A Birthday Poll -- Please Vote!

It is so effing hot here that there are no words to describe it. The air conditioners are working their little hearts out, but to little avail.

Last week School Library Journal interviewed me, and on Wednesday I went to a costume shop and selected a beautiful medieval dress and a sword for my photo shoot! I even selected a snood. What's a snood? Well, it's not unlike a thneed. And a thneed, as you probably know, is a fine something that all people need.

It was super-fun, which surprised me, because I hate choosing clothes and am not really a girly-girl when it comes to things like trying on dresses, but as it turns out, deciding whether I'm a bar wench, a princess, a peasant, or a lady-in-waiting brought me much contentment. There was a snood emergency at one point, but a kind young lady on the staff helped me through it.

We're taking the pictures today.

And now! My 32nd birthday is coming up in a few days, and I have a birthday announcement! As of today, I will never, not ever, not everly never nor neverly everly ever, google myself or my books again. Because yes, stumbling across a good review is thrilling. But you know what else is thrilling? Heroin.

Finally, strap yourselves in, because it's time for a Grand Birthday Poll. Never think for a minute that your opinion doesn't matter. (Btw, if you're reading this post somewhere other than on my actual site and want to vote, just click on my birthday question below, or preferably, click here.)

If you can't see the poll at all, try here!


Anonymous said…
a bedroom may the most appropriate place i have ever heard for a yak. you could direct all nightmares and anxieties to it and be immediately distracted from them, leading to an extremely peaceful doze.

also - if your AC is being barely effective - is there any chance the filter needs cleaning? just an idea.
Anonymous said…
I just finished "Graceling" less than five minutes ago. It is my favorite book in the history of the world, having dethroned Maragaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale". "Roots" is now third. I will let you know when my review is written, and I must thoroughly thank you for writing the best book ever in the whole universe.
Anonymous said…
I think snood is possibly the greatest word in the english language.
ICQB said…
Happy birthday soon! My birthday is this month, too. Yay August! I voted for socks on your poll. In fact, for my birthday I'm going to buy some soft alpaca yarn and knit my own socks. Of course, if I had a yak in my br I could probably knit socks out of yak wool. Or the golden hairballs.

Wish I had an ARC of your book, but the anticipation for its release in Oct. is fun too.
Sarah Prineas said…
I almost picked the kangaroo one, but that would mean moving to Australia...

Yay for the google alert decision. You are a better man than I, Gunga Din.
Anonymous said…
Hi Kristin.

I work at a Dymocks store in western australia and was lucky enough to grab your book at our national conference. I am pleased to say I read it in one day (thank goodness for long waits in airports, they are the only time I get to read) and engrossed me so much that when the old lady next to me on the plane got a pair of crutches dropped on her head I didn't even notice. The poor old lady, I hope she recovered ok.
I have the UK cover - was discussing it with a franchisee from NZ (who was also incredibly glad to get some new fantasy) and we decided it doesn't fit with the book - for starters she has hair. I just read your post and I'm glad you like your readers to imagine up their own Katsas. In my head she was a little less, um bondage queen.
But hey, I don't really care about the cover because the book was great and the idea was fabulous and I'm pretty sure I'll never look at someone with different coloured eyes the same way ago, although always in a nice way, and I'm kinda hoping the baby I'm carrying eventually gets one green and one blue (although one blue and one silver would also be quite cool).
I'll do a book review on my webpage as soon as I snap out of my jetlag fog. Kudos. Orion/Gollancz/Hachette best send me a copy of the next one as soon as you've finished - I can't wait.
Anonymous said…
PS: I was going to pick the Kangaroo one, but it wouldn't be nearly as impossible here as it would be over where you are. So I picked socks. But if I had the choice I'd go stripey pink and blue ones with toes in them. Happy birthday :)
Amanda said…
when will the interview be out? i can't wait to see those pictures;) the best birthday present would, of course, be the ability to teleport. then you could come over and we'd serve you birthday cupcakes (and callum would show you the proper cake-eating technique, which is as much as possible as quickly as possible).
Sarah said…
Can we choose two? The seven-league boots would really cut down on travel time and fuel costs (also, I think the ensuing winds of travel would be awfully nice a/c) and if the socks were magical, perhaps they would protect against fungus?

I've wanted seven-league boots ever since I was ten and read Howl's Moving Castle.
Kristin Cashore said…
I'm laughing out loud at all these great comments. Thanks, everybody, for the suggestions, the Graceling praise, the birthday wishes, and the appreciation of socks hand-knit, striped, toed, magical, and yak. Arahsae, I definitely think you should be able to choose two (and good point about magical protection from the foot fungus!)! Alex, I never said snood before yesterday but now I cannot stop. Amanda, October or November, and I think it's the print version rather than online? Sarah, I'll let you know how the resolution goes ^_^. And sk, I suppose I shouldn't hoot with laughter about the lady and the crutches, but I couldn't help it, it was funny!
robingarretson said…
I chose the making everything you say come true (as long as its in finnish and while falling) that would be SO AWESOME! I'd just have to learn how to say "Let me know the entire Finnish language" in finnish before i jumped, and probably how to say "I can fly" as well :P

Thought about the yak one tho...that would be very cool, and really, a yak would be that bad...
Grouchy said…
I had to say socks, because I knit them...but the kangaroo would definitely be my next choice! Happy early birthday!
Anonymous said…
My review is posted on my site (rowijo.co.nr). :)
Kristin Cashore said…
Robin, you are SO SMART!! That is totally what you should learn to say (fast) in Finnish.

Jess -- thanks. :o) And I must say, I'm amazed at how popular the kangaroo choice is turning out to be... (AND GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!! I think with you and MTP and CW and G and me pulling for you, it has to happen. *fingers crossed*)

Robert -- seriously, thanks for your very kind review!
Ruth King said…
Since I spent five minutes trying to find a matching pair of socks this morning (It's going to be a busy weekend for laundry!), I chose socks. Tough choice between that and the kangaroo, though.
Anonymous said…
"Anything I say will come true"---since I'll never learn finnish, I don't have to worry about making an unwise wish and having it come true. Now if you said italian (hint), I may not feel so safe.

Happy Birthday
NoGrandmother said…
I picked kangaroos, but I really wanted to pick socks.

I would like to note, however, that although I have knitted socks, I am not one of Those Crazy Sock Knitters.

Now slippers? I'm your girl. I have a truly amazing collection of slipper patterns.

Now if only I lived in a place conducive to cold feet.

I'm glad you were born!
Kristin Cashore said…
Ruth, I have to say I'm astonished by the popularity of the kangaroo choice. I voted for socks myself. Good luck with the laundry :o)

Anonymous -- very sneaky, not leaving your name, but I think you're one of my relatives, so I'll forgive you this time. But honestly, do you have any idea how many people I know who speak Italian and will never speak Finnish? You've got to give me more than that to work with! :o)

Owlet -- I have often admired your knitting. Also, that is the sweetest thing ever to say to someone on their birthday. It's mutual.

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