'd u find that? im using it for my latin phrase project in religion. also, i know how you feel. i get hit in the head alot by flying objects, abd cant shoot a basket to save my life. everyone else in my family can make a basket and doesnt have a ball magnet in their head.
my theory: people born into family completly unlike them are aliens. wonder what planet we come from?
tinkandalissa said…
So, I have no theory as to why your sister is an athletic superstar and you are not. Maybe you can only really excel in one area?? Hers is sports, yours is writing. That's what I'm sticking with, anyway.
I have zero motivation to be athletic. It's sad really. I have tried, much like you. Oh, have I tried. The worst part for me is the getting up at the butt crack of dawn. My little body just wont do it. It absolutely refuses when it knows that I dont HAVE to be somewhere. I have one good friend that lives close enough to me that had the "motivation" to run/jog in the mornings has asthma. So between us, we always had a fabulous excuse as to why tomorrow would be a better day...
My boss is super athletic. You'd think after 6 years around someone almost every single day, something would rub off, right? Wrong. Somehow, this summer, our office decided it would be FUN to participate in a local 5k. Well. Turns out, not so much fun. It was record breaking heat almost 100 in Asheville, NC, with 95% humidity. That's outrageous. I'm from Charleston and thought I was used to the heat. But somehow after being away for 6 years, I got un-used (is that a word?) to it. Well, the 60 yr old lady turned around after a few minutes. The cops picked her up and took her back to wait for us at the finish line. The 55 and 40 yr olds hauled butt and disappeared ahead somewhere. My boss' husband (a tri-athlete) and her son (a sports nut) finished near the front. Sadly, I was one of the last few people to finish. I tried running at first. I dont run. So, it was down to fast walking. There were not enough water people in the world to quinch my thirst that day. It was so hot the residents had sprinklers going to squirt us as we went by. Some even just had hoses. Bless there little hearts! My poor boss decided it was best to stick by me despite the fact that she's a triathlete also...I had to stop and sit down for fear I'd pass out or possibly just die (haha). Then I saw the really really slow people catching up and I refused to be last. There were all the great people cheering me on. I trudged along and thought I was done. Oh, but no. There was another hill to run down to cross the finish line so that I could get my time. At this point I could've cared less about my time. I just didnt want to die. But - I made it!!! I finished! I did a 5k. I dont know if I'll ever do another one...
Stacey said…
congrats on finishing the 5k. thats deserves a cheer by itself! hehe. and yeay for being published in Israel. and i'm also glad that "cordelia" doesnt think the first part of Bitterblue is crap hehe (but i was pretty sure she wasnt going to say it was crap to start with hehe). how are your holiday issues going now that we are so close to them being over? Also, does your holiday issue extend to New Years or does it get better once Christmas is over?
Anonymous said…
Ohmygodohmygodohmygod!! :D I totally have to get the book in Hebrew now!!! Hahaha, this makes me happy (really, I don't use the "omg" phrase that often. This is rare). So cool.

I did mention the Abbey Hayes series of books before in a comment here once, didn't I? Cordelia with her athletic ability and you with your writing remind me of it.
Anonymous said…
Oops, I just realized I added an "e" where there shouldn't have been one. Abby Hayes. "The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes" is the name of the series.
Yay for Cordelia! and *high fives* you for finishing yours right before Cordelia finished her's. I can't run either, its not that im out of shape its just that my body can't handle it. But then again im bad at all other sports too, my hand, eye, foot cordination(sp?) isn't all that great. XD Lol.
Kristin Cashore said…
Stacey, I actually happen to LOVE New Year's -- I ♥ the whole concept of honoring the close of one year and the start of another, musing about the passing of time, etc. Plus, New Year's means that the Thanksgiving/Christmas season is over, which is something to celebrate! This year I'm actually trying to start a new tradition, which is giving the gifts I would normally give around Christmas at the New Year instead. (Which has helped take off some of my usual Christmas stress, actually ^_^)

It Depends: I went to a Jesuit high school, which means I studied Latin! :o) Watch out for the flying objects...

Tink&A: I've been to Asheville so I know how hilly it is! It's really flat here in FL, so at least I don't have to deal with that particular problem. Good for you for finishing.

Charly, I'll have to look into Abby Hayes -- I don't know those books!

Beyond -- :o)
Anonymous said…
It's a series for younger (8 - 12-ish) readers. I haven't read them in a long time, but they influenced my life a lot.
Ello - Ellen Oh said…
I've just been voraciously reading your blog because I finished Graceling and fear I have gone into Katsa and Po withdrawal. I don't know if you get tired of hearing this, but I absolutely love Graceling. I'm hear searching for any clue on to when the next book might come out and am over the moon that you are working on a third already. Graceling is one of those books that I will forever envy a new reader because they will be reading if to for the first time. If I had alzheimer's this would be the book I'd have next to my bed because I could forget and read it again every day. Thanks for writing it! I seriously can't wait for your next books.

Happy New year!

Best regards,

Ellen Oh
Kristin Cashore said…
Ellen, you CRACKED ME UP with that Alzheimer's thing -- I guess that's one way of looking at it! Thanks so much for loving Graceling! :o)
Anonymous said…
Hey i have a question! Whats the second book called after Graceling? i am so confused because i just finish reading graceling but i did not know there was more so ya! If it is called fire its not in Barnes & Nobles store i know that! lol thanks anyways!

Caitlin said…
I cannot wait until ur next books come out! I'm so excited to read them!!!!!
Kristin Cashore said…
Shiva, Fire comes out next fall (October). More info here. :o)

And thanks, Caitlin!

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