And for Thursday, Three (Random) Super Things

Thing number one: The ALA is introducing a new award this year, the William C. Morris Award, which honors a book for young adults written by a first-time author. Graceling is a finalist! Go here to see all the lovely books. Thank you, Morris committee! I'm so happy and grateful.

Thing number two: My friend Rebecca guest-posted at The Rotund the other day. It's a super post about the intersection between fatness, HAES, and disability, and you can read it here. For those unfamiliar with the term HAES, it means Health at Every Size, and is a movement -- a peace movement, as Linda Bacon says -- that has to do with honoring your body, listening to its wants and needs, dropping the focus on dieting and weight loss, and accepting that everyone has a unique healthy size. If HAES interests you, btw, in addition to visiting Linda Bacon's site you might want to check out her book, which I hear is wonderful. And for even more about HAES, check out Body Positive's HAES site. (Thanks to B for your help with all those links!)

Thing number three: I just bought a slow cooker, and people, my slow cooker is revolutionizing my life. Last week I cooked a chicken with sauerkraut, apples, and onions. This week I cooked teriyaki ginger tofu. Who knows what I'll cook next week? I love my slow cooker. Off to search for good recipes.... :o)

Confidential to my ladies of the snood: smooches to you.


Congrats on the nomination for the Morris award! That's wonderful!

And, enjoy your slow cooker! We use ours all the time in the winter. I recommend chili, and since you don't mind sauerkraut, try a pork roast with that. It's great. My favorite is chicken and noodles. Just cook the whole chicken the entire day, pick him apart later, drain out the broth to clear out any little bits and pieces you don't want, then put the broth back in the crock pot, add the noodles and meat, and it's done. Very easy, and so, so good!

Unknown said…
Congrats on the award!

Here's my favorite favorite favorite slow cooker recipe. It might just change your life, it really is that good. People have been known to lick their bowls afterwards.

Granny's Chicken Dumplings
Side note: This is for real my granny's chicken dumpling recipe. We are from the South. The only changes I make to the recipe is that I buy my chicken at the grocery store, and she used to kill hers herself. Side note #2: In case you're into the whole chicken-killing thing, Granny always said that killing an old hen with her eggs still in her was the best kind of chicken to use for this recipe. Side note #3: Yes, we are that country.

-One whole fryer chicken
-Self rising flour (a cup)
-1 egg

Slow cook the heck out of that chicken. Just stick it in the cooker, cover the whole thing with water, and cook the longest time. 8-10 hours later, come back. Put the chicken in a big bowl, and put the broth in a stock pot. Separate the chicken--you don't want any skin or bones--and put the meat in the stock pot with the broth, and turn up the heat on the stove so it all starts getting hot and boiling. Get a ladle-full of broth, a cup of self rising flour, and an egg in another bowl and mix it all up (you might need more flour). Pat the dough out as thin as you can and cut into strips. With the broth/chicken boiling, take each strip of dough and pull it as thin as you can, and drop it in the boiling broth. It will cook in the broth. Once all your dumplings are in, you're good to eat! Just add a little salt/pepper and it's gold.
tinkandalissa said…
Congrats on the nomination! I have some good slow cooker recipes. I will have to pull those out and post them for you later. Definitly, beef stew, if you eat red meat, is fabulous that way!!
Kristin Cashore said…
You guys are the BEST, giving me recipes!! Thank you -- they sound awesome! And I eat red meat. The only things I don't eat are oysters, yellow curry, marshmallows, and whipped cream. :o)

Beth, your story about your Granny reminded me of one of my mother's stories. She grew up on a farm, and when she was a very little girl, one of the roosters came after her one day and bit her. Guess what was served for dinner that night? :o)
hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray!
a friend of mine (codeword: klepto) read it and is obsessed with it as i am! and i have no recipies for slow-cookers! cause i can't cook!
oh is a person who has gliding membranes (like on a flying squirrel) look weird? i think it would be kinda cool.
oh and my new favorite quote in latin is audio, video, disco. guess what it means
Anonymous said…
A major ALA award nominated two fantasy novels? Oh no, where are the flying pigs?!?
Anonymous said…
I hope Graceling gets the award!

HAES reminds me of last week's episode of House (that I have now watched twice, 'cause it's so fantastic). **If you care about the episodic aspect of the show - the patients, then SPOILER** This health trainer was previously fat and had gastric bypass surgery to become prettier. But the healthy diet that she adopted for her program was not actually healthy for her, because she had hereditary coproporphyria, a disease to which the treatment is a high carb diet and she was actually self-medicating when heavy. How ironic. HAES totally applies.

I don't cook (when I get married, it is gonna be to a man who can do it :P), so I haven't any recipes for you. But congrats.
Anonymous said…
I recently read your book and thought it was amazing! Initially I bought it because I wanted to read something that wasn't a part of a series (I've got tons sitting on my shelf waiting to be finished as I'm sure most readers can empathise :P), but when I found out that the story is going to be continued, I was really excited. You've got a great style and I felt I connected really well with the characters. Plus there were parts where I was literally snorting with laughter - and on public transport, no less.

I'm at university myself, at the moment studying a Bachelor of Arts. I'm majoring in English, and have been thinking about picking a creative writing topic too. I do a lot of creative writing at home, yet I find it hard to write to a deadline and so am not sure whether I should take the topic out of fear I will never finish in time :P

Do you have trouble with deadlines? Do editors set them for you or do you try and set some yourself? (I'm pretty ignorant to how things are published). Got any tactics you're keen on sharing? ;P

Thanks. Keep writing, and keep posting blogs, you seem like quite a funny, down-to-earth person :)

Unknown said…
Kristin--HAHA! I bet my grandmother would do the same! Actually, scratch that. I don't know if a chicken would be willing to chase her--I'm pretty sure she could just stare it down.

She weighed less than 100 pounds and came up to my chest when I knew her best. She went out to the old family farm one day by herself and saw a little innocent black snake--the same kind that I used to play with as a kid. It was harmless! But she still picked up an ax that was maybe as heavy as she was and knocked great big chunks out of the solid wood walls of the cabin, trying to kill it!

Grannys rock. I hope I can be like that when I get old!
Unknown said…
PS--Just found this blog:
Stephanie said…
Just wanted to say hi. :) I had a friend recommend Graceling and I just (as in about five minutes ago) finished it. I simply loved it. You're such an artistic writer! And I have to say... I do have a small crush on Po. ;)
I always cook roasts in my slow cooker. I usually do the roast, two cans of cream of mushroom soup, two packets of dry onion soup mix, some water, potatoes,carrots, etc. It turns out wonderfully. :)
Congratulations! We LOVE your book at BookPeople (sold out indefinitely, thankyouverymuch) and put you on our Top 10 list for YA for the year :D Have you seen our catalog? That's right, featured!

So basically I think you're a shoo-in, lady.
Kristin Cashore said…
Oh, thank you, everyone!

Gnomic Utterance -- ;) -- when I heard about my nomination, actually, my first thought was that they had to nominate Curse as Dark as Gold. I loved that book.

It Depends -- I hear, I see, I learn?

Charly, that does sound like a cool episode. I only watch that show occasionally but have loved Hugh Laurie since years and years ago when he used to play Bertie Wooster on Jeeves and Wooster (based on the P.G. Wodehouse novels). He is so funny!

Cassidy, thank you! I've added the topic of deadlines, how they work in publishing, and how I do (or don't ^_^) meet them, to my list of things to blog about at some point. For now I'll just say that I think most writers stress out about this. And sometimes one of the ways to address the problem *is* to take a class / course, because at the very least, you'll learn about your own pacing and your own process. (But don't let anyone ever tell you there's only one way to do it! Some people are slow because they like to edit while they write, and that's fine, as long as they're making progress and not just making excuses! Do I sound defensive? That's the kind of writer I am ^_^)

Beth, thanks for the link! And Texas Pixie, thanks for the recipe! And Emily -- ^_^ -- your store is really nice to me... thanks :o)
Congratulations on having Graceling as a finalist for the Morris award.

This is my first time to your blog.....please excuse me for a moment while I gush about your debut novel. Well, let's just say I LOVED it. Waiting until October of 09 for the prequel is going to be hard. I absolutely, positively LOVED Graceling and thank you for providing me so much reading pleasure!

I even blogged about it, which is something I rarely do!
Kristin Cashore said…
Angie, thanks so much! :o)
Hi Kristin, Congratulations on the success of Graceling! I found your blog while I was looking for a Graceling cover image to use as a placeholder in the Full Cast Audio Spring catalog. (FCA is Bruce Coville's audio book company -- which I'm sure you know). I'm Bruce's "artist in residence". I design anything that FCA needs printed--packages, ads, trade show stuff . . . sometimes cover art. I'm actually an illustrator with design skills. (I did Tami Pierce's Melting Stones cover, a few Heinleins, and some others). Thought you'd like to know, Graceling is featured on the first page -- it's the first title people will see when the open the catalog. :-) Anyway, I'm so used to working behind the scenes, anonymously, I thought I'd actually make contact for once, since your blog popped up in Google.

Kristin Cashore said…
Jerry, I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm super excited about the FCA production. And I haven't read Melting Stones yet, but I have seen the cover, and it's beautiful!

Thanks for saying hi and giving me the good news about the catalog :o)

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