I am determined not to yammer about the election in today's post.

But I am also extremely nervous about... um... the thing I'm not going to yammer about.

Therefore, the order of the day is: DISTRACTION.

First, my recent interview with the Shelf Elf. The Elf Herself asks some great questions. If you could live inside the world of any book, which one would you choose? Please distract me by telling me in a comment!

Next, a must-see. If you only watch one of the videos in this post, make it this one. Posted in honor of all teachers (especially, you, Mom). (And ganked from Melissa Marr, who had it first!)

And now, ladies and gents: I give you Beethoven.

Finally, an awesome, um, prairie dog moment.
(You can tell things are getting desperate around here...)

Yep. So, doesn't that prairie dog make you feel like going out and voting for BARACK OBAMA? Especially if you live in, oh, say, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or New Hampshire??! THAT'S SURE HOW IT MAKES ME FEEL!!

Sigh... hang in there, people. It's almost over.



Unknown said…
If I could live in any book, I'd so pick Narnia. It's full of magic and adventure, but also of the little-kid-book assurance that right will win over wrong.
Anonymous said…
When ShelfTalker asked the same question a little while ago, I said Paul Fleischman's Seek or Diana Wynne Jones's Chrestomanci-verse. When my co-worker asked in a display questionnaire, I said I wanted to live someplace with lots of pioneer porn and canning, like Little House in the Big Woods.

But when you asked, I realized I had to change my answer yet again to Magic Trixie. I am a quiet homebody who does not like adventure. Turns out it's hard to find YA worlds that are like that! (Because, um, they'd be boring and no one would read them.)
Gretchen Alice said…
I almost feel cliche for picking Hogwarts, but it's true. The Chrestomanci-verse sure would rock, though. Ooh, or Diane Duane's wizard realm!
Jazz said…
It absolutely does make me feel like going to my local poll in eastern PA and voting for Barack Obama.

The real world caused me to grow up too quickly. I would live in Neverland, and I wouldn't come back until I was ready. All I want out of each day is love, comfort, and adventure.
Anonymous said…
Great videos! I do live in NM, but, unfortunately I am not of a voting age. However, my mom and sister do intend to vote for Obama, if that eases your worries at all. =)

Hmmm... I think I'd probably live in Tamora Pierce's Tortall if I could - I love those books!
Anonymous said…
Middle Earth all the way!!!

Oh man I don't know if id be able to choose just one fictional world that id like to live in! There are just so many good ones to choose from, but my favorite series of all time were Tamora Pierce's Tortall books. And off the top of my head my second choice would have to be Kristen Britain's Green Rider series or maybe L. A. Meyer's Bloody Jack books... oh jeez I better stop before I get carried away! O_O
Kristin Cashore said…
Everyone is picking really great books!

I should be writing right now, but I'm too nervous.

Jazz -- yay! I grew up in NE PA, so your comment especially made me smile. I hope you feel love and comfort tonight when the results come in :o)

Regina, that totally helps! Yay! :o)

And BtIW, I've been meaning to ask -- what's that gorgeous building in your icon?
NoGrandmother said…
I'd pick Narnia or Damar as my book-world-in-which-to-live. Narnia edges out because of the comment that it's the sort of place where one's fanciest clothes are the most comfortable.

I voted for Obama last Thursday. But I live in Texas, where it won't count.

When you write in your green armchair, do you sit in the chair as Emily Post intended, or sideways with your knees over the far arm? I find the latter to be a most comfy writing position.

(PS after you posted the picture of your book plan I made one too.)
That gorgeous building is the one and only Taj Mahal! Wouldn’t it be such a site to see? I would love to visit India.
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, can i pick 5 and squish them together? Here it goes (deep breath) wonderland in the wonderland wars series, isles of bresal form the dragonsdale series, the world where maximum ride is, the world in the twilight saga, and graceling's world. *pant, pant, pant* Is *pant* that *pant* okay? *pant*
Anonymous said…
Unrelated to the post:

Did you know that Publisher's Weekly has named Graceling as one of 2008's best books in the Children's fiction category? Check it out. http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6610357.html

Cheers for Graceling! Yay!
Kristin Cashore said…
owlet -- I alternate! Also, I voted in TX in 2004, so I know the feeling... sigh...

btiw -- it's such a gorgeous shot! And I'm right there with you... :o)

madforbooks -- ha ha! if COURSE you can pick 5 and squish!

EM -- thanks for the link!

And everyone: WAHOO FOR BARACK!!!

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