Surrender! Before I hurt myself!

I can do it! I can lift it! Just give me a minute and I will crush you!

I am fierce! I will squash you with giggles!

1. At long last, here are the images I promised from the School Library Journal photo shoot, all photos by the wonderful Jensen Hande. Some of you may notice that I am not wearing the snood. If this upsets you, which would be perfectly understandable, blame my sister, secret code name Cordelia. She said the snood didn't match the sword. (In color? In shape? In atmosphere?) Also, she kept calling it a snoot.

2. My uber-cool friend Rebecca Rabinowitz guest posted at Shapely Prose the other day with recommendations for fat-positive children's books. Part One is about picture books and Part Two is about middle-grade and young adult books. Definitely worth checking out.

3. I saw FOUR baby blue herons on the pilings the other evening. When they flew away they were all flappy and floppy. It was stupendous.

4. Cordelia may have snood anger issues, but nonetheless, she sure is a loyal sister. Here's an email she sent me: "I was so offended and depressed by Palin's speech that I decided to take a break yesterday and stop in the Barnes and Noble on Atlantic. I checked out the young adult section -- your book was there! I did you a favor by putting one of the copies on the table at the very front of the store."

Heh heh.

5. Finally, I don't have it in me to comment on Palin's speech. But I do have it in my to embed Jay Smooth's comments.


Sarah Prineas said…
Oh my gawwwwd!

The pictures are THE AWESOME!! Love them. You got to hold up a sword!!!
Anonymous said…
you understand that jay smooth is MY boyfriend, right? *eyes*
Amanda said…
love the pictures! i can't wait to read the article!
h said…
Fantastic pictures! :D

(...and I still have to remind myself that Sarah Palin is not Tina Fey)
NoGrandmother said…
Fabulous pictures!

Wretched VP candidate.
Kristin Cashore said…
Sarah, it now leans on the wall behind my writing chair. I use it to swat at demons.

CW, well, I guess I don't really have much use for a boyfriend, but I don't suppose you'd send him over now and then to, umm, examine my roof or something? ;)

Amanda, thanks, and I think it'll be out in October. :o)

And shaggyred and dear Owlet -- if only Palin WERE Tina Fey! That would be an improvement. Sigh....
cindy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
cindy said…
the fotos are totally fun. i love the expression in the first.
Bindy said…
Kristin! We got your books in two weeks ago, and I've been selling them like crazy. In fact, last week I had to rein in my rec's for it, so we would have some left for customers to buy over the weekend.

The pics are GREAT!

Let me know when you're in the area.
Kristin Cashore said…
Hi there Bindy! Thanks for the support! :o)

I will certainly let you know when I'm coming Boston-ways. I'm hoping maybe the winter or spring. I feel Cambridge calling me.
Lora said…
Hi, Kristin,

Great photos!

Too bad you can't use that sword to swat a few folks on their backsides to get them out to vote. Or to swat some "demons" (you know who I mean!)

(Had some trouble logging on, so maybe you'll get this twice, but better than not at all.)
Kristin Cashore said…
Thanks, Lora! And heh heh, yes, I know exactly who you mean... ;o)
Ray said…
*sigh* dang i wish i had a sword and a dress like that- i'd love to act all medieval and flail about with a sword of course doing so whilst wearing a dress like that would be a disaster in the making... :P
lovely pics all the same :D

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