You Can Stand Under My Umbrella (ella-ella)

I have a secret love of rain gear.

Here is the truth about my sparkly purple iridescent umbrella: it is translucent blue on the outside and translucent pink on the inside, which is why it appears to be iridescent purple.

After my recent garbage bag boots experience I obtained some fabulous knee-high green galoshes. Purple umbrella + green galoshes = beauty.

So, here's the question: what color raincoat should I get?

Here's the other question: what color is your rain gear?


h said…
Living in the UK, I should really invest in rain-gear. I've managed to get away with out it (the odds are slimmer than size zero waistlines) but..!

Were I to invest full 'n' proper-like in rain gear, I would have to go with a pair of Redline 'gumboots' (to salute my Kiwi side) and possibly some Indy Jones looking thing or a Driza-Bone so I could really look out of place on the Tube.

Farmer Chic (tm).
Anonymous said…
to my embarrassment, I still use my Wallace and Gromit umbrella, which sports multiple Gromits wearing his bright yellow fisherman's clobber. It's not broken, and I've had it for 10 years now, so I just can't justify buying a new one.

Needless to say, everyone sees me coming.
Amanda said…
whenever i am shopping for umbrellas, i always look for something that would be even 1/10th at cool as your purple one, but never find that. last spring i bought callum the classic yellow rain slicker. he actually will wear it to school this morning as it's supposed to rain all day here. if our water heater continues to attempt to turn our basement into a pool, callum will be wearing it around the house, too!
NoGrandmother said…
I had a beautiful purple umbrella with red and yellow paisleys on it, but alas! It bit the dust. I'm making do with plain black until I find a pretty one.

I don't have gumboots. I would love some, but in Houston's car culture, I don't walk in the rain enough to justify the purchase.

I have always hated raincoats so much that there is even a family story about it that involves my mother bellowing "Get. Up. Off. The. Floor! You are not a SLAVE!" Thus, it is strange that I now own two: a grey (vaguely sparkly) knee-length rubber one with bit patch pockets that I got for $2 at the Salvation Army, which now has a rip by one button but is still serviceable; and a beautiful white knee-length trench that I bought for $18 second hand in Vermont.
robingarretson said…
Bright Pink. I really think green, iridescent purple and bright pink rain gear would just let everyone within 1o blocks know "Here comes Kristen!"

I live in southern california. Hence, my rain gear is a huge golf umbrella that I got from my college on sale for $10 (because it was cool, and a good deal). Other than that, I wear my leather jacket when it rains, and some shoes that aren't flip-flops! Ah....I love the rain, but I love that it DOESN'T rain here :)
estelle said…
i have some lovely understated beige gumboots with polka dots that i bought at muji in thailand, and a boston umbrella (red) that is tiny and almost indestructible. i am a certified umbrella killer, and this one has stood the test of time.

in japan though, when i visited, the cheapest umbrellas are the coolest. the canopies are clear and really long, they go down to your neck. that way they protect your whole head from getting wet, but you can see where you're going. youth hostels are always full of discarded ones--i suspect they don't last long.
cindy said…
it doesn't rain much here in southern cali at all--tho we need it. i bought a paul frank sky blue umbrella when i visited sf last. it's got monkeys all over it. =)
Kristin Cashore said…
Shaggyred, Driza-Bone is pretty serious stuff. I think it'd look excellent on the Tube.

Alex, that doesn't sound embarrassing -- that sounds wonderful! I want a Wallace and Gromit umbrella! (I like The Wrong Trousers best. I love the penguin who puts the glove on his head to look like a chicken. HAHAHA)

Amanda, good luck with the water heater. I like the classic yellow slicker. I tried to get yellow boots, actually, but they didn't have them in my size. I'm quite content with the green, though.

Owlet, I hope *you* have managed to stay dry and avoid disaster this weekend in Houston. Btw, sparkly raincoat = marvelous.

Estelle, I have a confession: I own one of those clear low-dome umbrellas. I haven't mentioned my other fabulous umbrellas because I don't want everyone to know that I'm an umbrella FREAK. But I'll admit it to you.

Cindy: sky blue umbrella with monkeys! Oh, I should never have even asked. Wallace and Gromit, monkeys, etc, ,etc... now I am suffering from serious umbrella envy. :o)

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