A Letter to My Readers on the Topic: How the Writing Is Going Lately

Dear Faithful Readers,

How are you?

I am fine.

Did you know that I write my books longhand?

Did you know that sometimes when people say they are fine, what they mean is that they feel like they're being beaten with a baseball bat?

Fondly yours,
Grumpy McGrumpypants


Unknown said…
Outch! I hope your muse/story council/... will help you out soon.
Anonymous said…
Yikes! That looks like something the secret services have just released, after cleansing it of all dirty details.

I suppose when you write direct to computer, you never have to see the crossing out lines of doom. (You just see the wordcount hover at the same figure for days on end...)

Here's hoping for a swift upturn in wordcount!
Unknown said…
*huge grin*

That looks like my notebook!
Sarah Miller said…
I think I love you a little bit.
Anonymous said…
Awww. Keep it up! Don't worry, be happy. Hakuna Matata. (Work through the pain...)
Anonymous said…
*Thumbs up*

You can do it!

(Found these on YouTube. Hope they inspire you. :) )
JMS said…
Yup! She's a writer!! Keep it up, friend...and remember there is chocolate chip cookie dough waiting around every corner and under any crossout. Hang in there. xo JMS

ps: I love the pics!! Very graphic!!
tinkandalissa said…
Looks like something a little liquor might cure. However, it may also require a few doses of dark chocolate.
Never fear, without the mistakes the end result wouldnt be as sweet.
Of course, then there's the liquor to look forward to...
But, if it makes you feel any better (and chances are it wont since you are in a grumpy mood and who the hell wants to hear what some other idiot has to say when you're in that kind of mood anyway?) my notebook looks startlingly similar. I also choose the longhand route. Some days it feels like such an accomplishment to write that way...then there's the days where you wish it was you weilding the baseball bat rather than the other way around. Of course, there's always the liquor...
cindy said…
oh my. you have shown in fotos how i feel about my sequel. BUT, i have crossed NOTHING out, because i am allowed to write utter poo!

we'll see how my editor feels about that mantra when the time comes. hahahaha! *maniacal laughing*

it doesn't get any easier, in fact, with your wonderful debut success, it only gets harder. BUT i know your story is in you. just coax it out and believe!

i always say, a badly written novel is better than a never written one.

(this is pep talk for myself, too. haha!) good luck, kristin!
redpop said…
you are very funny.... do you rewrite it after that so it's readable or dictate it... just curious.. hang in there
Sarah Rettger said…
Kristin, you're making me feel better about the notebook-buying expedition I need to schedule.
Ouch! So im guessing this is why you said you haven't been having a good last few days? Im not a writer so I can't sympathize with you on that subject. All I can say is "think positive, and focus, focus, focus!" Lol. Thats a little family inside joke. It works for me though so maybe it will for you ^_^ *sighs* and now I think I need to take my own advice and go focus on my homework.
Anonymous said…
Wow. Woooooww. You know, Brian Jacques, author of Redwall, wrote lots of his books long hand...and now he has severe tendenitis. Just take care of yourself!! I know how it feels!
Amanda said…
i should loan you callum. his favorite thing to do right now is scribble stuff out. could spare your arms for a bit.
I write longhand, too. But usually transfer it to the compy, and during these efforts wind up editing and expanding. My notebook, though, has a lot of crossy-outy sadness, too.

I think you need a box of kittens about now.
NoGrandmother said…
Writing by hand is AWESOME! It will give you GIANT MUSCLES! Notebooks are great! Every little bit is progress toward DONENESS!


Peppy Cheersdottir, who hopes she will not subsequently be murderized by the Grumpy Authoress
Kristin Cashore said…
You guys are the BEST! Thanks for the commiseration and the cheer. And the love, Miss Sarah! ^_^ And the hakuna-matata cats! And the pep talks! And the loan of scribbling toddlers! Etc.!

Renie, to answer your question -- if it gets to the point that I can't read it anymore, I'll reprint it, and start the crossing out process all over again. I generally wait until I have about 30-40 pages of passable text to type before transcribing it.
Anonymous said…
Wow. That is . . . fascinating. And more than a little frightening.

Hang in there, Kristin! *hug!*


Anonymous said…
Kinda reminds me of my current museless writing. However, my writing is done on the computer and my I tend to color code everything; red for translations, green for what I want to keep and have no place for, blue for randomness...etc. It usually ends up looking like a rainbow vomited all over my laptop.

But I have two foster kittens that are pawing at the computer screen with your notebook page pictures, meowing adorably. They send their love and luck!
when "fine-even-though-i-feel-like-hitting-myself-with-baseball-bat" you know what i do? i read. and then i get in trouble because i am reading and not doing my homework, chores, etc. and then i just keep reading.
Anonymous said…
Oh wow. My brain often feels like your notebook. Please hang in there! We're all waiting on baited breath for Fire. No pressure. Kidding.

Btw did you notice the number of comments on your blog have tripled? I hope you know that's a great indicator of how much we love Graceling, your writing, musings, & your bird reports.

Happy Thanksgiving!
NoBar2Far said…
This is pretty much what my brain looks like even before I start writing. Consider yourself way ahead of most of us.
Kristin Cashore said…
Oh, thanks for your sympathies!

It seems unanimous that I need some kittens, and maybe some time off to read. :o)
Annie said…
More time to read, definitely. ;-) It always helps me. Currently, I'm reading Specials.
Anonymous said…
Seeing this post makes me feel much better about my poor feeble attempt at NaNoWriMo. If I had written my book long hand, I would most definitely have done the same thing.

Glad to know I'm not alone!

Danielle :)
Anonymous said…
I know what "fine" is all about... along with "peachy" it's my favorite word! Thank you for helping me escape reality with Graceling. It was WONDERFUL! I just finished it tonight... I'm glad I popped on here to see that there's a prequil coming out. I do say I'm looking forward to it! Thanks again for sharing your talent!
Amy said…
Whoop! Go Blue Pens!

My quote about Blue Pens:
When in doubt, grab a blue pen. They have many uses.
1. Stabbing.
2. Writing
3. Poking


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