"Well, we're not getting a girl," said Marilla: A Poll

The other night, feeling overwhelmed by life, I crawled into bed early with Anne of Green Gables and a beer. And let me tell you, what I had there was a winning combination.

I own the best edition of Anne ever. It's the 1997 Oxford University Press Annotated Anne of Green Gables and every page has sidebars crammed with definitions (What is a gimlet?); explanations of Anne's references (Who had the first alabaster brow?); photos (What would Matthew's horse and buggy have looked like?); etc., etc. Best of all, none of it is obtrusive. If you don't feel like learning extra stuff and you just want to read the book (which was the case the other night when I curled up with the beer), you can do that. Or, you can take as much time as you want, reading every single annotation. It is a divinely beautiful reading experience.

In fact, it is so divinely beautiful that it has inspired an Anne-related poll. Please vote!

(Btw, if you're reading this post somewhere other than on my actual site and want to vote, just click on my question below, or preferably, click here.)


Grouchy said…
Oh no! Not The Anne Question. I like your additional answers. I must track down this Annotated Anne...
cindy said…
i went with generally at peace. =) i'm sort of a boring girl. that's why i like to write fantasy. haha!
Anonymous said…
I went with the cat's pajamas... 'Cause I like cats.

The OpenID reply option still isn't workin' for me. :(
Amanda said…
this is why we're friends: last night, on the verge of a good breakdown, i thought, maybe i'll just read anne of green gables or betsy-tacy next and lose myself for a while. and i thought of jess, who always goes to anne, but i should've also been thinking of you. we'll have to discuss.
Ink Mage said…
Hee-hee, the second I saw "which would you rather be," I knew what was coming. (I've read the Anne books and watched the first two Anne movies multiple times.)

I chose dazzlingly clever; I've always wanted to be more witty.
Anonymous said…
Oh, oh, how fun! I chose "the cats pajamas" because it's an all encompassing coolness. Probably a little of all everything.

I'm with you JLQ - I'm off to track down this annotated AoGG edition.

This post makes me want to hide in bed & read Anne all over again, maybe The Blue Castle too. :o)
Sarah Rettger said…
OUP should start paying you commissions, Kristin, because I'm going to have to look for a copy too! (Apparently it's not good enough that I just brought home The Annotated Pride & Prejudice - I want that level of detail about all my books.)
Well I just had to vote diabolically influential; there is a lot of fun that could be had with that talent! *evil grin*. And if you will believe it I’ve never read the Anne of Green Gables books. I have seen a few of the movies though and there really good. I guess im going to have to make sure I read them sometime.
Kristin Cashore said…
JLQ, EM, and Sarah, I got it as a gift, so I didn't realize how expensive it was -- but I think it's worth it! And Sarah, ooo, the annotated P&P, I may have to look into that one...

Cindy, I declare that no one who writes fantasy is boring. !! :o)

Charly, that's what I would vote for, too. And sorry OpenID is being such a pain in the ass!

Amanda: HANG IN THERE. And we should definitely discuss Anne sometime....

Hi Ink Mage -- if I were choosing from Anne's 3, I'd probably choose that one -- although, I must confess, "divinely beautiful" is a real temptation!

Beyond, thank GOODNESS someone voted for diabolically influential. Why don't more of my readers want to take over the world?! Bwa-ha-ha!
Anonymous said…
I would totally love to be dazzlingly clever -- what a fun life that would be!

Unknown said…
Anne Fans Unite! I love that you read Anne! There isn't a more amazing orphan. I fell in love with her - well, I won't say how long ago. But I was so bewitched by the idea of the "White Way of Delight" and the red rocks of the North Shore - I planned a trip and visited Prince Edward Island. It did not disappoint. It truly was a wonderful place, lots of 'scope for the imagination'.
Anonymous said…
That was actually really a hard choice! Dazzlingly clever is so very tempting. And who could not want peace? But I didn't go for either of those when it came right down to it. Unpredictable just makes life so interesting, and I like to think that Anne would approve.
cindy said…
i'll take it, kristin!

i'm all sorts of exciting ... inside my head. ha!
generally at peace. im already kinda unpredictable, so why would i choose that? and what the heck is the cat's pajamas?
oh, and i finally got graceling (yesh!!!!!) and read it in less than 4 days. it was superduperawesometacularness!!!
sorry, this is the last time. go to http://www.wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/317251/This_is_my_secret. trust me. it. is. awesome.
Kristin Cashore said…
Am I showing my age? Is it possible that my younger readers aren't familiar with the phrase "the cat's pajamas?" Or could it be a cultural difference, depending on where we all are? Anyway, whatever it is, I totally didn't realize I was going to confuse people, and I apologize! :o) Basically, it means "the coolest thing ever" or something along those lines. If someone's really great, they're the cat's pajamas.

So, Sarah, I've ordered that P&P. It was irresistible! :o)

Barb, I've also been to PEI a couple of times -- I could easily live there (maybe not in the winter, though!) -- so beautiful.

Itdepends -- tragically, I couldn't open that link -- it cuts off after This_is_m. Rats! But thanks so much for loving Graceling :o)

Also, btw beyondtheicywalls: I meant to say before -- if you do read Anne, you'll quickly understand why I chose Cordelia as a secret code name for one of my sisters :o)
shoot. i really wanted u to see that. but wordle (the site) has it in the gallery. maybe u can find it.
can i change my answer? definitely the cat's pajamas!
Hmmm maybe Anne will be my next book that I do for reading class. And I know what the cat's pajamas mean and im still a teenager so I dont think its age, most likely it has to deal with where and what kind of life style you live. Oh and Kirstin, a friend and me went to the book store today and I talked her into buying Graceling and she is already half done with it and loving it! This has to deal with my last post, maybe others didn't pick diabolically influential because not everyone is a leader.
Kristin Cashore said…
beyondtheiw -- *snort* -- you're cracking me up. Truly, you are far more diabolical than I ever realized.

itdepends -- I could try, if you tell me what I'm looking for! And I've changed your answer in my head :o)
Annie said…
I chose fascinatingly ugly, because I want to be different =) I would've chosen dazzlingly clever, but I'm already that, so what good would that do?

At my local bookstore's free books and pizza, we were all revering Graceling. The owner picked it up and said, "This is the best book ever." And we all agreed. Including me =D
Annie said…
Oh, and I'll have to check out the Annotated Anne, too. I remember loving an easy version of that book when I was younger.
Kristin Cashore said…
Awww! Thank you, Annie!

(And a secret: I chose fascinatingly ugly, too)


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