I'm Still on My Rocker -- Are You?

I want to write a post about why I love Finland; I want to write a post about the other day, when I was trying on boots at the store, and my sister, secret code name: Cordelia, told me I looked like a prostitute; I want to write a post answering some of the really super questions I've been getting from Graceling readers in my email. And I will write all of those posts, eventually. But for now, I'm in a time crunch with Fire revisions and other life stuff, and the only post I seem to have time to write is one about the posts I wish I were writing instead.

Some good news: I have a Danish publisher for Graceling, Tellerup. Yay, Denmark! Who wants to bet that "Po" means something vulgar in Danish?

I still see little blue herons almost every day. Sometimes they're hanging out with little white herons. Yesterday, they were hanging out with a BIG blue heron. The herons are keeping me from going off my rocker.

So, what's on your mind these days? And what keeps you on your rocker? :o)


Anonymous said…
I just knew you'd answer our burning questions when you had time. ::))Huge Smile::)) Have a wonderful Monday editing. Congrats on the Danish release. That's super!

PS - It always concerns me that you're posting at 4:00 AM. Forgive me. I'm just the mothering type. I hope you're sleeping enough. You are sleeping enough, aren't you?
cindy said…
kristin, all so exciting and inspirational! good luck with your sequel revisions!

on my mind--just turned in 3rd set of debut revisions to editor. am planning on rough drafting the sequel using nanowrimo. very anxious about that--free fall rough drafting scares me. i much prefer revising!
Kristin Cashore said…
EM, ha ha hee hoo -- you are very sweet, but don't worry -- I set the posts to publish at 4am, because it seems like a nice, middle-of-the-night time for them to publish, but usually I've written them the night before and gone to bed at a sane hour!

Cindy, I bet nanowrimo will at least be a good experiment -- and if it's not, you can always stop! Is it in November? I've never tried it. There is absolutely no way in hell I could write that many words in one month -- I am a SLOW writer -- so the people who do it amaze me. Btw, congrats on finishing the 3rd draft of revisions!
Anonymous said…
I just finished Graceling in two days! Though really I only spent several hours reading the whole book. I am an avid bookworm, and I have to say that this is one of my favorite books of all time! When I heard that the prequel wasn't coming out for another year and that the sequel would be even longer, I wanted to cry! I truly hope that you were just kidding and the books will be out earlier than that - I don't know how I will survive! One of my favorite things you did is perfectly balanced adventure with romance... though you could have had a little more romance between Po and Katsa towards the end when the reunited. All I can say is KEEP WRITING! Make this a series that lasts for many books! I know I would buy every single one, so you have at least one devoted fan! You are an amazing writer! :)
Anonymous said…
You know what, I have the same dilemma, where there are so many things I want to write about in my blog but never get around to. For me it's mostly just a matter of actually getting in the right mindset and setting time to do something though. Because I manage to do plenty of other things during the day, when I could be posting in my blog. But meh, whatever.
I'm looking forward to when you actually get around to answering your fans' email questions, because I'm one of those who sent one.
Let's hope the book is a big hit in Denmark, and that Po's name is not actually something vulgar! Haha!
NoGrandmother said…
I have 3 stories (4?) and 2 poems almost-but-not-quite finished ... why do I keep not finishing them?

How will I get my house clean enough for guests and still go to that dumb conference next week?

Will this election season EVER END?

The rain splashing against my office window keeps me on my rocker and makes me wish I were *in* a rocker, covered in a blanket, reading a book. Your book, perhaps.
Kristin Cashore said…
Hi there Anon., thank you! Yes, it will definitely take the books a little time to come out, on account of the fact that, well, I have to write them, and all that... :o)

d-&-lg, I don't know how long you've been reading my blog, so you might not realize where my crack about Po's name comes from -- my German publisher told me, when they bought the book, that we'd have to change Po's name for that edition, because Po means "butt" in German. HA HA HOO SNORFLE -- it was my favorite thing ever. Poor Po! He deserves better.

Hi Owlet! Those are some excellent questions, and I wish you luck. :o) And that sounds like a LOVELY idea. And -- I am also SO TIRED of election season. I don't suppose there's any point in dreaming of a blue Texas?
hello ^_^

I just finished reading Graceling and I LOVED it!! Im really looking forward to reading whatever else you come out with and hopefuly there will be more Katsa and Po in any forth coming books that you write. Anyways im looking forward to reading your answers from your fans email though i wasnt one that sent in a question.
Kristin Cashore said…
Dear Beyond -- thanks for writing in, and thanks for loving Graceling!
Kristin, well it sure isn't hard to love a good book ^_^

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