A Few of My Favorite Things (In No Particular Order)

  • Over-the-knee socks.
  • This comment from Cordelia after she saw the stuffed chicken Mom was roasting for Christmas: "Yeah, I hope that when I die, someone sticks an onion up my ass."
  • Three-year-old cousins-once-removed who want to sit in your lap.
  • Soft, silky cats who let you rub their ginger-brown tummies.
  • This sign, spotted at a coffee shop in New Jersey: "Fat snowmen last longer."
  • My luggage tags, which say "I'm going around in circles" and "I'm a mess on the inside."
  • The fact that my fellow writers and email buddies Donna Freitas and Marie Rutkoski are Publisher's Weekly's "Fall Flying Starts" along with me.
  • Naps on airplanes.
  • Time with family AND quiet time alone after time with family.
  • Something I have been too shy to say before: Graceling is a Fantasy/SF bestseller in Australia. :o)


Anonymous said…
And I bought one of those bestselling copies! :) I thought Graceling was fun, imaginative and exciting. Doubly so after finding out it was your debut novel! It was very, very good, and I couldn't put it down till I finished it.

Just thought I'd mention that. Hope you had a lovely Christmas (or holiday season of your choice)!
go over-the-knee socks! as a continuation of my weather comiserations, everything melted. and then it got cold again, but nothing froze cause theres nothing to freeze.
and now for some of my favorites:
my new double bass pedal (go chick drummers!)
graceling (duh!)
brisingr (in which i am half way through) (never underestimate a book addict)
my new stripy sock monkey
ice breakers ice cubes gum
the band valencia
the singer meiko

numbers 1, 3, 4 and 5 i got for christmas.
"talkin bout my generation"-my generation by someone whose name i dont remember
NoGrandmother said…
Sock Dreams is the best place on the internet for socks.
Sonya said…
Yay, we survived the supposed merry time of year!!

I lurve those luggage tags!!

I ordered a signed copy of Graceling, that is shipping today. Would you mind asking them to ship me a little sunshine & warmth with it? We will be shoveling snow until March here in the frozen tundra aka northern Michigan (:

Happy soon to be 2009!!
Yay! *high fives* For Graceling being a bestseller in Australia!!
Anonymous said…

Like NoGrandmother said, Sock Dreams is definitely the best place for 'em! I have a $30 e-gift card there, but I can't decide what to spend it on because I want everything. :(

Oh! I just got to watch the Dr. Horrible DVD yesterday! It's amazing! I hope you bought one, Kristin, 'cause I now feel sorry for anyone who has not listened to Commentary! The Musical. The extras on the DVD are awesome and it has completely renewed my love for Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog %110.

Because I probably won't be online from the 30th - 2nd; happy new year to all.
tinkandalissa said…
i'm normally not one for girly things, but I got the cutest purse for xmas. i just love it. it is pea soup green. it helps if you like green, which is coincidentally my favorite color. also the nightmare before xmas luggage so i will never have to wonder which one is mine...at least until someone else w/that luggage happens to come along.
i made xmas dinner all by myself! i am so proud. i made, from scratch might i add, cranberry walnut muffins for breakfast. then i made ham and green beans and stuffing and mashed potatoes and all that good shit. of course another of my favorite things is lemon meringue pie, so i made on of those and i ate it all. muahahaha! now i have to take my weimaraner violet, another fav thing, for a jog every day so i can lose all the 08 chub! happy new year everyone!
LOVED LOVED LOVED Graceling, by the way! I cant wait for Fire and mostly Bitterblue so I can read more about Katsa and Po!!
tinkandalissa said…
ps. yay to sock addictions!
Anonymous said…
Just popping onto your blog to say I got Graceling for Christmas- it was agony waiting so long to read what I expected to be an awesome book. I devoured it :) Fantastic story!!
Anonymous said…
Hello! I'm a bookseller in Australia, and I must confess to turning Graceling face out at every opportunity. It's so much easier to recommend a book when you love it. :)

- Gwen.
Misrule said…
I can account for two of those Aussie copies, Kristin: they went to niece Lucy and niece Grace (yes!) as anti-Bella Swan inoculations. Love the book and hope you might grace (yes!) our shores here someday. Love the book, love the romance (and the s*x scenes are beautifully handled), love the clarity of the world(s) you created. Cheers! Judith
Stacey said…
hehe, the list made me laugh, thanks for sharing! congrats on Australia and the Publisher's Weekly kudos. i hope you have a GREAT new year and i look forward to reading your blog and your next books! and Graceling very much made my list of 2008 favorite things!
Amanda said…
you are one of my favorite things:) great news on the PW and bestseller stuff. only one more day of 2008 to go, my friend....
Kristin Cashore said…
Ooo, Rhiannon, Gwen, and Judith -- thank you!! And thanks to new Graceling readers, too. Owlet and Charly, I'm on my way to Sock Dreams. Tink -- wow, impressive. And Sonya Lou, the sunshine will be in the package in spirit, at least!

Amanda -- *hugs*
Gillian said…
Naps on airplanes between chapters of the Graceling. Was annoyed at myself that I kept falling asleep because it was so good.

I loved it and was recommending it to all my seatmates. Immediately handed off the library copy to a co-worker upon arriving back at work.
Anonymous said…
OMG I Was looking for this book everywhere and finally i found it! I read it at work when I could then stayed up until 4 in the morning finishing it! It's Amazing!I can't wait for the next two books!!!
Little Willow said…
Cats are the best.

Bonus points for over-the-knee socks, especially since they are argyle! I love knee-highs and over-the-knee-highs so much.

Congratulations on the bestseller status.
Anonymous said…
Kristin, I have a question about Bitterblue for you. I guess this post kind of contains spoilers, to those who haven't finished Graceling.

You posted information on your website about Bitterblue, the book. You also said, "Yes, Katsa, Po, and Co. appear in the book."

...Who is Co.?

Kristin Cashore said…
Gillian, you have the coolest hair ever.

Thanks JessieLee and Little Willow!

Hi Jordy! By "Co." I just generally meant "others from Graceling whom I'm not willing to identify definitely at this point, because it's a work in progress and therefore anything can change." ("Co." seemed shorter ^_^)
Anonymous said…
Oh I see now! Thanks Kristin! I can't wait for your next books -- I loved Graceling.

Anonymous said…
i am from melbourne, Australia. i work at the major bookstore chain Angus and Robinson and we sell out of Graceling in 2 seconds. We have a big display of it in the store because it is so popular. i read it and LOVED it. it deserves its popular reputation.
i have another thing to add to my favorites. its pandora.com, which creates a radio station just for u by u putting in a favorite artist or song.
sadly, on my avril lavigne channel, it has pretty much all of my favorite artists. i think im in a rut. :-S
Jen Robinson said…
I know you've had plenty of praise for the book already, but I just reviewed Graceling, and thought that you might want to see it. Thanks for writing such a wonderful book! I look forward to the next title.
Anonymous said…
Dear Kristin

My girlfriend was given your book to do a review in an on line magazine (sorry don't know which one!) She asked my to read it as she hadn't done this sort of thing for a while! I'm not fantasy reader, more an Anne of Green Gables girl. But when I had finished reading her review, I was hooked and I grabbed it straight off her and started reading. I loved it. And have now recommended it to my two sisters. Thank you and can't wait for Bitterblue!

Kate Smith
Brisbane Australia
Kristin Cashore said…
Hi Tegan -- THANK YOU! I only spent a couple of days in Melbourne, but I loved it. (I studied abroad in Sydney for a year when I was in college, and managed to do some traveling...) I dream of going back some day! :D

Jen, that was such a thoughtful and lovely review -- thank you!

Hi Kate, thanks for writing in from the Gold Coast! (see me showing off my Aussie knowledge.... ;) I'm totally an Anne girl, too. Did you vote in my Anne poll?

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